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J. Cole On Giving Back to the Community (Video)

blame it on Shake February 28, 2011

Last month, while touring with Drake, J. Cole sits down with SoulCulture to talk about the importance of giving back to the community and his ambitions to help out the disadvantaged youth. Right on.

  • djlol

    This song is crack rock – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdec9KqXFxE – Gimmie Money! by MJ BABY

  • i like this video, giving back is the greatest gift of all

  • joe


  • christian

    this is what rappers need to do! help allow our people grow, its not just about yourself. think back to tupac days

    by the way i used to really like your site, but you and meka changed hella. peace

  • Starks

    Release an album first nigga.



  • facemask

    The youth of today can go fuck themselves.

  • Niggas hate for no reason


    BOOOO! Giving back is socialist!

  • kidadonis

    I know I’m not supposed to feed the trolls but damn, hating asses! This doesn’t even have to do with music and you guys bring out the hate. This is about giving back to the community and our future. NOTHING with his music…

  • youth revolt

    capitalism isnt doing us any good either…

  • Regy

    Republicans give the most to charities. just sayin.


    we don’t need a rapper to uplift our communities with false hope. this is just another one of those self serving promotional interviews. there’s no change in sight, and this nigga is on some political rhetoric like he actually knows what he’s talking about. we’re still mentally coming off slave ships and still picking cotton. that’s the problem with these rappers today. they haven’t experienced the hardships and the struggles of being a true black man in the ghetto. they figure they can candy coat and window dress a couple of words with a beat, and all of a sudden they self proclaim themselves being the voice of the ghetto. this is where the black man failed in society. our communities is based on if we can rap, dunk, score a touchdown, be a heavyweight champion, tap dance, dress up for Easter and avoid eating chicken and watermelon in public. this nigga is having issues dropping his first album, and he’s out here talking like he’s Obama running for his second term. I see right through this phoney dude. he don’t give a fuck about social issues and our communities. he’s taken advantage of the opportunity to try and make himself look like he knows what he’s talking about. this guy is making a mockery of what’s really going on with our communities with these interviews. A. Hole doesn’t know shit about the hood, he spends more time on twitter and facebook to really comprehend what it really means to “giving back to the community”. I rest my case.


    Giving back to the community is a good thing people.

  • HellzYa

    J.Cole my nigga, kid is the future, true inspiration

  • fj

    regy and what are you saying? that republicans are a lot more charitable and give more than democrats? man left and right is such bull shit to fuck the middle and lower class into arguing with each other. its such bull shit they are both so bad at what they do, until a third and fourth and maybe 5th political party rises up there wont be any real change in this country USA… Tea party is a start but there needs to be more! libitarian and constitutionalist parties need to step up and people need to vote these left and right fuckers out right now!!///end rant.

  • JAyP

    NYC/BROOKLYN did J. Cole fuck your girl or something? every post your filled with anger (chill mayn just chill youll live) LOL!

  • Copa

    j.cole looks so damn hilarious when he wides his eyes