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ESSO – #yandilife (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka March 1, 2011

Despicable E drops his latest project, and had a few words to say…

Here it is and here we go. Everything else that I wanted to say is on the mixtape or written on the back cover.

Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: ESSO – #yandilife (Mixtape)

  • Pete

    waited all day for this

  • Pete

    mediafire isnt working for me, could u plz upload a hulkshare link Meka

  • TIEson

    so this fudge packer is back……

  • cromag

    ha, the hate is in earlier

  • willis

    this tape goes


  • van damn

    pause…. timothy

  • Mixtape Monkey

    ^ lmfaoooooooo @ van damn, iHad to read that a couple times to get it. iAutomatically read it as div…

  • NikonIcon

    Best Artwork of the Year. Hands Down.

  • awww shiettt lmao

    PAC DIV* i type to fast

  • fuck abitchanddie
  • nahrighfuck
  • FrankWhite

    Dope shit! Don’t sleep.

  • van damn

    timothy don’t front tho; this esso tape is dope

  • 10

    link isnt working for me…can somebody re-up?

  • Erik B.

    Another dope project from the homie Esso. Not that I expected anything less.


    oddfuture cover..biter

  • FaceTeam

    Hmmm…looks like ALL Odd Future covers. 2 points for originality. Good job ESSO!

  • D_Marc

    fucking dope! best tape of the year so far… that james dean art is RETARDED!!! Damn Esso…

  • s.dottie

    The homie did it with this one man.. ILLY SHIT

  • unleavened

    fucking Esso… as much as I would love to hate this dude, I can’t right now.. This shit is really fucking goes… wow @ that passion pit cover..

  • the ghost that walks

    which odd future cover? niggas always want to start beef


    this dude showed his on p*ssy WorldStar

  • c-town

    he goes in on tonight and shove it

  • osirus

    one of the best tapes i heard this year so far

  • katy

    this is awesome!!!!

  • SpaceHeater

    Say what u want about this kid, but this mixtape is ridiculous from beginning to end.

  • no

    Bit the Oddfuture cover, thumbs down

  • the ghost that walks

    which odd future cover? why couldn’t be a coincidence….fuck what ya heard the tape is dope

  • SpaceHeater

    That Shove It shit is HARD. No pause needed. Welcome back to my iPod ESSO

  • AG

    agreed.. SHOVE IT is ridiculous! This niggs brought it with this tape.. NY, u got one…

  • mattlocke

    that party til we die record made me wanna take an ounce of sour to the face and chase it with 7 of them illegal 4lokos… lol shouts to Esso tho

  • mattlocke

    that party til we die record made me wanna take an ounce of sour to the face and chase it with 7 of them illegal 4lokos while sizing up a bad bitch’s tittie game… lol shouts to Esso tho

  • CrashTheParty

    Still bumping this tape a week later. Well done ESSO.

  • will

    just got to listen to this today. I saw this dudes stuff a few times and never listened.. da fuck was I doin… lol.. this shit is crazy!

  • latepass

    i’m dumb late with this but i fxcks with it

  • nunoo

    Just peeped this. Imma put in my vote for this being mixtape of the year. It’s better that a lot of tapes that I’ve heard recently….Vote 4 ESSO!!!