Kevin Hart Chocolate Drop On Power 106 (Video)

*stare of a hunnit trillion blanks*

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  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish

    This nigga is not a bit funny, And Thumbs Up For The Gif Oh Got Damn Based God.

  • allanté

    man. this dude is craze... congrats on that jordan deal...

    i dont know if this is trying to be funny... i think is jsut trying to build up the character. which is pretty funny.

  • TE

    9 Bars!

  • Gully

    the point is this is going to be posted on every hip hop site and real rappers out here starving...

  • hahah

    Kevin Hart gets funnier & funnier. if you think he is being serious go play in traffic on a highway

  • @dstryrbld

    Yo real talk, not funny. But the one funny part about is he got Power fined a grip for say motherfucker and nigga twice on live radio.

  • Gordon B.

    I don't know what the fuck I just watched, but I liked it.



  • huh

    whats a based god??

  • Lotlan

    kevin hart is that dude!

  • 1

    mafuckas, it's arsenal vs barcelona right now. sweeeet!

  • SonictheHogans

    NIggas saying this shit is not funny...are fuckin squares...they have to be..this nigga is mad funny he always got me rollin...Happy Birthday Nigga!

  • Ayyoo

    Surprise!...Happy Birthday Nigga!!!!!!!

  • DG

    K heart spittin that real shit LOL.

  • Scissors

    "do u feel like everbody is ready for the realism your bringing to the GAME" lmao.

    the funny thing is he is actually REALER than rick ross and most other rappers.

  • solger

    shit was wild corny

  • Jiz

    Stop dick ridin! It's OK to like an nigga and not be a fan of EVERYTHING he does. I think Kevin Hart is one of the funniest dudes to come out in a long, long time but this character is only SLIGHTLY funny and this particular skit is not funny at all.

  • sayWORD

    Kevin Hart is not funny.

  • Sway


  • sway


  • bruhman

    this dude is hilarious, to the cats sayin its not funny or whatev, lighten up. He's live on the air doin this, its not a skit, just improv. Kevin Hart is bout to be one of the new kings of comedy.

  • 12thLetter

    Meka and his fukkin GIF's man!
    Can't forget the P!!! one.
    Need to release em for download on the real though!

  • califreshness

    i think kevin hart is hilarious, but this skit/interview is garbage. sometimes comedians really try too hard.

  • gymkrow

    beware....i dont wear underwear..i got bozers on, cause ima thing swing far from the motherland #foolie haha


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