• http://DJCosTheKid.com DJ Cos The Kid

    This was definitely my favorite track off Coolroy's project. Maybe cuz Tunji came on it so tuffff!

  • http://www.facebook.com/thehiphophideout Wyatt

    WOW. This track is amazing, Tunji has never failed to impress.

  • CAKE

    This is niiiiiiceeeee

  • 3

    Man, I was there when Tunji layed this verse down. Dude went IN!!! Charlie is a classic... Im tellin ya'll!

  • Swoby

    Don't know what happened, Coolroy's last project (Out to Lunch) was dope - Golden, God's of War, Smoke to That. Still play those all the time.
    This song is one of the few from his new mixtape I can really get in to (and it's great). He seems to be going a different route from the unique set of beats and straight rapping he was doing before, almost seems like he's trying to hard to gain popularity.