Mickey Factz - Distressed (prod. Daft Punk)

In preparation of The 4 year Anniversary of Heaven's Fallout, Mickey Factz releases a bonus track on the re-release of the critically acclaimed mixtape with a higher sound quality and bonus cuts for the fans to enjoy. Also, Factz connects with 3littledigs, to announce a web series entitled "Nothing But The Factz" as well as future collaborations with the upstart branding site.

DOWNLOAD: Mickey Factz - Distressed | SoundCloud

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  • sean

    I'm sorry I like mickey but this shit sucks.

  • holla if ya swalla

    Sirius Freestyle Part 2 is what made me start liking mickey... now im a fan


    What is this Tron???

  • YungOne

    when i saw Daft Punk i was like
    he picked a track from their old albums
    cuz THOSE beats need some lyrics over them
    but not this Daft Punk track :T
    sorry Mickey...u chose the wrong Daft Punk beat


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Mathangi drops a new song in connection with H&M in support of #WorldRecycleWeek.

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