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XV – Finally Home f. Machine Gun Kelly (prod. Cook Classics)

blame it on Shake February 22, 2011

DOWNLOAD: XV – Finally Home f. Machine Gun Kelly (prod. Cook Classics) | Mediafire

  • solking10

    Its a damn shame MGK never gets love on the site

  • jibber

    MGK is getting features left and right these days…

  • sole surviver

    Smallville = only good song XV has ever written. I don’t doubt he could make more good music if he hooked up with good producers rather than shitty ones, resulting in shitty lyrics and songs. Clearly he’s infected with the same kind of virus Big Sean has. He stupidly chooses garbage instrumentals to rhyme over and comes up with shitty results. When he rarely makes the wise decision to rhyme over a good instrumental, the results are positive

  • KD

    ur probably just a j cole stan like everyone else on this site. GTFOH. that song is ill but xv has delivered on nearly every mixtape he’s dropped. listen to everybody’s nobody and tell me he has bad production.

  • O_MAN

    yeah, what KD said. XV is consistant on nearly all of his mixtapes. I think XV has proven himself when it comes to talent. The Kid With The Green Backpack coming soon!

  • Snookums

    this beat is f*cking garbage. Cook Classics needs to find a different career.

  • DAMNNN….yall are bugginnn if you dont like this beat….XV KILLS those tracks that have an orchestra/band production vibe…..DOPEE

  • TheDayiFellinLoveWithHiphop

    I dont care what people say, XV got that shitt and has a few classics under his belt. Starting with Everybody’s Nobody. 30 min. Layover proved that he can ripp any beat you throw at him.

  • s_ibelstein

    this is dope!! and i agree beat is dope and XV and MGK kill it as usual.

    “i set fire to the web, match.com” vizzy got bars for days

  • Cupcakesss

    SMH @ sole surviver .. XV’s main producer(Seven) makes some of the best beats go download anyone of XV’s mixtapes and youll understand

  • Jonnie

    ignore @sole surviver’s ignorance..he’s probably never even heard Everybody’s Nobody mixtape..only XV he knows about is songs he sees on 2dopeboyz every now and then

  • Colin M.

    XV is gonna be the freshman of the year.

  • SomeGuy817

    Shit’s nice…What up XV


    this is fucking corny as shit. can someone please tell me how this is cool? its just….really fucking corny.

    the beat is super quantized, no fucking swing to it at all….

    the drums dont knock at all.

    XV always sounds corny when he raps, like….he just doesn’t sound cool. absolutely no swag….and i HATE using that word, but sheesh.

    this song is high water jeans.

  • Forever_Taylord

    so do you like the song? lol

  • anyone

    lol @ “good producers”.
    Seven >>>

  • Ace

    Smh at a guy who’s more than likely a J.Cole stan and cannot spell a third-grade word such as survivor. Fucking troll, hang yourself.
    Anyway, Vizzy dropping another gem and with MGK at that.
    Cleveland Rap Scene>>>>>>>The City of Cleveland.

  • cleve

    Not feelin XV… but MGK ripped it.
    “two L’s and a cool J, like def jam’s with me”

  • Twi
  • Marc

    Not too sure why either of these 2 was left out of the XXL Freshmen of 2011.

  • john

    fuck all you bums who ain’t down with m.g.k. he is one of the realist rappers out here. and if you don’t like it smile like a doughnut bitch lace the fuck up.