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Eminem – Fly Away (prod. Just Blaze)

blame it on Shake February 16, 2011

Apparently a Recovery left over/demo and Just Blaze Red 5’s hook is only a reference. Who could y’all hear on the final version?

DOWNLOAD: Eminem – Fly Away (prod. Just Blaze) | Mediafire

  • David

    Not bad. But the autotune could have been toned down.. Just Blaze is one of my favorite producers, but I felt like his production on Recovery was dumbed down.

  • stu coutu


  • Shoop

    This track got a good flow to it. Just Blaze bugs out on the hook and Em just bodies the rest of the shit. I’em feeling this one. If it got scratched from “Relapse” it should’ve been on “Recovery” at least.

  • JRobinsonn

    Actually.. It’s stolen from the shady camps email.

  • InsertNameHere

    B4 100, and I agree Just Blaze is a great producer but on Recovery he was ehh.. Amazing work on Saigons new album though

  • JamesYancey

    1st anyway


    This is fuckin trash like everything off Recovery

  • …….


  • daveg

    Couldaa reworked the lyrics and could have been dope. I can hear Kanye on the hook, song woulda been huge. they haven’t colabed yet, i don’t think

  • Tunz

    I can hear hell rell on the hook

  • holla if ya swalla

    i could hear B.o.B on the final

  • jiz

    I hear B.o.B on the hook.

  • cheezin

    COSIGN … bobby ray would def fit right in there.

  • killa

    arghgjfhahadhahdsahhad dshadshashdhashdshs adhahdhshashads fuck aahdshhsahdashdhshad ahdahsdhash adhashdashdsh

    thats how all eminems music sounds like nowadays… used to be real dope with that toned down delivery now i cant stand his music…

  • Paiva

    i agree with kanye being on the hook. especially with the 808 style. definitely could be big

  • jkelly

    haha..hell rell on the hook?…classic

  • Cudi all day on that hook.

  • epic

    I only wanna hear Royce

  • feining liquor often

    smh eminem has fallen off, this is pretty weak. recovery was good but not great.

  • blair

    the eminem hate on this site as absolutely unbelievable. 31 dislikes out of 79 ratings? Is that a joke. c’mon. eminem is one of the arguable the best ever at what he does. the man goes hard on 99% of his songs. let the hate continue..

  • battle3

    this is just the beginning of eminem leaks….

    koolo >

  • yeah

    Yeah i’m not gonna front, I used to be a big time Eminem stan. I can’t stand this nigga anymore, yelling on nearly every god damn track. Last track I really slapped from him was that bonus track on Recovery, Ridaz.

  • marty mcfly

    I actually like this song and I think Em is one the worst rappers there is…

  • rofl

    “and I think Em is one the worst rappers there is…”… and that is why no one on this site respects/values any of the many comments you leave daily.

  • HyPno

    Thats jeezy on the track

  • marty mcfly

    @ rolf , My opinion so calm down ive stated I havent like shit em has done since Marshall Matthers. Not everybody thinks Em is the greatest clown

  • marty mcfly

    I been said Em aint even in my top 25 but this songs ok

  • rofl

    Hey you peasant, there is a difference between disliking an artist and saying he’s “one of the worst rappers there is”… I bet it has something to do with his skin color huh? To say he’s a bad rapper just shows your ignorance, along with endless amount of baseless comments you continue to leave daily. I scoff at you.

  • Refere

    I agree i can hell rell on the hook

  • marty mcfly

    No it got nothing to do with his color and yes I know he sold a billion records… I said what I think , If everybody else loves him thats cool. Em was one of the best rappers 99 – 2001 , ten fucking years ago bitch , again IN MY OPINION. Its 2011 im not jumping for joy at Em songs like maybe you are… Now stop reading my comments if you hate them so much.

  • i wish Em still made good music

  • LupeFaco


  • rofl

    Just stop commenting, for real. You come across more moronic each time you drop something. Stop. Thanks.

  • rofl

    Oh, and this song sucks. As does Recovery.

  • toshwho?

    I don’t get this site anymore. in the past months there have been tons of eminem leaks and yet this is the first one that any of the NMC has posted. it started with cocaine (which was the only one i kept) and since then there have tons of other leaks like difficult, oh know and countless others. coulda sworn this site was scared to post anything these days in fear of gettin shut down by the gov. smhhhh

  • james

    marty mcfly,waka flocka & gucci man are worst rappers ever , eminem is by fact top 10 rapper of this decade . so shut up with your ignorance & you have had you hip hop pass revoked

  • holla if ya swalla

    why can’t people just have a opinion anymore instead of talking garbage? lol everyone has to get all brolic n shit on the internet….got damn

  • Mr Xclusive

    this song is shit

  • Hey son what’s reallygood

    Em went in! Big Krit.

