Snoop Dogg x Rosa Acosta (Video)

Shot by the legendary Estevan Oriol

Wait... Colt 45 is still around?! Anyways, when Snoop isn't trying to convince us to either buy glorified Brut to wipe out the smell of beedies from your clothes or that swapping over to Metro PCS is the right choice, he's lamping with Rosa Acosta for Colt 45's new "beverage," Blast. At Billie Dee Williams' crib. Of course it'd be there.

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  • bandido-09

    Rosa= hood rat

  • paul

    LOL aint snoop gettin a little old to be hollin at bitches like this!?!? he got like a family and kids and shit and he still droolin over dese girls LOL

    New Rap 2011

  • Hahahah new Lil Wayne Track

  • LB

    "Snoop double og" @ ~2:05???? word?!!?!?

  • Rosa looking really nice as usual & that chick with the curls pretty bad looking herself! Dope ad too & Estevan is a legend behind the lens & really knows how to work behind the camera!

  • I bet they're doing this because the creator of Colt 45 recently passed.


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