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Wiz Khalifa Responds to 2DBz’ “Big Ghostface” (Audio)

blame it on Shake March 3, 2011

While on the Star & Bucwild Morning Show, Wiz Khalifa takes some time out to address Ghostface Killah BIG GHOSTFACE’s recent comments on his Roll Up single. I have a feeling y’all gonna go crazy in the c-section with this one; considering BIG GHOSTFACE is just a commenter on 2DopeBoyz smh.

The REAL Ghostface had the following to say just now on Twitter.

Ayo i wanna address this bullshit going on, this website called bigghostnahmean is a fake website which i have no affiliation with or did i say anthing negative about any of them artists up on that page, got respect for all the young cats coming up doin they thing. tell the kid Wiz, its all love i respect him as a artist and got no issues wit him at all, Once again the website is fake, its not ya boy!

Epic fail on Star & Buc’s behalf. Y’all really just quoted a comment made on a website? Lame.

  • OneBeLo

    Get em ghost.

  • Actual/Factual

    men can grow breast to it lmao??

    he’s a fool for that shit lol

  • brightcrayons

    he is corny for that… even if he felt that way he coulda kept it to himself not air Wiz out publically. Seems like another case of OLD HEADS hating on the Winning youngsters

  • Blackaristocrat

    The crazy part is that that Ghostface that spoke on Wiz was the Ghostface in the “C” section. LOL Man Star set that nigga up. Wiz better reach out to the real Ghost and apologize before Ghost get at him. Remember what happened to Ma$e..

  • SpeakersBlown

    NO ONE GIVES A FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M JUST TRYING TO GET MY DICK WET!!!!!!!!!

  • holla if ya swalla

    i’m a big WU fan, but that was corny for him to say that

  • Jonesy Stark

    Yeah, all that Taylor Gang shit cool, folk. But The Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nuttin’ ta fuck wit!

  • polish.czar

    know i got a problem. calling ghostface corny u might get ostracized for this skinny bones. know your shit bittch

  • Freeze

    hahah thats jus ghost tho, that shits funny as hell.. cant b mad at either one wiz jus doin his thing n ghost doin his

  • Random


  • Where and when did Ghost say that?

  • Y3K

    *Waits for Big Ghostface to comment*

    Oh and smh at the misinformation

  • This nigga Wiz responded to BigGhostface in the C Section. The real Ghostface probably doesn’t even know who duke is.


  • HermesArtificerGod

    Nah, this def sounds like shit BIG GHOSTFACE would say lol..

  • HermesArtificerGod

    aka 2dopeboyz ghostface lol

  • sc3

    ^ @brightcrayons – On winning youngsters? Fuck outta here with that Charlie Sheen optimism and another case of older vets hating? Wrong again. Wiz is hyped up, nigga is soft like baby thighs son.

    I mean how are they (new generation) winning? Games already won kid by the likes of those vets – like a group called WU-Tang , your boy Wiz is trying to catch up. This knowledge dropped by a female. Respect your elders.

  • SwishasNKush

    IT IS CORNY..and i’m a Wiz fan, becoming less of a fan every week though…

  • Bkay’s newest champ

    There’s a lot of soft tunes coming out because the younger generation has it pretty easy. The regan era struggles are gone. Crack head families of then are the I don’t care weed head parents today. And kids don’t get best like Ghost did so they are waaaay softer and it reflects in the music of the young generation
    But remember what happened to Buddens about the Meth comment. They gonna pretzel tie inky boy

  • i dont get it, did he call Ghost corny or what happened? He wasn’t really clear with the corny


    haha ghostface ethered that shit

    grow titties listenin to that shittttt

  • Actual/Factual
  • Smokey McPot

    Where does Wiz get off calling ANYONE corny?? Hey, Wiz, you what’s corny? Peaking before your first studio album drops. Doing a track with Juicy-J. The Black and Yellow “G-Mix”. That shit is corny. Black and Yellow itself! That shit is corny. Being on a cover with Bruno Mars and B.O.B. and getting your music called Pop. THAT SHIT IS CORNY!

  • SheeeshMan

    I remember reading that in the c section. Either someone was copying what Ghostface said or a fake Ghostface said it….but do radio niggas look through blogs. Anyway though Waka’s response to Method Man > Wiz’s response to “Ghostface”

  • a

    ya wasnt that ”big ghostface” that said that shit, i.e. not the real ghostface killa? if thats tru, wiz straight played himself, and ghost is one of the last ppl u’d want to go at..