  • JHP

    It’s alright, it sounds good enough to be what it is: a leftover. Yeah I could hear 808s Kanye, Cudi, or BoB on the hook though.

  • Fuerte

    I hear Akon on the hook personally.

  • money

    Cudi on the hook allllll day!

  • KuruptedMind

    I hate hearing songs unfinished fuck this shit man, the song would sound so dope if it was finished but the hook ruined it 4 me

    Whoever keeps leaking em’s shit, if u gonna leak some thing leak something finished.

  • OhSyx

    Actually Akon/T-Pain would fit pretty well. Think of T-Pain the way he did Ron Artest’s Champion…But I know i’ll get hate for that..

    How about 50 on that hook haha

  • Bill

    J-Kwon would have killed this hook.

  • song fucking sucks, eminem fucking sucks now

  • Bill

    ^^^ Hey man, language.

  • will

    Eminem ft Saigon on the mastered version!

    when the same troll keeps posting negative comments….
    eminem been doing it since
    my name is
    in the 90s u can still hear his hunger and rage….like rap and rock in one
    DOESNT Matter how many times ur bored and keep typing in diff names ….
    Smoke a blunt vibe to the words and pain

  • Bill

    ^^ Sorry to poke a hole in your theory sir but based off the thumbs up/down ratio there are plenty of people who dislike this track/Eminem.

  • Young Mo Fo

    This nigga said Hell Rell..

    Get him on the track ASAP, he’ll make it hot as the cookin stove. Stays posted like a sticky in a nerds text book, hoe.

    On the real, I think Cudi would sound perfect. It’ll seem more legit with Cudi to me, since BoB doesnt seem like someone you get for just a hook. He actually raps more. Cudi seems more like the go-to-for-a-hook guy, since hes been doin it for ‘Ye

  • Gorz

    People hated on all of his accents on relapse, and said they wanted him to be angry. Now he comes with that angry sounding shit, and you still hate on him. nobody hated on him for “kim” or “the way i am” its th same exact voice.

  • jkolls

    a part of me dies when i hear his new songs. his lyrics have hit rock bottom. yeh he can be clever but most of the time he comes off as corny. i can def. hear bobby ray on the hook. maybe if they did a remix Em could redeem himself with just one verse.



  • ***************************

    i can see why they didn’t wanna release it

  • GR


  • AshinKusherRager

    if this song was properly released, it would definitely have an akon hook…that’s the only respectable artist that makes sense…

  • real talk

    R.I.P. Slim Shady

  • syeren

    I know the hook is only a reference, but damn it’s sick.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Eminem isn’t as dope as he used to be IMO He just comes off mad corny with rhymes like “I usefire to cool me off!” “It’s like people are steps cuz they just stairs!” “My pukes hotter than you!” etc…And I was a fan. Put Consequence on the hook. Exactly.

  • mcchamp011

    Em definitely has not “fallen off” but I gotta admit that some of his verses lately have the same angry tone. Makes for some uninteresting songs…
    If he wen’t back to The Eminem Show days I’d be happy haha

  • blunked

    everyone on here is so angry, em is a good rapper, its a fact, his multi syllable rhyming, his metaphors, and flow are all top notch, i agree with the dude that said no one got mad at the way i am, that song is one of his biggest hits and hes screaming in it, stop paying so much attention to the voice he uses and start paying attention to the lyrics and the way he cleverly puts his songs together, just because you cant bob your head to it in the club doesnt make it a bad record, not everyone needs to rap about bling bling guns and women, if he kept making the same slim shady ep and mmlp songs you would all hate that he doesnt evolve as an artist if you dont like it dont listen to it people its not that hard

  • Big-D

    ^^^^^ Agreed ^^^^^

  • marty mcfly

    He aint rhymin the same as the Marshell Mathers album and definently not the Shady LP even if he stopped screaming the multi syllable rhymes aint what they us to be. In fact I think if those same rhymes he been using on the last three albums came out another rappers mouth , yall would be sayin its wack as hell. The lyrics on the first 3 albums were why hes still considered so great and when he was funny his rhymes were way ahead of all this serious , im so angry at life approach hes been using for the last 6 plus years. How the fuck he still so mad after 12 years of success ? Of course he should evolve but when he was funny , he was unpredictable. Which made him a dangerous mc , now just like his weak crew D12 hes super serious all the time and rapping like he in the G unit. His lyrics now days aint that complex im sorry. This song is the first time ive liked his shit in years.

