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Saigon – The Color Purple (Video)

blame it on Shake February 28, 2011

Directed by Pace Media Productions.

To help keep the word out about The Greatest Story Never Told finally being released, Sai takes it back to 2006 and shoots a video for a joint that was first heard on his Welcome to Saigon mixtape w/ DJ Drama.

  • afoXbehindthewheel

    werd, i remember this from way back when


    god damn,saigon kills this

    saigon ghnt is super good album and fuck you shake,lupe fiasco is a super good album,and u hater

  • daveg

    I been listenin to Saigon way before GSNT came out, this is when people shoulda payed attention. Saigon always been dope.

  • Jovell

    I remember when I thought The Letter P was the sickest shit I ever heard in my life, still pretty dope.

  • jala

    The flow on this is crazy – feirce yet still technical/complicated.

  • Nsight

    This is old

  • matt

    shorty in the back is sexy

  • gsnt

    still bumpin this shit!!! instant classic!

  • cz

    I hadn’t heard about Saigon until last year and I’m only now really getting in to his music, but he is quickly rising in my mind as one of my favorite artists. We need more leaders like him, and we need more artists like him.

  • peacexpiece

    kinda sad he chose to put a chick in the vid rump shakin. that was one if the reasons i stopped listenin to sai he contradicted too much wit his music