  • If he is reacting to a comment from a c-section, That in itself is a muthafuckin’ fail!! As for the old vs young shit, its you youngins hypin that shit. Em & Jay run this shit, dont get it confused. Respect your elders.

  • Zack


    dont ever put kid cudi & wiz name in the same sentence together wiz will never be on his level musically & i fuck with wiz but cudi is on another planet when it comes to alot of these niggas.

  • Smokey McPot

    We respect our elders, that’s why we hold the door for them on there way out. If they won’t leave and still want to put out garbage music like “Love the Way You Lie,” you deserve all criticism you get. Our “elders” are Jay, Big L, and such. Fuck Eminem.

  • HermesArtificerGod

    … This is actually fuckin hilarious, BIG GHOSTFACE is officially a legend for this shit right here hahahaha… mistaking a joker on a blog for the real Ghost face killah… *dead* And wiz actually responding.. lolz

  • Jonnie

    Wiz is a idiot..it was Big Ghostface from 2dopeboyz.com C-Section..I bet Shake and Meka arent even aware of this..here’s the comment:
    Ayo whattup this Deini the Wally Champ namsayin aka Stapleton’s Finest. Ayo I aint really got no problems wit the nigga Wizz Kalifrah nahmeans. Matter fact I aint really know who the nigga was til bout 5 minutes ago n shit namsayin. But yo jus so i aint step on this nigga toes or nothin like that…cos the god sincerely wish the little nigga the utmost success n alla that but yo Imma hafta keep it really 100 wit yalls. This Roll Up shit kinda soft namsayin. By that a nigga mean you could probably rock a cryin baby to sleep wit this shit nahmeans. This some shit for the nurseries n shit namsayin. Ayo a nigga listen to this shit at the wrong time n he liable to start hangin one them posters wit the little babies dressed like animals n vegetables n shit on they walls. A nigga might go cop one them calendars wit the kittens dressed up like they firemen n hang that shit in the hallway namsayin. Ayo this shit be like the shit yall hear in Calgon commercials n shit. Shit sounds like it was produced by muthafuckin Yanni or some shit. Nigga soundin like he gon get muthafuckin Enya n Barbra Streisand to jump on the remix n shit. This like some shit they play in the room when bitches be givin birth n shit. What niggas supposed to do with this shit light candles n soak in a tub by they fuckin selves n shit? Nahmeans. Bitches gon think they can slap a nigga around if they hear a nigga knockin this shit voluntarily n shit. Word bond. A nigga gon grow titties listenin to this kinds a shit. Ayo muthafuckin Lubriderm called n wanna know if they can bottle ya soft ass song nigga. Muthafuckin Hostess wanna know if they can use ya soft ass song to fill Twinkies n shit. Fuck outta here wit this shit nigga. Ayo word bond Staten island niggas dont play this shit son nahmeans. Word. Ayo we punch the sidewalk when we happy nigga. Thats a good day nigga! Ayo we eat broken glass when we in a good mood nigga! Thats real talk. Niggas be shootin at each other when we be sayin hi to each other to keep niggas sharp. We test each others reflexes n keep niggas on they toes n shit nahmeans! Thats love nigga. Thats real family values muthafucka! Yall soft serve niggas dont know nothin bout that. This some shit for niggas to braid they other niggas hair to. Word.Aight peace.
    BIG GHOSTFACE said this on January 28th, 2011 at 3:34 am

  • wtf

    the fake ghost was copying what the real ghostface said go check the fake ghostface twitter he’s coming @ wiz… lol

  • enkae

    these niggas are all entitled to an opinion, people want wiz to have beef or at least confirm it, first with “green n yellow” but he didnt react the way they wanted him to… fuggit ghostface would rape wiz’s face off if they ever battled lol

  • EC

    lol typical 2dope..no research done. It wasn’t even the real ghostface who said this..DO RESEARCH before promoting beef.

  • We share the same taste in music and you weren’t called out in particular, so relax yourslf. youre getting ready to e-thug and I’m too old for that shit!

  • marty mcfly

    I dont know if the real ghostface said that or not but if he did that would be kinda corny. Sidenote the Cherchez La Ghost video from back in the day is DOPE.

