SeDrew Price - Billy Mays

First installment of SeDrew's March Madness 5-N-1 series; in which he will drop 5 new songs this month, leading up to the release of his Destroy & Rebuild on March 21st.

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  • crackadon

    if you click on anything on this website (even to change the volume of a song) it takes you to the Coors light website.

    y'all some fucking straight slimeballs for that one.

    you guys can't advetise with um... a lil class?

  • i'm clicking everywhere and i go no where. sorry your computer skills are lacking.

  • crackadon

    well, i'm sure i'm not the only one this is happening to. you guys have your entire background covered in Coors light bullshit. please tell me that isn't a lil tasteless? and why do you guys feel the need to perpetually talk down to the people that post on here? especially that time you guys started a post with "Sorry Kids" c'mon, everyone that checks out this website helps build revenue for you guys.

    quit acting like such pretentious, high-and-mighty assholes. for every complaint anyone has, you guys have something slick to say. no wonder both of you hide your faces all the damn time.

    i would too if i got punked by some rappers bodyguards though.

  • holla if ya swalla

    yeah im not gettin any ads lol... but im so tired of this beat... dude has skills tho

  • dj

    Hey lets 2dopeboyz get some ad revenue so they can get 2dopeservers and keep giving us good music. lol

  • bucknasty

    I don't see Coors Light anywhere...anyways, the song's alright

  • Whats Ya Life Like? REAL!! Like a HighLight/ REEL!!



  • Whats Ya Life Like? REAL!! Like a HighLight/ REEL!!




Kipp Stone - "1833"

Shouts to the city that raised the Closed Sessions signee.

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