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THURZ (of U-N-I) – Rodney King (prod. Ro Blvd)

blame it on Shake March 3, 2011

With today marking the 20th year anniversary of the atrocity that many remember as the ‘Molotov Cocktail’ that sparked the 1992 LA Riots… THURZ gives the first person perspective of the night that lead to the infamous beating of Rodney King.

MEKA: Anybody that grew up during those time knew how crazy that was. I remember having to leave school early the day of because the riots were getting dangerously close to it. Inglewood hasn’t been the same since, and I don’t know who’s really comfortable driving down Florence and Normandie late at night sometimes.

Now that I think of it, Los Angeles used to not give a fuck back in the day. Aside from the Riots, there was the infamous OJ Simpson chase and the North Hollywood bank robbery/shootout, and the near-daily high-speed car chases that used to happen so often the show “World’s Wildest Police Chases” started because of it. Crazy how things seemed to have calmed down since.

Anyways, Thurzday’s solo debut, LA RIOT, is set to drop soon.

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  • the real MartyMackFlyy


  • Props to THURZ for this joint. Rappers are generally regarded as entertainers who shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but it says a lot for someone to speak out about the brutality faced by Mr. King 20 years ago. It’s important not to forget because this type of thing still goes down today, look at Oscar Grant for a recent example. On some Hip Hop shit, I think he came with it, dude can spit and displays that he can do so at a high level on different subjects. You can listen to Gucci or whoever else is hot anytime, but it’s refreshing to hear something different, and be dope on top of that.

  • as

    he deserved it

  • DJ Printz

    This is Dope, the song is ill af too.

  • real

    Wow. Great piece of work

  • pittsofbrad

    never heard dude in this light before. lookin forward to more


    Somebody finally dropped something dope on this site…

  • “Crazy how things seemed to have calmed down since.”
    come in my hood, shit aint calming down… sure there aren’t riots, but gang violence is all there is out here.

  • Sammy Swords

    This is a great song. I’m not going to lie, I wans’t expecting it to be that fresh. I’m starting to see that Thurz is the nice one in UNI. Heard people say that but I never really belived it until now.

  • real

    When does the album drop and how can I get updates?

  • yungturk

    Thurz’s project is going to be consistently launching with updates through his new site TheRiotStartsHere.com, I know that much for sure, but I’m sure if you stay tuned to his twitter facebook etc we’ll be able to keep track of it all, looking forward to his LA RIOT project and what his #92CREW has in store

  • J.O

    the riot thing was a tragedy but what happen to Rodney King that alot of ppl dont kno was that he was dope’d up on drugs and while i dont agree on how much violence what inflicted on him he shouldn’t have been on nothing running and resisting arrest…had ppl would have known how crazy high dude was mayb ppl wouldn’t have behaved so ignorantly….or mayb not..smh

  • yungturk

    truth is though he tested negatively for PCP, which is what all the cops involved claimed he was high on. And PCP stays in your system for 3 or so months.

  • lavenderescalade

    he tested negative for PCP. I know he was drunk. Nobody deserves a beating like that unless you’re a pedophile

  • J.O

    regardless he was driving under the influence..could have killed somebody’s children. Even if he was sober he was driving over 100 mph uncontrolled and he had priors which was the reason why he fled in the 1st place. Look im not saying the officers behaved in a orderly fashion (bc they didnt) but he sure as hell didnt help things along and it sparked ignorant ppl who didnt have all the facts to act…IGNORANT #ittakes1

  • yungturk

    absolutely, thats why i think this project is interesting, because it’s sparking some conversation around something real, look, the situation we’re in now isn’t that much different than the early 90s, high unemployment, government systems being questioned, so I agree regarding the “it takes 1 to know 1” concept, hopefully this project will help shed some light on our history to not react in the same ways, because the best way to move into the future is to understand the past

  • yugang

    ^^^@yungturk You hit the nail on the head with that comment. Besides that, some ppl (including myself) have been wanting to hear thurzday do some solo shit for a minute now and were finally gonna get that. Like w/ elzhi or phonte, thurz do seem like the most ill in the group. Cannot wait!

  • wheredeyat

    Is the whole project about the LA Riots?



  • jeff campbell

    I really appreciate this

  • Nas would love this