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Jared Evan, Game & Pharrell in the Studio (Video)

blame it on Shake February 28, 2011

  • rt101


  • Reyvonu

    sounds dopeeeee cant wait to hear!

  • skeet

    Is Game reading his verse off his cell phone? hahahahaha

  • mcfly

    same melody as Oasis wonderwall or am i the only one who caught that

  • Lpoly223

    sounds like banger!

  • Leggo

    @skeet, who cares. it has to be written down some way.
    atleast he’s not calling it a freestyle…cough cough

  • FBeats

    @mcfly i knew i wasn’t the only one…either way the track sounds dope

  • LMAO. Yeah it “sounds like a hit song” and it sonds “magical” because it already WAS a hit song and Wonderwal IS magical and you CAN’T do better. McFly called it first.