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Black Hippy – Constipation

blame it on Shake February 25, 2011

Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q join Ab-Soul for the latest leak off his upcoming project, LongTerm: Mentality, dropping April 5th! UPDATE: This dropped in the late hours of the night, so I’m bringing it back up in case anyone missed it.

DOWNLOAD: Black Hippy – Constipation (prod. Sounwave) | Mediafire
– Mixed by Ali.

  • mygod

    first! immediate download. black hippyyyyyyy! jay rock is sick!

  • the third ear

    Hell Yea & Moscato > This

  • roofus

    this shit is too hard!

  • blahsehblah

    this is genius….wow

  • shake

    come on, the only thing any of us wanna hear is kendrick rap, the rest of these niggaz aint shit

  • thinker

    @shake – nigga stfu. u obviously only follow trends. go ride somebody elses dick

  • killamic

    ^^^^@(the fake)shake umm no! actually the rest of niggaz go hard too, but i guess your head is too far up’s lamar’s ass to realize that

    Anyhow this some sick shit right here

  • nathanjones

    These 4 is always killing it, after soul’s tape they need to hurry up and come out with that black hippy project forreal

  • ExtraGood909

    Crazy ass jam

  • What’s the point of people posing as me online? Your life that pathetic? Smh…

  • West make the best music hands down

  • WPG

    Damn, I LOVE how they structured the song. Can’t wait for this project. The only one whose solo work I’m not that familiar with is Jay Rock. Where should I start with him?

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  • cloud 9

    really, ab soul is a fucking beast, and schoolboy q is smooth as shit, don’t doubt them niggas

  • JaySpaceE

    @XB the Wizard They definitely are right now especially all their groups

  • tonyq

    really though….
    kendrick is the only of these dudes thats any good?
    and hes damn good.
    the rest of these guys are super mediocre.

  • bucknasty

    should i even listen to this if I don’t dig Jay Rock at all?

  • I have subscribed to your rss feed which must do the trick! Have a nice day!

  • I’m happy to determine other folks taking project and giving towards the community

  • cantino

    this group is ill. I wish they would give Jay rock the boot tho then theyd be super dope

  • cantino

    @BuckNasty probably. Jay rock is the least talented one..

  • feining liquor often

    Best group in hip hop, yeah I said it. Im a slaughterhouse fan but these dudes keep it real. Theyre all dope fuck you niggas.

  • YO

    word up glad these TDE niggas getting they shine on it was about time since nickerson gardens mixtape no sleep till nyc training day. Whatever WESTSIDDEEEEEE !

  • Can You Dig It???……. SUCKAAAAAAAA!

    Fake shake got owned & this that shit you jive turkeys!

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    We comin’ for you nigga! lol But on a serious note, Ab-Soul is that nigga. You marks saying he’s wack either have never heard Long Term 2 or are Young Money/Brick Squad stans. Only logical conclusions I come up with..

  • markgeez

    AB Soul is wack.. I dont fuck with ym or bricksquad and listen to longterm 2

  • LordMort

    I know this is getting old, but…
    That you are not covering anything about Odd Future is beginning to seem a little dumb, blogs as big as 2dopeboyz are supposed to cover what’s moving on the hip hop scene, whether the owners of the blog like the movement or not. I’m not even a fan of Odd Future, I’m just stating “facts”.
    You’re probably gonna think that it looks like a win to them, since you’ve boycotted em, but a blog this influential shouldn’t deny hip hop acts with as much impact and buzz as OFWG.

  • thomas
  • dat baby don’t look like me



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  • Pico Presi

    Fuck ODD Future, thats trendy hipster crap. Just cus them dudes made monkeys of themselves by jumping on peoples backs and yellin lound dont mean shit ya digg??

  • pico presi is a bitch

    ^ lol u dont know anything about O.F. faggot. trendy hipsterr shit? there far from it idiot

  • golfwang666

    trip6 OFWGKTA

  • mtrx

    Black Hippy ftw. This shit is fire.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    @markgeez So you sayin’ Ab-Soul can’t rap? As in he has no lyrical ability? Or you meant to say you’re not feelin his style? Yeah. That’s what you meant to say. Of course it is.

  • rukka

    this shit is terribly fucking average. Why people like these cats so much? did i miss a mixtape somewhere along the line.

  • If you listen to the No Sleep Til NYC & training day.. That shit is still more lyrical than what niggas are putting out in 2011. Those tapes are from 2007 .

