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Raekwon – Rich & Black f. Nas [Snippet]

blame it on Shake February 15, 2011

With Raekwon’s next album (Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, March 8th)  up for pre-order on iTunes, we get a nice 1:35 preview of his and Nas’ highly-anticipated reunion.

DOWNLOAD: Raekwon – Rich & Black f. Nas [Snippet] | Mediafire


    *heads out for a 40 to celebrate*

  • Dale Denton

    The beat is annoying.

  • Tom

    Sha Stimuli and Nas already used that beat…
    Sha Stimuli – Horrorglyphics (Feat. Nas)

  • yeah

    Yeah WTF is this? I’ve had Horrorglyphics slapping for quite a while now and Rae thinks he can use the beat without anyone knowing? Rofl damn, this nigga think we’re stupid?

  • jerrytherapy

    @Tom exactly!!! Im still anxious to hear Rae on this though


  • This shit is flames! I hadda stop it at like 40 seconds, rather wait to hear it in whole on the album.

  • smh…

  • Dick

    Sounds more like a “Hate Me Now” Remix to me.

  • I knew I heard this shit before.

  • with-ur-mom

    Sha murda this joint with Nas like 3 years ago. They need to put sha on it to make it official


    yeah the Sha version was/is nice but this hopefully (I’m sure) will be just as (2)dope

  • rofl

    Soooo many faggot ass hypocrites on this site. Let’s say for example that Wayne used SOMEONE ELSES 3 year old song and took it as his own for his NEW project. You stupid cunts would be absolutely shredding him. But because it’s Rae, some guy who hasn’t changed his subject matter in 20 years, it’s all good right?

  • pico presi

    Stop bitchin and jus SALUTE THA GODZ, the stars finally aligned and yall got yall heads stuck in the stand. geesh..

  • ^^er…sorri to burst ur bubble but all every1 above u is talking about is how the beat is old and used..SO UR WRONG ON THAT ONE.

    that said sounds dope. *waits for the entire thing*

  • the story

    The nas song leaked first, then sha put it out as a remix with his verse edited in for a mixtape. then 3 years later raekwon uses the same beat, says someone else produced it and gets nas to use lyrics from different songs i.e. rich boy song, make the world go round etc. and call it, oh i dont no “im roch, im black..” the openin lyrics to I have too. SMFH

  • marty mcfly

    Why yall give a fuck about a old beat ? Is it really that serious , these two Mcs have prolly done close to a thousand songs over the years and you wanna bitch about a beat ? Its not like they used a beat from a single everybody knows about plus fuck a beat its still a dope song.

  • straightkillah

    @rofl so true. i enjoyed OB4CL and the 2nd one was pretty good, but seriously this guy has literally been saying THE SAME THING (even sounds just like he did in OB4CL)

    raekwon has been doing the 5%er coke raps for 20 years yet you guys still “salute the god.”

    i know it takes a lot of skill to say the same thing for that long but not use the same lines/phrases (something wiz khalifa has been doing after like 2 years of rapping) but still…show us some growth rae, that’s all…

    long story short: rae, you’re a great rapper, but sometimes, i get tired of the ol “2 for 5s niggas with the persian eyes god niggas had me flipped, no tip, sent boogie over for a half of dem bricks” shit. grow up.

  • kwame

    don’t give a shit about the controversy.THIS IS LYRICAL METH


    Wow.. they got the great god Minister Louis Farrakhan on the track with the god mc’s Nas & Rae… Amazing


    Wow.. they got the great god Minister Louis Farrakhan on the track with the god mc’s Nas & Rae… Amazing


    Wow.. they got the great god Minister Louis Farrakhan on the track with the god mc’s Nas and Rae… Amazing


    Nas got bodied. Kinda hurts to say.

  • A Da GOD

    LMAO @ NaS still not showin love for Rae by giving him recycled lyrics for a song.

  • InsertNameHere

    Obviously not gunna be another Verbal Intercouse but still feelin it

  • horse d

    @straightkillah. u sound stupid..rae sounds the same to you cuz you fux wit dat bullshit…so like my manz said SALUTE THE GODZ..

  • with-ur-mom-

    @ROFL we not made at rae because he can rap. wayne cant so people hate him. People dont hate wayne because of anyhting else. maybe his lip ring or tight jeans or that he kisses a guy but its mostly he cant rap.

  • straightkillah

    @horse d

    just to clarify: i am a fan of raekwon and the wu-tang, always been. when i say “sounds the same” i mean literally, his voice/flow hasn’t changed. and does rae’s subject matter change AT ALL? ever? no. always about whips/bitches/houses/coke. now that’s not necessarily a bad thing since he tells great stories, but i mean…it gets boring.just my opinion need to get butthurt.

  • straightkillah

    *no need

  • slobber

    shit is crazy boring

  • Unxpekted

    Best shit to happen to hip hop in 10 years. Fuck radio bullshit.

  • Kwame

    Nas ‘recycled’ the 1st verse on de ja vu 4 verbl intercourse.how different is that frm this?

  • @Unxpekted you fucking siced it. nas used recycled lines and this beat is 3 years old. it’d be a great thing if they used a new beat and nas came with the heat but sadly none of that happened. this is def. not the the “BEST SHIT TO HAPPEN TO HIP HOP IN 10 YEARS” sorry to burst your bubble and all. Peace out nigga. and @Kwame cosign de ja vu was the shit too but you dont ever hear people talking about how nas recycled 4 verbal intercourse glad someone mentioned it

  • YoungCosby

    The beat is straight garbage!!!

  • dvj

    Dope verse just kind of sad that Jones would resort to giving Rae something that’s been out for a while. I’ve had this track for a minute but the version I have is with Queens DJ J-Love and the title is “Desert Eagle” Youtube it.

  • yamami

    this song is from 09, originally just nas, then sha spliced his verses in between nas’s verese, now rae takes a stab at it. kinda lame, i thought rae and nas were actually gona collab

  • gitmunny

    nas – i have to
    nas ft. sha stimuli – horrorglyphics