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Eminem – Spacebound BTS (Pics)

blame it on Shake February 18, 2011

I’m guessing Em and Sasha Grey hit it off during their time together on Entourage, as she’ll be the leading lady in the (Joseph Khan directed) video for Recovery‘s latest single. More after the jump.

Courtesy of Eye Prime.

  • Cali760

    I swear Marshall always dresses the same lately haha but looks dope!

  • Em doesn’t give a fuck about anything, that’s the perspective i got on this dude, dress the way he want’s too, and doesn’t give a shit what anybody else thinks

  • grapedrank

    sidebar – is it just me or is sasha not that hot? just sayin.

  • I wish Sasha Grey would devour my cock…..damn I watch too much porn at work

  • Doug

    Most porn stars aren’t that hot. And Em was always wearing the same thing during his sweat pants phase as well. He doesn’t care about fashion haha.

  • MoodMuzik

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks like Em had some kind of plastic surgery? His face looks weird and he looks younger now than he did like 10 years ago. He just doesn’t look the same and idk maybe it’s just me.

  • Shoop

    He’s still my favorite fuckin artist of all time even though Recovery wasn’t his best work. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album tho. Got a nice rhythm and the hook is on point. Interested in seeing what the video looks like.

  • JahMonsta

    that b!tch can make your dick disappear in like 2 seconds…

  • YO, why is Eminem look so mad all the time?? Ure rich as fuck dude, smile lol. N we get it, you dont give a fuck, but this whole Doug Funnie wardrobe is gettin old…anyway, if you fuckin Sasha I know you gettin that good shit…follow me @ablacktv ill follow back

  • J.O

    when i 1st heard this song i wanted to go kill my baby moms!! idk why jus got that feelin listing to this song lol

  • dev

    i bet he is wearing bright green socks

  • Baz

    Relevant Mindset thoughts takin by shake..

  • young Z

    yep … i would fuck her too … *floc floc floc* just like the porno movies xD ahahahaha

  • mmkayy

    she gotta nice ass for a skinny white girl lol

  • Onederin

    Good call by Eminem.



  • Sam Flow (yes, im a female)

    ………some of you ppl should seriously reevaluate your lives (im not saying all of you).

    Any who, I do agrees that he always looks mad, and that his facial features do look different.

  • 666


  • Young Mo Fo

    @ SAM

    Its probably the drugs lol. added like 5-10 years to him. thats why crackheads always look older, the drugs.

  • mazoomy

    I’m excited for the video. Spacebound was one of my favorites from the album.

    Sidenote: why is everyone so concerned with how he dresses and how angry he looks? Who the fuck cares. Also, money and success doesn’t always equal happiness.

  • Dopesir



    lol tha niga lost his soul or something. used to be a big ball of life smh…

  • malcolm

    so everybody should go check out sasha greys porn movies she knows how to get it in! ha

  • awye

    sasha grey is shit. kristina rose > *

  • Some rap fan from da 831

    Seeing Eminem smile (in public) nowadays is as much of a possibility as seeing 50 Cent and Game collab again… lol.

  • hux

    that’s what taking xanax and anti-depressives until going to rehab do to you … ie look at the newest videos of britney spears and shit, she moves like a zombie with no reflex and shit. know some people that went to rehab for taking pills at trance partys. looks like they have 2 golf balls in the eyes

  • Ey

    shut da fuck up kids u cant even be like him who you all callin faggot
    u can never be anything. keep ur fackin mouth shut.
    i noticed this c-section just is for some fuckin faggots to yellin their foolish mind
    fuckin fuckedup kids

  • damn

    Damn. So in the past year Em been with Megan Fox, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and now Sasha Grey? What a fucking pimp.

  • Hux

    he fucked Lindsay lohan, mariah and britney too … yep, he’s a pimp xD LOL

  • h3p0

    @ the 1st comment

    WTF?! his look is awful. he has no sense in fashion. like nobody in the hip hop has. exceptions are those “newcomers” like B.o.B… and… well kid cudi has a great taste in fashion. I don’t say I like those two but as long as it’s about fashion they have taste.

    em should start wearing something he looks nice in. and YES to the guy who said he might have had plastic surgery. he looks bad nowadays.

    and sasha grey is a great fuck

  • Haha Sasha was great in Entourage and so was Eminem. can’t wait for this video to drop.

  • JAyP

    h3p0 ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? FUCK FASHION STFU talkin bout what he should wear so what if he has no sense in fashion. Fashion is HYPE you act like he has to dress like what you want to get your approval HE DOESNT CARE LET ALONE YOU SHOULDNT CARE AS WELL & ENJOY THE MANS WORK!

  • InsertNameHere

    Ehh stopped fuckin with Em after Encore

  • Hux

    “WTF?! his look is awful. he has no sense in fashion.” @ h3p0

    ^ ok then playboy … now go puke your breakfast and watch fashion tv …. ( what a fag!!! )

  • mark

    spacebound??? aw man why is he choosing to do music videos for all the wack songs on the album

  • 831joser

    most you guys sound irrelevant, first of Em is a recording artists who professionalizes in music not fashion. His clothing tell his story it wouldnt make sense to be a material in sorrowfull but meaningfull tracks would it? and about his looks….why would he force a smile when thats not how hes feeling? if your a true eminem follower you know hes done with fortune and fame he wants his life back.

    and btw…[email protected] who are u?
    u sound decieved by ur materialism

  • MikeDao

    I don’t care what the hell anyone says, but Eminem’s face hasn’t looked the same since Encore. He looks like he has no soul nowadays

  • wtf.. I thought Sasha Grey was a porn star??