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Eminem – I Get Money (rmx) x Emulate f. Obie Trice [Unreleased]

blame it on Shake February 27, 2011

More than a handful of unreleased tracks leaked from the vaults today. Here goes two that stood out.

They keep on saying the same rappers are the best/ Jay-Z and Kanye West/ Maybe they’re just trying to distract you from the fact that I’m coming back/ Or maybe it’s cause I ain’t black/ Maybe it’s because of that/ Maybe it’s because I’m the highest selling artist in rap.

DOWNLOAD: Eminem – I Get Money (rmx) | Mediafire

BONUS: Eminem – Emulate f. Obie Trice | Mediafire

  • jimedwards

    haha this is the controversial Em we all love!

  • imsogay

    Suck a dick Hoe!!
    Based God! Says Em is Swagged the fuck out!
    Fuck 2dopeboyz and Steve Harvey
    Justin Bieber has TOO much Swag!

  • Lasers boi

    Em better come back strong wit good lyrics and beats not that old shot where he tried to act black. I like the new em.waitin on a new album in a year

  • Ryuk

    Feathers. Ruffled. Still quite meh.

  • Maybe It’s Cuz I’m Yella

    Sittin’ back “Jackin Off” to his plaques. GAY.

  • anybody else sick of this guy or is it just me? dont know how he gets so much respect, yes he’s dope but he also engages in battles with mariah carey. Try and tell me you could see Nas or Thought getting into some shit like that…smh. Oh and he sounds like a girl, let somebody try to dispute that.

  • new em sucks

    at least he isnt yelling in this one

  • D Rico

    there is a whole ep of unreleased eminem songs that just came out

  • Gorz

    dope as shit even though its old, im basing that on the line “im the blonde dre”, and the fact that he is rapping on this beat. its classic em, spittin shit that pisses people off haha

  • y silv

    this is clearly old wen he was on or getting off drugs nonetheless this shit was dope lyrically the flow and voice werent that good

  • A wise man once

    this is eminem addicted pills

  • Rick James, bitch

    Meh everything after the eminem show has been meh

  • InsertNameHere

    8 Eminem tracks just leaked.. And they all sucked

  • D

    vicodin rap!

  • red



    the blue eye rap shit is played out. Em made his money by signing to Dre, being white, dissin’ boy bands, dissin’ his mom and his baby moms, being an emo drug user, etc etc etc. never liked this wigger from the start.

  • dirtysixchambers

    what D said. it’s either the quality of the song or it’s DEF pill-rap. you can tell by his voice being deeper/raspier. happens when you do painkillers.

  • haha i jus saw this on Diverse Hip hop
    yo shake mite as well em add them to ur site Family list

  • I’m glad that hes staking his claim for the crown. Whos got the balls to go at him? Thank You Em, I was hoping someone significant would bring the competetive spirit back. Alot of these new kids that everybody is suckin are pussies. I’m looking forward to a hot summer.

  • ffd

    damnnn this HOT !!
    eminem still killin it in the scene
    can ur fav rapper catch up
    this that real hip hop flow
    Where the eminem haters at ?
    yo u know u jus clicked it jus to hate hahaha

  • pop

    “at least he isnt yelling in this one” hahahhahahahah he still sounds the same though, really hes haf as illy as evryone says

  • 11111

    fix ur gay 20 dollar server shake

  • TheJacka

    Feeling like im talking to myself…This is probably one of the songs he was talking about.

  • No,it’s because of songs like this.

  • Johnny Blaze

    Anyone who thinks Em is the GOAT is completely delusional

  • GhostfaceRwk

    4 eminem tracks in one day
    this that real eminem back ole school shit
    EMINEM BACK!!!!!

