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Pharoahe Monch – Black Hand Side f. Styles P & Phonte

blame it on Meka March 3, 2011

I was personally waiting on this cut to let loose. I’m gonna already predict that Pharoahe’s W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) is going to be another dope project for 2011.

DOWNLOAD: Pharoahe Monch – Black Hand Side f. Styles P & Phonte | Mediafire

  • LMAO! I swear I was just listening to Pharoahe Monch “The Light”, refreshed 2dope & saw this…must be meant for me to hear…it’s good.

  • Six




  • lonestar playa

    dis is a great trak here! really can’t wait for Pharoahe to drop dis album. u kno wut else yall need to hear? Raekwon ft. Black Thought – Masters Of Our Fate. dat trak is fuckin epic! i don’t kno if Shake or Meka got ahold to it yet but its dope!

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    Hell Yeah!!

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    What up only 4 comments? Where y’all whitey’s at? Y’all feelin this or what??

  • dre


  • NoName

    @Ya Grandpa’s Backhand Yep, I’m feelin’ it!

  • real talk

    @Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    You’re one of the reason why many “whiteys” will never give you a chance, because instead of appreciating a song with a message you feel the need to call out whites. Not all of us think its okay the way race and class in our society works. I will never know or pretend to know what people of other races have been through and go through, but that doesn’t mean no one wants things to change for the betterment of their fellow man. Its people like you as much as it is ignorant ass white people who hold back actual progress from being made.

  • LLCoolD

    huge tune! that beat is really really big! smooth hook! gonna buy the album! p monch never disappoints…

  • marty mcfly

    WOW Beyond DOPE and cosign @ real talk

  • kamu

    classic!!!!!! I feel so proud listening to this it made my day… Def going to cop p monch…..

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    Real Talk, shut the fuck up mayne! I was playin’ ol bitchass!! My son is half white! Go outside and quit taking the internet as YOUR life’s reality..BREATH SON!!!

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    Damn muthafuckas act like the word whitey is equivalent to the word nigger lol.. where in the world did I come off like all whites are evil and shit??? Get out ya muthafuckin feelings! Diiizaaammmn

  • Really going out on a limb there with that prediction, huh Meka?

  • a

    dope trak, too bad phonte doesnt spit on it… gonna have to wait til the fall for his solo album

  • tyrone

    Meka definitely aint going out on a limb that dude Pharoah’s last album was damn there classic, but believe this is getting copped, one of the few that rhymes about racism, politics, and self love. Grown men ass music!

  • John

    listening to his album now. shit’s (2)dope

  • imhh1

    yeah the album is so dope… my favorite is clap

  • I got a chance to review an advance copy of W.A.R. — check it out if you want to — my final score = 9.2 / 10


  • j

    dope fresh music

  • real talk


    So then it’s okay if I call you “blacky” then? You’re a fucking moron, there would be an outcry if I said some shit like that, and rightfully so, but you’ll never be treated as an equal if you treat other races as if they’re another species of people. Shut the fuck up and appreciate the music

  • Justice

    C’MON Phonte RAP! I like it when you sing but i love it when you rap. The track is DOPE, but would’ve been perfect if Phonte had the third verse. Still dope as hell tho…

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    Real Talk get off my dick bitchass muthafucka.. Call me whatever the fuck you want! I don’t cry over little bitchass stuff like that.. You’re a sucka for reachin.. follow your own advice ho and enjoy the music. I won’t lose one ounce of sleep while me and my white potnas sit here and laugh at you taking yourself seriously on a blog!! HAHAHA.. sucka

  • sik

    anybody know this sample???


    Fuck the white man!
    This is for all my brutha’s that’s tired of white supremacy.
    Black people unite and lets build up our communities!
    Leh GO!

    Great song btw…

  • ^^^[email protected] comments..u all obviously missed the message in the song

  • ChRiS.

    Wow. Pharoahe Monch is too ill.

  • Pharoahe Monch and SP should work together more ofter. Remember “My Life”? That was a big tune. This one here isn’t far from it.

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    Billy Clint Eastwood!! Wutup my white brethren??

  • MD

    Heard an advanced copy of the album, it’s BEYOND DOPE!! Like pharoahe said, ‘unapologetically lyrical’ no weak tracks at all, big up MONCH!!

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    Billy Clint Eastwood!! Wutup faggot?

  • You

    Grandpa’s Backhand you have issues, get your mind right.