  • nathanjones

    this shit is terribly fucking average. Why people like these cats so much? did i miss a mixtape somewhere along the line.

    rukka said this on February 25th, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    ^^^yeah, apparently u missed all of the tapes released by tde artists. Also people like these cats cause:

    -they can rhyme their asses off
    – ill flows, they can switch up flows and rhyme patterns real good (they not all all the other same-flow punchline one line rappers i.e. drake)
    -each individual has his own unique style
    – are more interesting to listen to than alot of other rappers
    – got nice production

    and yes none of these guys are lyrically elzhi or canibus on the mic but if you actually LISTENED to their catalog (especially years back 2008) lyrically they’re above average. If u cant see it then i dont what to tell u

  • nathanjones

    *and yes none of these guys ARENT lyrically elzhi or canibus on the mic but if you actually LISTENED to their catalog (especially years back 2008) lyrically they’re above average. If u cant see it then i dont what to tell u

  • yugang

    dope shit as usual.

    @nathanjones u didnt have to correct yourself, u got it right the first time lol

  • nathanjones

    @yugang lol i see it now, u know what i mean tho

  • killamic

    If you say ab-soul is average ok fine but u cant say he cant rap or isnt lyrical. People who say that expect every rapper use either big vocabulary words or use tons of multi-syllable rhyme schemes. It also can be due to the fact that ab-soul has that unorthodox rap style to him that can throw ppl off. I suggest u listen more carefully.

  • This ish is another beyond dope track from the TDE camp! I don’t see how anybody can say any of them are wack because they are all dope emcee’s & I agree we need some type of Black Hippy project ASAP after Ab new project! Another thing I noticed on this track I never did before is Q flow sounds earlier similar @ times to Kurupt!

  • daTROOTH.

    blackhippy against the world.

  • ransom

    lol nice artwork


    @ 619 aka, ‘pico presi is a bitch’. you sound like a but hurt kid, straight up, I said I dont like them as artist, and here you go disrespecting me personally over the internet, thats not G at all my dude thats actually ‘faggot’. you proly jerk off to ODD and dem lol, besides this post is about Black Hippy not your lil ODD cult following. your just like people who curse in traffice while in their cars but wont say shit in person. haha lol

  • Appreciate the Re-Up did miss it but sure as hell glad I saw it now

  • tarp

    i just downloaded of all odd future’s mixtapes and shit. it better be good or im going to fucking kill all of you.

  • “i just downloaded of all odd future’s mixtapes and shit. it better be good or im going to fucking kill all of you.”


    anyways, Black Hippy is crack… always lookin forward to their shizz

  • daTROOTH.

    can’t miss Schoolboy Q’s show @ the Key Club on March 11th!!!

  • ATL

    fuckin dope

  • gymkrow

    I believe the listeners that only want to hear KD is listenin to hard. All these guys are good in their own way and they come to create a new in an artistic way.

  • AuditoriumPigeon

    @GymKrow this group is Ab-soul, jay rock, kendrick lamar and Schoolboy Q. No “KD” in the group nor is “KD” an abbreviation for kendrick lamar if that was your perrogative.

  • AuditoriumPigeon

    @GymKrow and im sorry but aint nothin creative or artistic about Jay Rock he defines cliche

  • “can’t miss Schoolboy Q’s show @ the Key Club on March 11th!!!”

    where that!?!? imma be in cali march 7-21 so im interested especially cuz they prolly aint ever gon be in NYC…

  • straightkillah

    yeah, people are riding these guys dicks like shit. kendrick lamar is ill, ab-soul is good, but the other two really aren’t very good. just my 2 cents.

  • antLee06

    these dudes are really good..It feels like real music with them… I love how they are just regular dudes. No Hollywood at all.. But I’ll be honest. Im not feeling Jay Rock as a rapper… Although he seems like that older,respected dude on a bball team that is the spiritual leader and keeps everyone on their deem..

  • wessley

    Dear Black Hippie: KICK JAY ROCK OUT THE GROUP!!! yall would be such a dope trio

  • wessley

    ^ Hippy**

  • wessley

    @zanyblunts GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND

  • Lolo

    nyce, all yall haters step back from ur keyboard n enjoy

  • mtrx

    Holy shit this is insane.

  • triso


  • hmmop

    jay rock is definitely gettin better. black friday was cool

  • Brocho Cinco

    Black Hippy >

  • fark

    since this post is gettin bumped anyways
    Kendrick used to be K-Dot
    which would be kd abbreviated
    just sayin