  • Eminem – GOAT

  • ReasonWHY

    naaa they jus mad eminem has been doing it for a decade and hasnt sold out like there wiz k
    this wat i was waiting for all nite

  • holla if ya swalla

    95% of the comments on here are hate. lol well i guess ill be the guy who doesn’t hate… i usually comment on shit I LIKE. smh…. anyway. fire (like i expected anything less)

  • DrerDre

    my god all four tracks are f u ck in stunning
    this is hip hop
    2011 hip hop returns

  • LOL

    wee wee track and the goat track are bananas
    no rapper can come close to his flow his passion his diction his style

  • Y. S.

    I miss the Eminem that didn’t scream on every single track that he released. You can have emotion without screaming bro.

  • listen2goodmuzik

    @ Johnny Blaze

    Why would someone who thinks Em is the GOAT is completely delusional????

    I’m not saying he is the GOAT, but why is it delusional to consider him the GOAT???

  • linkz

    yooo on the i get money why he sound like Charles Ham lmfaoo

  • hahahah

    wow just wow
    i gotta lite a bowl for these 4 tracks
    i almost jumped out the seat on the goat track when he talked about tiger woods and bubba sparkxx line was unbleivable.

  • LupeFaco

    Eminem – Fly away

    Eminem – Things get worse
    (these leaked last week google em )

  • Doap4Soap

    @ listen2goodmuzik
    Because he really isn’t..i feel like hes sold out with a lot of the shit he’s done recently.

  • marty mcfly

    I think the reason people say the same names when they mention the greats is because of consistency from those artists , musical creativity and impact. Em hardly has any mixtapes and all his albums are 2 plus years between each other. So when he talks about sales even though what hes sayin is true , theres still other factors that work against him and take the attention away from him. Shit he signed 50 cent , did he honestly think he would outshine him ?


    shake hates hip hop early website blocks the url and deletes the links to em hahaha they destroy this site and diverse hip hop gettin bigger then 2dopeboyz – shake step yo status up u laggin back

  • GOAT!!

    “Eminem – GOAT
    four fire tracks in a day ????!
    tell ur fav. rapper to catch up!!!!

  • eminem>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Jawty

    All you muhfuckas sittin on here hating on Eminem are out your minds. He’s above and beyond anyone you listen to by a mile in basically every category that defines rap skill or success. Hov is the only one out that can compete. “Men lie, Women Lie, NUMBERS DON’T” check ur facts bitches, shady’s ill.

  • George Clooney

    goat and apple track destroys the whole game

  • LOL213

    lol all those tracks up there shut up the haters ..on dopeboyz? wow the crowd changes over nite

  • PS… i def heard the first half of “emulate” before… that shit been out… i guess this is the full version

  • listen2goodmuzik

    @ Doap4Soap

    but WHY shouldn’t he be considered the GOAT??

    What do you think he sold out on…..

  • 11111

    Sha Stimuli X Prince Ea – EFFORTLESS

  • sc3

    It’s dope… thumbs up vote from me but I will never forgive him working w/Nicki on Romans Revenge – that was a sell out move in my opinion. He’s way above the stupid gimmick rap that she stands for.

  • omfgtom

    cant believe you didn’t post ballin uncontrollably.

  • melosz


  • Pacmanlh

    theres 8 new unreleased tracks leaked today, not 4


    In essence for those hooked on phonics;
    EMINEM and JAY-Z = Best Rappers Alive
    No one comes close rite now, and these dudes arent even giving it 100%… BTW, there r too many lames sippin haterade on this site. If you dont like what you see, switch sites. No need to get at the 2DBZ reps…again keep doin ya thing and we gon’ keep tuning in. Spread love like butter.

  • marty mcfly

    2pac sold 40 million records and he been dead since 1996… If you say Pac sold that many records only because hes dead. Then ill say Em sold that much because hes , you know. Also if features and production count from rappers who have been on other peoples albums then Em has not sold the most but its cool cause I know they meant solo records. Not hating but how do you choose the best rapper when theres so many factors to consider ?

  • arqitekt

    emulate is sick, there def was a previous version out before though.

