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Curren$y – Muscle Car Chronicles (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake February 18, 2011

Artwork by David Barnett.

Cover art and tracklisting for Spitta’s upcoming album/short film, dropping March 15th!

  • jacobean


  • yesss!

    damn…lupe,spitta wiz,and big sean all dropping on march?????????????????!!!!!!!!!
    by far next month is gonna be epic!

  • #chief

    jets fool!

  • AyVee


  • Slim901

    @yesss hell yea but idk about that big sean. His album was supposed to come out in ’09…

  • Cali760

    9 tracks?

  • Radio

    Right during SXSW!!!!!

  • “9 tracks?”

    the man put out two albums last year. and this is only one of a few in 2011. complain much?

  • MikeyMo

    so we got this and the alchemist project dropping on 4/20? all this fool does is put out music, but i’m not complainin

  • imdopeg

    as much music spitta put out you cant complain

  • J92

    and i’m bout to put sum new bass in the trunk. umma be high as fuck ridin round


    Pilot Talk 3 in May as well!

  • Day-Day

    i want pilot talk 3 & how fly 2 fool… swag me out fool

  • CK

    I’d rather have 9 dope tracks than one of those mixtapes with like 10 skits and wack shit.. Plus Spitta already dropped a tape at the start of 2011 too with much more on the way..

  • Cam

    spitta need to get back to his smokee robinson flow

  • solking10

    Curren$y, Mikey Rocks and Tabi Bonney together sounds like an interesting combination

  • jojoba

    spitta! this is great!

  • Whoo, this looks it gonna be dope. The song ’bout it’ was hard on his his mixtape in 2010. Mikey Rocks on the feature. Can’t wait man!

  • joeyc

    Curren$y = Do Work!

  • from what i remember, spitta said he recorded this before pilot talk 1 and it’s just been sitting on the shelf, waiting. should be a dope listen.

  • Hermes Trismegistus

    dope artwork

  • That Dood

    JETS FOOLS!!! atta boy spitta, keep the good music comin

  • this guy does alot of work

    shake – “complain much?” <<< the irony.

  • H

    Jets!!! looks like its gonna be another awesome spitta album!!cant wait.

  • Peaceman

    I wish I had Spittas work ethic. Heres a new trailer for the project too!

  • Anallly Inspired


  • Ace Julio

    Edelbrock manifold header chrome kit…

  • Northwestflyest

    Can’t wait since the last tape was a lil dissapointing!

  • zleard


  • “the planes got it”

  • Roe


  • Soundbomin!

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Spit Vicious at it again! droppin 3 albums in 3 months..Its the return of Mr. Month after Month

  • thewiz

    leave it to hip hop fans to hate on somebody for putting out too much music…dude’s “an example” of never working a day in ur life. looking forward to this…

  • CloudKicka

    5 people smoke reggie in blunts

  • support spitta and buy this shit
    mans put out like 10 mixtapes for free..
    “an album 10 dollars u act like its 10 gs” – J.Cole
    and spittas probly gonna put like 4 or 5 albums out on the shelves by the end of 2011 so chill with the 9 tracks..

  • hip-hop

    Hip Hop lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SwishasNKush

    He never gets old. March/April are gonna be some good months for music! Should be set til Summer.

  • AnT

    daaam. my nigga spitta. March is gonna be taken over by some ill music.
    Jan crushed by Return to the winners circle. Feb. being crushed by Cabin Fever, March we have MCC, Rolling Papers, Lasers, and Big Sean. G’daaam

  • goodmusic

    fuck wiz khalifa fuck cabin fever fuck rolling papers, im done with that nigga

  • Bob Costas


  • Alec

    Damn! Bout it 2011 that shits gonna be crazy cant wait to hear it

  • teflon john

    yea he recorded this b4 pt 1 and pt 2..that n.o. shit song goes over a 70’s type superfly beat..its in one his creativecontrol vids when he takes his monte carlo to the shop

  • Ronnie G

    Bout it 2011! Wadddduppppp

  • Although Spitta has been consistant lately,, I’d prefer mixtapes than these rushed out albums… Hasn’t dropped an album as high quality as Pilot Talk.


  • hiphopanonymous

    I love the art, but count me in with the crowd that wishes Curren$y would focus on quality over quantity. I’ll still buy it tho.