• InsertNameHere

    Damn this is nice.

  • Young Dub

    "at a recent Lord Finesse show, The Funkyman announced a super group he’s forming called The Alumni which will see Finesse, Large Pro and O.C. teaming up and collaborating on an album together."

    *loses hip hop mind and goes crazy

  • http://brutoleeonis.blogspot.com Bruto Lee Onis

    AG = One of the top 10 underrated MC's of all time.
    RIP to P80


    RIP Party Arty.

  • http://soundverite.blogspot.com/ Sound Verite’

    Andre the Giant, yup yup.

  • http://biglonline.com TheBigSleep

    Actually it got changed 'cause Large Pro doesn't like the name Alumni so that'll be used for 'nesse and O.C. duo exclusively, whereas the trio will come up with some other name for the group that has yet to be determined. At least that's what I heard last.

  • DNA

    seriously why don't yall give producer credit???