Jhene Aiko – Hoe f. Miguel

blame it on Shake February 28, 2011

Well.. damn.

Off Jhene‘s upcoming project, .sailing soul(s)., dropping March 16th.

DOWNLOAD: Jhene Aiko – Hoe f. Miguel | Mediafire
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  • CK

    She’s so bombbbb..

  • The hook came from the ‘Where Are My Panties’ skit on The Love Below, correct? And the Gucci is slowed down and pulled off of Wale’s ‘Pretty Girls.’ This song is pretty fucking bad.

  • afoxbehindthewheel

    no mention of gucci on the track? Shake you bastard, you couldve gave niggas a heads up… definitely wasnt 22bitches mane

    this is cool though

  • CXL

    this shit is smooth AF

  • Wow…very good track. That Gucci verse was a good choice to blend with this beat. The verses, beat & hook were great. I’ll bump it.

  • djmoke

    This song is crack rock – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdec9KqXFxE – Gimmie Money! by MJ BABY

  • supafly-ry

    wanna send ashout out to jhene aiko for making that RnB i fuck wit, aint felt like this since amerie and teedra. dope!!

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    GTFOH with this bootleg Cassie shit lol. What’s up with these chicks on this I’m whispering basic wack lyrics because I can’t sing crap. Give me a chick a singer who, I don’t know, actually sings.

  • J.E.T. Lifee

    ^^ stop hating. Shorty is bomb.

  • so jus dont mention gucci in here huh?

  • Meeka


  • lilkandy

    Gucci Mane’s in this too

  • red

    Damn is right

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    @Jet Lifee, shorty’s cute. And? I thought we were commenting on the music which is, imo, subpar at best. Melanie Fiona is WAY finer than this chick. But she’s also a talented singer and songwriter. So being cute does nothing for me if you you’re a singer and you can’t sing.

  • Y.S. aka L.C.

    Not only is she a fine ass bitch but she can sing too. She kills those K Dot, Schoolboy Q tracks she’s on.

    If I could smash her or Keri Hilson, I think it’d be her.

  • DK

    Song is OK but wtf, couldn’t think of better lyrics? A hoe is a hoe smh.

  • moolaguap

    @SavannahChitlinPimp “Melanie Fiona is WAY finer than this chick.” LOL nigga you stupid, Melanie looks like fucking Seabiscuit.

  • ThatboyQ

    Im that nigga, she that bitch, so Im bout to go getttaa..

  • straightkillah

    goddamn this is amazing

  • vcvc

    if gucci hit ima puke cuz jhene in my top 5

  • firemarshalbill

    Good Music!!…I Use to be on her tough wooo, I’d Eat Her POOSY Right Now!…. Fuck Her Big Brothers Or Uncles That Read This Lol!

  • Too bad she can’t sing.

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    moolaguap, have you seen Melanie Fiona? Because if you did, you definitely wouldn’t have said that. Shorty is bad. This chick look like every other asian/black half breed.

  • Jonesy Stark

    I could do w/o the Gucci verse, it doesn’t sound good over this beat. If they had just interpolated a line form it it might’ve worked.

  • J.Dizzy Cole

    is it me or seem like Drake wrote this ???
    sounds like something he would sing

  • love jhene.

  • Dre

    This is hot!

  • Dre

    Um, just because she isn’t belting on this song doesn’t mean she isn’t able to sing. Have the ones saying she can’t sing even heard any of her other material? -_-

  • too bad she Omarion brother baby mama

  • too bad she Omarion brother baby mama. and aint his verse from the mariah carey song?

  • Mark

    http://www.mediafire.com/?zzd8y6e8gk5qoyk – Dope new artist named turbo thats lyrical as hell

  • mmkayy

    damnnn indeed

  • J_UNO!

    beautiful.gotta love them black/asian mixed girls.

  • Yea she’s DAMNNNNN bad like most Blasian chicks & she a really talented singer too! DAMNNNNN do Jhene got some nice legs too I think she could give Amerie a run for her money after seeing that pic on her tumblr!

  • Zay

    my bitch badder than this bitch

  • mmkayy

    ^ proof or gtfo..

  • D

    Cassie mark 2. *yawn*


  • Copa
  • This shyt rolls like shyt. I never heard of her until this week, and this was the first song of hers I’ve heard. It’s been on repeat since I downloaded it. Dope… on some real slick, sneaky mellow shyt.

  • Blackaristocrat

    Good song. Could this be the new Amerie? LOL