• bandido-09

    Rosa= hood rat

  • paul

    LOL aint snoop gettin a little old to be hollin at bitches like this!?!? he got like a family and kids and shit and he still droolin over dese girls LOL

    New Rap 2011

  • http://honorrollstudent.blogspot.com chanceF

    Hahahah new Lil Wayne Track

  • LB

    "Snoop double og" @ ~2:05???? word?!!?!?

  • http://SportsHop.tumblr.com Lil’ Nello

    Rosa looking really nice as usual & that chick with the curls pretty bad looking herself! Dope ad too & Estevan is a legend behind the lens & really knows how to work behind the camera!

  • http://misterandre.com Mr. Andre

    I bet they're doing this because the creator of Colt 45 recently passed.