  • Cno


  • Hux

    ^^^^^^ enough said ^^^^

  • Safey

    The final has Royce on.

  • LO

    Eminem just hasn’t got it anymore, Idk why he’s still bothering, though if he relaxed and let his lyrics do the talking instead of putting his rage voice on top he might sound ok.

  • Seif

    cosign @LO

  • mmkayy

    hard 2 say…but eminem lost everything that was good about him

    he wasnt kidding when he said he had to learn how to rap again

  • Ironmike

    Justin please..

    I loved Gotta Believe It wit Gitty. But you should have left it at that.

    I aint even gon start on Em’s hysteric post 8 mile flow.

  • agreeeddd

    @blair co signn all dayyy

  • choke

    some ppl r str8 tripping, this shit is banging!

  • h3p0

    fuck that! I used to like eminem. now he’s just screaming on every damn song. the beginning of this track is nice but when em starts rapping it’s just bad. SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM. this guy is trash nowadays

  • djruthless

    just blaze >>>>>>> any commercial producer cept Kanye

  • who cares

    I was about to say the exact same thing. But you got the dickriders who will say this is nice

  • CallMeNasIWannaBeatKelis

    I Can Really Only See Summin Like Drake,B.o.B Or Kanye There Maybe Wayne If He Did What He Did To Games My Life Shit..
    Dope Song The Verses Are Crazy Bodied As Usual I Aint Liked Em Since 2003 But The New Em Startin To Grow On Me Man The Niggas Been REal Crazy For A Year Know Even Relapse Was Dope Lyrics Wise The Voice Just Ruined It Real Talk..Anyway Dope Song!

  • Scoville

    We need Nate Dogg on the Hook!

  • StudioLeaks

    This came from studioleaks.info !! At least give them credit.

  • give credit where it’s due, this is from STUDIO LEAKS and it’s bitch of you to not give credit for the person who’s helping you get site traffic. now thanks to your unkindness, every track will be tagged. thanks 2 dope boyz.

  • fuckyou

    nice man! did you leak this song for everyone?? oh wait that was Studio Leaks… now we get tagged versions causse of you fuck


    yoooo this is a hot track none of you would be talking shit if it had a hook with cudi or B.O.B. or some shit on it. hes not even really screaming on this one. SO SUCK ME OFF HOE I LOOK LIKE MEL GIBSON

  • I can do without auto-tune, thought JayZ killed it, lol, guess not. I think it could be better but it’s a leftover, just as good as 2 day old chinese food.

  • Safey

    Give Koolo credits man, I really don’t want tags on the new leaks -_-

  • tylerg

    Favorite Rapper: Eminem
    Favorite Producer: Just Blaze

  • ricky

    koolo is the one to give credit to about these new eminem leaks
    websites like this should give him credit
    hes on twitter and hes leaked mostly every new eminem song you heard this year goes by not_afraid2leak and if websites dont give him credit hes gonna start releasing his leaks with taggs on them

  • holla if ya swalla

    this is what i hate…. if you like a song your a dick rider
    if you don’t like a song your a hater…..just shut the fuck up already. so god damn annoying. let people have their opinion. if you don’t like there opinion than who gives a shit HAVE YOURS.

  • youlikeit
  • charliehorse

    ^^^dope ass website

  • IITSDman

    this goes in apart from that hook and anythin who thinks relapse em is better than recovery cmon put down the pipe relapse was just a shadow of his 1st two albums

  • mazoomy

    People on this site are too funny. Fans are now stans, people who aren’t feeling the track are haters, and those who prefer any kind of hip-hop other than conscious[ish] are branded as gucci mayne fans and retards.

    Black and white views ftw, whose ever heard of a gray area lol.

  • zwkid

    wiz khalifa on the hoook for sure

  • Some rap fan from da 831

    Koolo you bitch ass nigga I know you’ve been having Jason suck your dick so you can be protected on his fagbasement site and make it so the site itself gets fucked up… I bet y’all fruity niggas gonna have a baby named Slim Carey in a couple months… and I know where you got those leaks from faggot don’t make me call out names and get your momma raped by Jason hahahaha. I know you’ve been checking this website too DON’T PUSH ME. Btw I’m not repping Team Shady either those fools want some Shady dick just like Jason lolololol

  • Pauly Dee

    Eminem has been dope in 2010. What I think Em learned is that not everyone is gonna like your stuff.

  • Pauly Dee

    Eminem has been dope in 2010. What I think Em learned is that not everyone is gonna like your stuff.

  • sLIM