  • FIRE

    eminem – goat = 2011

  • Shy

    yall can complain all you want but Em is still a rapping cyclone

  • LIhiphop

    You wanna listen to some true freestylers u gotta listen to **http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGzxKJjIlVc&feature=related

  • dadd

    wtf i almost fell out my chair
    eminem spazzed out tonite

  • jkelly

    Em must be pissed that some of those tracks got out. We still love you. Don’t do drugs kids…

  • Merlin

    Hating on Em… Why??? The guy is an amazing rapper

  • EminemStudioLeaks

    shit i remember when he blew up on the my name is track …EVERYONE was listening to that all week every street u turned had it on, and that video changed 90s rap lol….2011….all these tracks…u can still hear his anger passion and hunger for the game no matter how rich or famous u CANT hide that much god given talent, dude ryhmes like he was born with the ryhyme gene ….no one will ever forget this dude even 3011….

  • mmkayy

    im convinced u ppl only listen to the beat and flow.. sad really

    OH YEAA marty mcfly is an idiot & shud be banned

  • Protege

    whyd yu delete my comment bitch

  • Leaks = tracks he cant release because of his label restrictions/sampling clearances, so there own camp releases the track on the side for the underground to guage the crowds reactions for the next big project EMINEM KILLED IT TONITE!!!!hip hop bitch
    Digital Crack Vol 26—

  • listen2goodmuzik

    G.O.A.T. track is extra DOPE.. Wish Em spit like that all the time.

  • Low

    emulate was on kay slay’s first retail album its not new or unreleased

  • Damn, I’m still waiting for the old Em to come back. Not impressed. I’m a big fan of his pre-2002 work, well most of it.

    And to everyone talking about Eminem is the GOAT, that is so uneducated and ignorant, its laughable. No one with any real knowledge of Hip-Hop and its history would ever talk about Eminem or Jay-Z as the GOAT. MAYBE, just MAYBE, they have an argument to be in the top 10, tho certainly not mine.

    I was just listening to an advance copy of Pharoahe Monch’s W.A.R. Now THIS is fire. There is an MC that is far superior to Eminem in every single way. As Jay Electronica said, “Eminem got skills, he nice, so what? Pharoahe Monch is 20 times nicer than Em.”

    Jay Electronica, Nas, Blu, Black Thought, J-Live, etc… I can name so many MC’s who are not only more talented, but execute FAR better than Eminem.

    But, alas, any Eminem post brings out all the Eminem Stans, who don’t know shit about Hip-Hop, lol. Go get educated. Need more grown folks who know what they are talking about.

  • 604

    I’m a goat
    and for those of y’all who don’t know what a goat is
    it means the greatest of all time
    and I consider myself one of those
    so thank you very much, here it goes!

    This is the part I was worried about
    everyone thinks that my career is down the tubes
    and I’m in some dusty garage inhaling them carbon monoxide fumes
    and everyone’s telling me what I should do
    and how I should come out and what to rap about
    and I know I got a lot up in my medulla oblongata that I gotta get out
    and I’m not sure how this is gonna come off
    they’re probably gonna think that I’m coming off as cocky (haha)
    like I just started giving a fuck what you really think about me
    see, the thing about me
    is you don’t really know a thing about me
    everyone’s making a stink about me
    like there’s some kind of a aura of that of the king around me
    surround me with nothin’ but gangsters, killers, and bangers
    and the most dangerous criminals
    and I feel like I’m more comfortable around them than I do my own motherfuckin’ neighbors
    but, see, my dream is to be remembered as one of the best when I leave
    why does it seem like I’m not even put up in the same category as other emcees?
    so when Weezy says that he’s better than Jay-z
    please, be that just subliminally
    means he thinks Jigga’s the best and that he’s
    the only one up in that league, see
    and it’s easy just to consider me one of the greatest white rappers there is
    knowing god damn well that I’m one of the best god damn rappers that ever lived period

    I’m a goat
    and I don’t mean to gloat
    but I know what I know and I know what you think
    and these magazines’ll never put it in ink
    because how would it look if they considered me as a goat?
    and for those of y’all who don’t know what a goat is
    it means the greatest of all time
    and I consider myself one of those
    so thank you very much, here it goes!

