• fiz7


  • http://www.twitter.com/teamPRIE LYN KEIKAI CASTILLO

    WEFLYHI2 IS SOOOO INSANE! im really feeling this WEFLYHI2 'STILL FLYING' MIXTAPE--- Its real, goes hard & straight to the heart. Listening to it right now and Prie is bringing new sound to hiphop! DEFINITELY THE #1 MIXTAPE OF 2011! so make sure y'all go cop that free DL ASAP! #teamPRIE

  • The Dopeness

    Dopenesss!! We Fly Hi x Flip The Bird Class of 2011!!

  • Dj Layzee

    Haha can't wait to jam this mixtape thru some speakerz

  • http://www.ulatan.com VIPete

    So dope!

  • http://noneed.com JAY


  • N.Nonya

    Love this! PRIE is such an amazing artist =]

  • crosby connolly

    Flip the Bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.nakamabrand.com Al

    Finally! Been waiting for this! Downloading now...

  • mush

    Prie is the TRUTH!

  • http://aloha808@yahoo.com aloha

    love ur music ...it has a strong message, n deas people out dea that can relate to it....ur lyrics is real...unlike others rap about nonsense stuff..keep pushin, ur da rock of HAWAII...