2Dope to Sleep On: Vic Mensa x Warm Brew

blame it on Shake February 25, 2011

It’s been awhile since we’ve made a (2)Dope to Sleep On post, and I apologize. In case you aren’t aware, this post is made to shed light on artists that both I and Meka think should get more exposure. In the past we spoke on the likes of J. Cole (in 2008), Diz Girbran, Reallionaire Jream, QuESt, J.A.M.E.S. Watts, Grynch, Black Element and more. I’ve been meaning to make these posts more frequently, but time just doesn’t allow it.

Anyways, with this installment I’d like to introduce (or reintroduce) y’all to Chicago’s Vic Mensa and a group out of Venice, CA that goes by Warm Brew.

Warm Brew (Venice)
The Los Angeles based foursome consists of emcees Ray Wright, Manu Li, Serk Spliffton and Espy. Another breathe of fresh air coming from the West Coast bringing back that jazzy, laid back, feel good music, reminiscent of the Pharcyde. I’ve included two joints below: Oh My was featured on their debut album, Natural Spirit, that they released last year. And I believe Go To School will be featured on their upcoming self-titled EP, dropping in the next few weeks.

DOWNLOAD: Warm Brew – Go To School | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Warm Brew – Oh Baby f. Hugh the MC | Mediafire

Photo: Nolis Universe

Vic Mensa (Chicago)
Up next is a young talent out of the Chi. You may actually recognize the name as we’ve posted two videos he’s done as part of the group, Kids These Days. Last year the Hyde Park born emcee released his Straight Up EP in conjunction with the good folks at RubyHornet. He also provided a song for Nike’s City Of Win mixtape which featured other Chicago artists like Juice, Add-2, Mikkey Halsted and more. To hear more about his come up and a story of how he escaped death, check out this video. I’m really excited to hear what this kid can bring in the years to come.

DOWNLOAD: Vic Mensa – Like the Way | Mediafire
– Off Vic’s Straight Up EP, available here.

DOWNLOAD: Kids The Days – My Days | Mediafire

  • TheReaBlackRanger


  • thinker

    u guys should definitley keep these posts going. u got a lot of influence around these blogs and magazines right now. probably couldve changed that xxl cover if u had these going at the time…ah well

  • Maga D

    I’ve heard of Vic Mensa before, but can’t think of where from, dude’s nice though. Another 2dope to sleep on is, Poe Picasso. I’m actually surprised dude hasn’t been on the site, released two of the best mixtapes period. In my top 10-15 mcs I think.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    (2)Dope to Sleep On:OFWGKTA. You knew it was coming niggas! lol @Maga D you must BE Poe Picasso fool. Jets fool.

  • Yerm

    Warm Brew bringing the good vibes.

  • Alansdell

    Most unerrated is Chip Tha Ripper though. People sleep on him hard! Gift Raps is comin though!!

  • Vic is from Kids These Days.

  • some guy

    cosign on chip

  • If you like Warm Brew peep out Hugh Augustine, he’s down with them. Hugh’s album Hurry Up & Wait had a track with them on it and he’s on tour in Germany right now

  • DK

    Where is the Kids These days EP that was suppose to come out?

  • xastey

    heard of vic a while back on smokingsection, young kid has some rhymes and his flow is pretty nice. been waiting for that Kids these days to drop for a while

  • Chris R.

    Whats up with Kids These Days, I looked everywhere for the ep but no news. People said it was going to come out in December but I can’t find any thing else out

  • By.Elite

    Talking about “jazzy, laid back, feel good music”. Today is Nujabes death’s one year anniversary. You guys should definitely post some of his work and put on people to one of the best producer of all time.

  • bucknasty

    co-sign with By.Elite.

    but yeah, i agree with dudes above me. Can’t find the Kids These Days album (or info) anywhere. was gonna download in a second. although they look hella underaged, shit is dope. Vic Mensa is a beast too, although he sounds too much like Drake for my liking

  • nito

    i want more diz gibran music :(

  • rukkstar

    warm brew reminds me so much of the pharcyde

  • MAN


  • sc3

    2nd best post of the day – these dudes are ill and fresh compared to this YM radio shit.

  • Tdog

    KTD EP is out in Chicago, supposed to be digitally released soon

  • Young Stereotype

    co-sign nito.

    Diz Gibran is pretty dope. I found out about him from one of those old Pac Div songs, “If That Ain’t Love”.

    I found one of his mixtapes but the sound quality is God awful lol (word to Blu).

    That Vic guy is pretty dope but I’m not feelin the other cats.

  • HappyToHelp

    I see you guys don’t post much Lupe Fiasco, have you heard of him? He’s fairly big. Don’t sleep on him.

  • acreator


  • J_UNO!


  • dj

    Shouts to Vic, my homie here went to high school with him. Dope cat.

  • k3

    man anyone got that instrumental for go to school? dope as trucks.

    [email protected]

  • Marzy Jane


  • JordansOrgans

    This vic mensa dude is pretty ill. Good post shake.

  • jamalr26

    yo shake you should really look into posting this cat named Shome..he’s from new orleans, dude’s kinda nice

  • A “George Clooney/Rezo/fulltimeboss” Stan fka Answer Me!

    That Warm Brew’s “Natural Spirit” LP is definitely an enjoyable album to listen to with a good contrast of soft and loud production, and Warm Brew on mic make things better. Overall, it’s good enough for the underground but it’s also ready for the masses.

    Do check it out! Its on Bandcamp !!

    Currently enjoyin’ track #2 “Doin’ It Right” the most.

  • Defiant

    Damnnnnn Vic Mensa sounds EXACTLY like Drake…the only way I could tell the difference between the 2 if you played em back-to-back is that Vic doesn’t do the “I’m hot – summer” type rap like Drake does…dude is nice though, felt his Straight Up EP, hopefully since he’s from the Chi-town area he ends up collabin wit either Double O or Naledge from Kidz In The Hall or Mikey Rocks or Chuck Inglish from The Cool Kids, I could see them all makin some good music

  • StayFleeCrew

    is it me or Vic Mensa has Drakes sound when Drake was first out? correct me if im wrong please

  • “Guest”

    i need more beats like that vic mensa whispers joint

  • bucknasty
  • late white guy

    just downloaded earl and bastard SHIT IS NICE

  • @StayFreeCrew I heard Vic Mensa’s EP & his voice does sound a lot like Drake, I don’t know about style wise cuz I never really listened to Drake.

  • Here’s my (2)Dope To Sleep On pics (if anyone cares)

    Illecism (Sacramento, CA)
    J. Nolan (Atlanta, GA)
    G-Scott (Gary, IN)
    Turbo T. Double (Los Angeles, CA)
    Mike Dreams (Minneapolis, MN)
    Trade Vorhees (Las Vegas, NV)

  • Good shit Shake

  • TheChi

    @StayFreeCrew He does sound like drake …thats why alot of nikkas dont mess with him like that…but yeah Yall should look up MORUF…

  • D


  • 10

    both are dope, but 2dopeboyz has been sleeping on luck one for way too long hes too ill

  • Listener

    Lifter & O!mega from LA, CA holding it down. They do everything themselves, and bring that feel good, hope music. You guys should check it out, if you guys fuck with the Southern Cali tunes.

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