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Nas – Top Down f. Swizz Beatz

blame it on Shake February 21, 2011

Swizz comes through this week on #MonsterMondays; liberating the original/mastered version of a track we originally heard years back.

DOWNLOAD: Nas – Top Down f. Swizz Beatz | Mediafire

  • neekz23

    reminds me of gta

  • InsertNameHere

    Top 10 dead or alive

  • Hip Hop is Dead is better.


    Swizz ruined it like always

  • Some rap fan from da 831

    This version should’ve been on Swizz Beatz’s album back in 07 and on GTAIV lol… NaS spit some dope shit on this.


    hes back <3

  • NASIR JONES IS THE GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE!!……I used to love this joint by Swizzy and Nas just blessed it….(2)Dopeeeeeee

  • Steve

    Yo this shit was dope as fuck in GTA

  • danny_

    We need that Lost Tapes 2 this year.

  • SWIZZ IS LAZY AS HELL!!!! this is a blend that came out last year. THE NAS RHYMES ARE FROM A BONUS SONG FROM HIP HOP IS DEAD CALLED “THE N” statik selektah remixed this same track 4 years ago

  • smh

    this shit’s been up on youtube for like 18 months…nas’s verse from “the N (dont hate me now)” from hip hop is dead

  • smh

    damn hella stole my shine hahaha

  • fsg

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  • dunk


  • M&M

    Man!!! I’m finna play GTA 4 right now!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HAHA almost forgot this was in GTA 4, that was the shit online while bumpin the real shit.

  • said it before and saying it again – the verse is from The N (UK Bonus Track off HHID) – Nas didnt spit to this beat, it was later adopted to the beat

  • repo

    No Nas definitley spit to this beat, Swizz talked about it to MTV back in 06-07. Nas probably used the verses for a different track since Swizz didn’t put it on his album.

  • Swizz is liar for real

  • beastcoast

    Best #MonsterMondays yet



  • Ofwgkta x lupe x new asher roth/ hit the name!

  • spooky

    I’ve been playing GTA$ again and this shit goes hard, and War Is Necessary too.

  • Van City

    dope track would be better without swizz’s wack voice tagged all over… and id rather just the instrumental than swizz’s wack hook. haters gon hate.

  • str8jckn

    yea Nas Def spit to this…i think he gave it to DMX after Nas went a different route

  • ATL


    top 5

  • im blocked from this website but if you see this, read my article on why Swizz Beatz is a liar on my website (link in the nickname)

  • nah, it was not recorded to the beat, look at my website

  • yasser

    wish he released this back then. Im over this now

  • this is dope, makes sense that this was the original top down cause both nigger and gta4 came out around the same time. the soundtrack for gta4 was dope

  • BangYaHeadHarder

    Dusting of gt4 to play it again, Top Down all day