    Maybe they figure that I’m on my way out the game
    so they gotta go try to find em a new Eminem
    or a new Shady, if they think it’s gonna happen
    man, I thought I was crazy
    or maybe I could be takin’ it wrong and they’re tryna pay homage to me in a strange way
    so let me pay homage to my fellow white competitors almost in the same way
    see, you hardly ever do hear anyone even bringing up that Paul Wall’s white
    cause lyrically he doesn’t pose a threat to anyone, see, he’s just aight
    and Bubba Sparxxx, he just won’t write
    because he’s so caught up in that snow white
    that Timbaland can’t even get him in the studio
    he’s so gone off that coke, right
    and it’s so sad, cause he’s dope, right
    America’s next great white hope, right
    so now they feel like they gotta come up with some corny ass white rapper show, right
    and which I’m still havin’ mixed feelings about
    they said it’d be real, I’m just spillin’ it out
    there’s somethin’ about a white boy talking black and runnin’ around with a damn grill in his mouth
    and I love when the say that Tiger Woods shit
    “Isn’t it ironic that the best rapper’s white and the best golfer’s black?”
    and I’m the one who’s gotta catch all the flack offa’ that
    but these are the people who never had heard of an Eminem until 8 Mile had came out
    but I had already hit middle America
    Parents had all got to likin’ me now
    when suddenly I wasn’t such a bad guy
    all of the hatred for me must’ve died
    thought I committed career suicide so I had to turn back into the bad guy
    so faggoty faggoty faggoty gays
    and (?) God made Raggedy Ann and Andy
    not Raggedy Andy and Andy and Andy
    and Angelina Jolie is just another ho
    and Brad is a sucka’ because once I fuck her
    she wants to go to Somalia to adopt another baby
    you know what I say? No
    You better save some of them kids from Madonna
    she needs all the publicity she can get
    you want a Shady? Well, you got it, man
    I ain’t apologizin’ for shit.

    I’m a goat
    and I don’t mean to gloat
    but I know what I know and I know what you think
    and these magazines’ll never put it in ink
    because how would it look if they considered me as a goat?
    and for those of y’all who don’t know what a goat is
    it means the greatest of all time
    and I consider myself one of those
    so thank you very much, here it goes!

    Man, I’m takin’ my ball and goin’ home, man
    shit is too easy
    nobody even wants to pass me the ball cause
    (I’m a goat)
    so don’t worry, I’m out the motherfuckin’ game
    and y’all can sit and argue about who’s the motherfuckin’ best
    but y’all know that
    (I’m a goat)
    and like I said, I’m one of the motherfuckin’ best
    before you get your panties in a motherfuckin’ bunch
    but before I go, I’d like to say fuck you very much to everybody who wasn’t there from the start
    and thank you very much to everybody who was
    and y’all ain’t gotta say it, just think it
    cause I know that you know that I know that you know that I know that you know
    (I’m a goat)
    I’m out, y’all
    it’s been real, peace

  • the Knicks beat the Heat fuck yall

  • real talk

    “but WHY shouldn’t he be considered the GOAT??”

    because 3 Stacks and Black Thought are more consistent

  • hmmop

    its all opinion in the end. Eminem is arguably the goat lets just say that

  • Hustle101

    marty mcfly, what a dick

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Thanks Pause , and how Em gonna take shots at Madonna when shes 3x more successful then he is ? Anyway I can tell even in his own rhymes he looks up to JayZ. The MC whos the most consistent of ALL rappers who consider themselves the GOAT.

