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Swizz Beatz – Rock N Roll f. Lil Wayne & Lenny Kravitz [Snippet]

blame it on Meka February 17, 2011

Oddly enough, I’ve been wondering when we’re going to see a new Lenny Kravitz album. Regardless, this track (not a late #MonsterMondays entry) may end up on the soundtrack to the third Transformers movie. But sine we know you’re not going to buy that, enjoy. SHAKE UPDATE: As I previously said, this joint is dope. And it will actually be the first single off Swizzy’s next album, Haute Living. Hopefully we’ll get a full/CDQ version soon.

DOWNLOAD: Swizz Beatz – Rock N Roll f. Lil Wayne & Lenny Kravitz | Mediafire

  • CraftyMcKnight

    Good track, too bad it was ruined by having a dirty jew on it.

  • CraftyMcKnight

    Just kidding! All sorts of love for the legend, Mr. Kravitz!

  • holla if ya swalla

    weezy came with it.

  • DP

    2dopeboyz yall always fucking up.

  • JHP

    It sounds dope, Wayne was killing, I’ll wait till a full version comes out, no use downloading a less than one minute long snippet

  • tt

    put up the OFWGKTA performance

  • sohi

    OFWGKTA performance please.

  • rofl

    ^^^ stfu nigga, aint nobody checking for that weak ass OFWGKTA bullshit besides faggot ass niggas. #fact

  • crackadon


  • what he said


  • crackadon

    here’s a present for Shake courtesy of that boy Tyler


  • 32424


  • LOL

    Tyler The Creator – Yonkers
    damn the song hot !!




  • They killed that shit. Cot damn Tyler on Fallon >>>

  • FNF UP /////////// WOLFGANG

    word wolfgang is tha shit fuck pale as shake bitch ass ,
    lupe fiasco track kills to
    shake dick hole licker

  • *************************

    lol at that rapper wanting to get on the site and saying “fuck shake”, you’ll def get on this site now smh

  • GOLF


  • crackadon

    ^^ they don’t really need this site, bruh bruh. Questlove even had that lil homie Sean Carter watching them. i think they’ll do just fine



    man this site lame as fuck tyler the creator insane as fuck & they get hated on by these “2 fuck boyz” for no apparent reason!!!! then on top of that ya’ll niggas hate on lupe cause he wouldnt let shake bitch ass suck his dick wtf i bet lupe dont even remember who the fuck you is but i bet you’ll be bumpin that nigga album next month you & meka!!!! FUCK 2DOPEBOYZ & NAHRIGHT!!!!!

  • entourage8

    mad funny how this dude shake makes a hyperlink to his own twitter haha like hes fukin kanye or somethin mad love tho shake jus funny


    “Fuck 2dopeboyz & nahright shoutout to hypetrack them motherfuckas could never get rid of me,guess i gotta do a fuckin song wit dom kennedy to get these fuckin hip-hop bloggers to start feelin me” – Tyler

  • rofl

    lol @ the same guy commenting 50,000 times about some terrible rapper and his performance on Fallon. It’s Jimmy Fallon nigga, like the least watched late night show in the history of late night shows. It’s a shame The Roots aren’t on Letterman or some shit.

  • c.lo

    Odd Future’s hanging out with Jimmy Fallon and Mos Def..haters can hate, but you cant deny theyve made it big.

  • Ryan

    Wayne killed it

  • 666

    666 kill them all

  • OF > 2DBz

    OF just pissed in 2DBz cornflakes HOARD.

    yall lost by not getting behind them.

  • LOL

    rofl at this OFWGKTA bullshit. They say “Free Earl” because one of their members got sent to boarding school hahahahah. Can’t imagine anyone I’d chill with vibing out to that “shock-value” bullshit rap. Throwback Eminem anyone?

  • misshiphop

    Wayne sounded dope. The rest was a little ehhhh. Weird combo I guess.

  • $$$

    Not shootin for either side. But I don’t understand the lack of support for OF. They had a huge night of success and its weird that most rap blogs won’t appreciate it equally. They DID win the battle tonight, though.

  • well

    The lack of support stems from these no-names dissing 2dopeboyz and Nahright directly along with other blogs in their songs.

  • Wtf

    shake needs to get off his highhorse & put whatever happened between him & lupe behind him. everyone deserves a second chance this blog would be so much doper. also these ofwgkta members are still 18 yr old kids sure they said fuck 2dopeboyz but they are still kids that feel like they are much doper than half of the BS thats being posted on here & nahright. they just wanted you guys to bac them thats all..

  • hmm

    Funny way of looking for support by dissing. BTW that performance was pretty bad, dickriders need to fall back. Hodgy sounded miles better than Tyler, who is a cunt.

  • $$$

    Dissing comes after lack of support. Tyler’s lyrics for SOME of his tracks are on another level. You’re crazy to not admit that. OF is on par with many of this sites promoted artists. #jussayin

  • hmm

    I agree with that but let’s be real, Shake prolly get’s thousands of emails/tweets/calls regarding new artists he “should” be promoting daily. What makes these guys any different? Because they act like they all have the most serious case of ADHD?

  • RealRap

    no dick ridin but tyler should be gettin the same love ya’ll show kendrick n j cole.. he reminds me of a young slim shady with his agressive lyrics & passion.. his shit make me want to go kick in a police car door sometimes…

  • $$$

    They aren’t necessarily different, but Tyler clearly is in it for the music. His whole Tyler the Creator persona is a drug using, religion hating rapist; while he is actually straight edge and uses his music to release frustration. I feel he’s one of the few getting it right. And no one’s riding anyones dick, no need to clarify at all. I just find the lack of OF and Lupe to be a little ridiculous. Its just sad us fans cannot get an unbiased rap blog with all of the goodies of the underground due to this childish bullshit. Tyler and Lupe are some of the more creative people to emerge in hip-hop in a while, and we have to look elsewhere for their material because of internet beef? Nice.

  • dam

    waynes verse sucked wtf yall even talkin about

  • crackadon

    “Tyler and Lupe are some of the more creative people to emerge in hip-hop in a while, and we have to look elsewhere for their material because of internet beef? Nice.”


    whatever problems you guys have with these artists, put them aside for the sake of the fans. you are not at their level, so what makes you think you even have the right to beef with them? yeah yeah, it’s your blog, but we miss out on great music because of petty feuds. let it go already.

  • lol

    So let’s get this straight, if you had YOUR own blog where you posted music and two artists personally dissed YOU, YOU would put THEIR music on YOUR site? Don’t be fucking hypocritical because Shake isn’t posting two artists you dickride for. You act like this is the only place on the net to get music. If you dislike that Shake isn’t posting artists who dissed him then why don’t you just take your traffic elsewhere? Or does that make too much sense for you irrational cunts?

  • $$$

    Oh, stop. You barely read what I said. I’m not doing perspective shit. I would never have a rap blog.

  • marty mcfly

    How long has Tyler the Creator been in the game , a couple years ? He got a fanbase but how much work has he put in cause I dont see him or his crew on no sites but their own ? And Lupe , all I can say is if your a fan of Lupe then you know hes good whether hes on the site or not so what difference does it really make. Lupes brand is global already.

  • Guest

    Not this rockstar crap again. Sigh*

  • Walka Socca

    idk about this. shit was kind of wack. swizzy need to stop gettin so weird all of the sudden

    New Rap 2011

  • RuanHoll

    cant believe shake and meka made a post abt this

  • neighborhoodwhiteman

    im white and i dont even like this

  • Bela

    how dare they call this song rock & roll?! disappointing. didnt expect this from Lenny Kravitz!