• Jus

    Still bumb the Brown album by Kev Brown with Jay-Z a classic album and this song is dope

  • danny

    asher kills it

  • http://4-20.bandcamp.com 4:20

    props to Kaimbr for makin an entire Al Green inspired LP, shouts to Daytona his Interlude mixtape is dope, Roth has progressed&matured as a lyricist ten fold since his debut

  • Westcoastin420

    Agree with the above posts...asher killin it with all verses latetly. cant wait until he drops his shit

  • tb

    god, assshhh. get it

  • danny_

    I agree. Getting Asher on this track was a good move.

  • thakid

    wow, ash's word play on this was ridiculous

  • charles

    asher roth!