• Seif

    Lethal is lethal. Fuck Sheen

  • Detroit89

    the beginning of the fast rap was so fast it just sounded like he was mumbling loudly. but still beastly, i just wonder if the dude can freestyle off the spot at that speed without writing it down or memorizing, like straight off the spot.

  • doubledouble

    That's fucking hilarious.

  • http://seanearly.bandcamp.com Early

    hahahahaha he used the hook from Professor Brothers!!!!! this dude is consistent.


  • http://seanearly.bandcamp.com Early

    Washington, Washington. Six foot twenty, fucking killing for fun.

  • http://www.weddingdresses-wholesale.com seanfu

    just feel uncomfortable,

  • ejirgijero

    anyone dumb enuff to think that last part wasnt sped up? gimme a fuckin break idiots

  • http://www.reupspot.com vick slate

    im almost positive when he starts rapping fast it is sped up cause he started sounding like a fucking chipmunk lol

  • Onederin

    I hope you're kidding...I hope you're kidding. I'm just going to assume you're kidding.

  • http://.a p’cola

    i've given him credit for the fast raps in the past, but this was definitely sped up.. and not even done well.

  • Chea

    Charlie sheen killing the game right now this nigga is my idol

  • GoPhillies36

    hahahha, clearly the speeding up was overdone, because he just snorted some coke. thats the joke...

  • lil saggy

    did he just bi-win omg lamooo

  • http://afasd.com p’cola

    @GoPhillies36 if that was intentional then i gues its kinda funny.. but not when every "fsst rap" he does is under scrutiny.

  • http://seanearly.bandcamp.com Early

    ^ well said

  • Bigwill

    Charlie Sheen is living the american dream

  • danny

    yeah...it's definitely sped up look at the hand motions..

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  • http://shadyblogblock.blogspot.com/ DJ-Raptor

    hit up my page mac lethal

  • Mac Lethal

    Every fast rap I do isn't under scrutiny. I win regardless.

    But no, it's not sped up. The key to rapping that fast is practicing rapping like a ventriloquist. I even fall off beat a bit in this because my brain can't process triplets that fast. I tried it a bunch of times.

    Anyways, many people have seen me do this live.

    DJ Raptor, what's your page? Get a hold of me on twitter or FB or something.

  • http://berpwillie.bandcamp.com Berp Willie

    shout outs to the RR brew. i heard mac be drinking that good shit

  • ATL

    hahaha funny as hell

  • big Kid bowser

    up until the fast rap that was funny shit. once he went in he fucked up the song.