  • 32424

    damnn holy shit
    hip hop overload

  • youngstulla

    damn that nigga went in lol. Eminem a beast.

  • emulate is old as BLEEEEEEEEp. Was on a clinton sparks mixtape 2007ish.

    well decided to look it up cause it bothered me.

    ^ boom that emulate track is from 2005 anger management 3 mixtape OLDDDDDD NEWSSSSS BRAH

  • 3 reasons jay could never be goat
    1. Dick suckin lips
    2. Nas bodied him lyrically (though jay bodied him business wise)

  • Why is no one talking about the fact that Emulate was an old track, that seems like it was just revised? One new Em verse with 2 old Obie verses, but I think they laid new vocals down.

  • nah the emulate has been leaked in full version since 2005. I can remember bumping it a lot back when it dropped.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Men lie,women lie. Numbers don’t. Justin Beiber is the GOAT.

  • Jon

    Shouts out to the leaker, Koolo from Studio Leaks!

  • EEZY541

    It’s sorta crazy that whenever the GOAT convo comes up everyone seems to forget 2Pac. I think I saw one comment mentioning him. That’s insane. Maybe Em or Hov or Ye or whoever are the best now, but I’m not really sure anyone has matched what 2Pac has done so far. The stories about how fast he recorded All Eyez On Me is insane!!! Em took a few years just to figure out how to make good music again after he quit doing opiates. Pac got out of prison and went and recorded possibly the best rap album of all time immediately after.


    mannn no one wants it with em

  • Gordon B.

    This Obie joint is ill.

  • Noringtone

    He thinks he’s better then Jay?

  • who cares

    Dopest shit I’ve heard in 6 months from him

  • marty mcfly

    @EEZY541 , thats a good point , Pac is surely GOAT material and B.I.G only has two albums but ill put Life After Death up against any album but Jayz recorded Blueprint 1 in 2 weeks and thats a classic and he did all his albums without even writing them down and unlike alot of great rappers who have good imaginations , Jayz words are actually facts about his life and the lives of a whole generation of hustlas put in rhymes not just a bunch of punchlines and made up scenarios. The reason for this comment though is , everybody knows about the whole Lasers album thing with lupe and about all the setbacks with Saigons album which I feel was well worth the wait especially since Saigon has been nice since droppin freestyles in 1999. Eminem is one of the greats no doubt but I wonder how many Mcs have been signed to majors and because of label politics and fuckups we never got to hear them ? Point is I think the business side of the industry also changes things when it comes to who is really the greatest cause alot of great artists go threw so much shit tryin to get they ideas realized that by the time we get they project its been long overdue and drastically changed. Thats some shit I was just thinkin cause I know for a fact there is alot of albums and artists that got overlooked and slept on over the years that if they project would have got promoted right and if they had got some looks on Tv like alot of other Mcs , they would also be considered one of the GOATS. I could name 20 but you get the point.



  • Sleepzz

    All this mention of GOAT and no mention of Nas??

  • Em stays nice wit it!

  • killa

    yo if 50 had this on his album..he would have sold way more than kanye…like fo real bro

  • gegrg


  • TXM

    hahaha at anyone hating on Em. you can’t deny dude is a beast. People are just mad he makes Lady Gaga numbers

  • RuanHoll


  • hussaine!!!!!

    Yo shake post the rest of the leaks! Or email me a link son!

  • Some rap fan from da 831

    HAHA Koolo gets no love by Shake and Meka and I love it!!! That bitch leaked a lot of shit the last 2 days… The Eminem tracks were cool and then he leaked Track 7 on Let a Drummer Get Some…

  • “Men Lie, Women Lie, numbers don’t” – Money & Sales over music = bullshit.

    These tracks sound dope to me. I don’t know what the debate is? Ya’ll are making it more difficult than it should be.



  • Jalen

    fuck the haters eminem is the best out there at least he aint like soulja boy saying mike vick repeatedly

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