• bnease


  • bnease

    Good for them. Hopefully a lot of good collaborations comes outta this.

  • Ump

    Dipset + Kanye West/Just Blaze = 2006-2007 (fire)
    Dipset + Aarabmuzik and randoms = 2008-2010 (trash)
    Dipset + Dre = ?

  • That Dood

    an album will prolly never drop...if detox is any sign of tht

  • http://www.2dopeoboyz.com BillyClint

    look there past it..thing that will move for them is put out a couple hype singles n make money off club apprearances n possible small tour..then get out but an album ...sellin...aint gonna happen.

  • Gordon B.

    Nothing will come out of it, quote me on it.

  • http://thebestpageever.wordpress.com Vla3d

    yei, can't wait

  • cynical

    I'm fucking stoked!

  • crackadon

    props to them, real talk.

    on the real though, has it really been over 5 years since Juelz put an album out?! cot damn!

  • fan12

    thats an alabama hat by the way. not atlanta. ROLL TIDDEEE

  • dapper

    timeout timeout that aint no damn atown fitted lmfao thats a mf"ing alabama fitted

  • Jay

    omg the only reason i would dislike this is because he took wayyyy too long to smoke that blunt... jeeez he kept lighting it 100 times but not puffing it! i was so frustrated

  • http://facebook.com/kelvinizzag kelvin-izza-g

    i agree wit jay..
    this nigga lit tha L about 2000 times when it was already lit..
    then this nigga wasnt even inhalin..
    this fool smokes like a female rookie..
    tha 1 time he did inhale he coughed for about 2 mins..
    u dont have to front like u like weed juelz..
    lol sorry im jus a tree enthusiast and this was so disrespectful..