  • Truth

    shake take this post down you fuckin idiot..

  • Truth

    shake take this post down you fucking idiot!!!

  • s

    @EC, are you blind or stupid?

  • Cam

    been said the lil internet ghostface nigga was a lame lil corny ass nigga fuck outta here b…

  • Fantum

    I hope Ghostface does to Wiz what he did to 50 Cent after How To Rob. Throw his dumb ass down a flight of stairs.

  • FUCKmellonZ

    lmao….even if its just the fake ghostface, im mad niggas is siding with wiz like that song isnt soft as fuck lmao

    BigGhostFace just called it like it was


    what a waste of a fucking post

    another fail from 2lameboyz

  • 9thWonderbread


  • YoungCosby

    Who cares about Wiz anyway, that nigga is hot fucking garbage and Ghost is right. Fuckoutta here with that baby booty soft shit

  • Ka5h

    Shake you bitch put a Lupe post up. This blog is bigger than your weak emotions. Stop being a puss.

  • jiz

    Amazed @ all the fuckin morons that didn’t read the synopsis and really think Ghostface said that! Y’all some lazy illiterate fucks!

  • damn

    man that ghostface nigga a lame he needs a hug the real ghostface said he dont have no affliation with this nigga meaning he dont know of this nigga.. just some lonely kid who cant get laid just sits on the internet & plays like he’s another man all day..

  • Y3K

    ^ ^ ^

    Shake only just changed it…

  • Michael Jackson

    Hey it’s me, i’ve returned from the dead to say, the internet killed my soul.

  • U Cnt See Me!!!!

    Where is Big Ghostface??? To Bless us lil internet niggas with a story lol

  • LMFAO, BIG GHOSTFACE, you finally did it! All you wanted was to see how dumb people could be. Wiz, I dig ya music…but, YOU’RE the one that played himself. Did you honestly not take the time to think that, I don’t know, maybe it’s not really Ghostface? Just a thought.

  • “Guys can grow breasts listening to it” LOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!

    Oh shit!

    *wipes tears*

    That’s the funniest shit I’ve heard in a long time!

  • ter

    hahaha no fucking way

  • D

    Hey Shake can you find out who this BIG GHOSTFACE cat really is. He needs his on website FOR REAL!

  • J Rock

    the fake ghostface mother shouldve swallowed him i saw his blog & all the nigga do is hate on all the upincoming artist such as drake,wale,wiz khalifa etc get ya mind off them niggas b they all where you wish to be someday thats why you hating get up off yo ass & get off the computer nigga… get up get out & get sum shit nigga..

  • dolomite

    BIG Ghostface went from epic to legend with this attention from Wiz/Ghost.

  • tapioca23

    lol shit is crazy. wiz was just doin him tho.


  • And Won

    Star can’t help but be a dumb bitch. He needs to take his old coke addicted punk ass back to Hazelton, PA

  • from da go-go


  • I don’t think people realize BIG GHOSTFACE isn’t the real ghostface…

  • JAG

    this is hilarious BIG GHOSTFACE is causing beef between wiz khalifa and ghostface killah. this made my day hahahahaha


    … This is actually fuckin hilarious, BIG GHOSTFACE is officially a legend for this shit right here hahahaha… mistaking a joker on a blog for the real Ghost face killah… *dead* And wiz actually responding.. lolz

    HermesArtificerGod said this on March 3rd, 2011 at 1:49 pm
    Co-Sign…dude is LEGEN…wait for it…DARY

  • youngstulla

    Big Ghostface a beast lol that nigga ethered Wiz

  • Maga D

    Haha, I remember that post, had me lol’n

  • Maga D

    But the song is corny though. Just sayin.

  • Maga D

    Why’d everybody thumb this down? lmao, Big Ghostface gettin you mad? hahaha. *waits for Big Ghostface’s reply* Yo, but when they gonna quote me though?

  • 1dopeboy

    can star and buckwild quote this comment too?

  • oh my god.. congrats to BIG GHOSTFACE, i laugh hysterically at all of your comments and you finally got stupid peoples attention, this is too fucking funny

  • Wally Champ

    WOW, star and buck are fucking retarded….MASSIVE RESPECT to the real Ghost for not putting Wiz on blast for runnin his mouth too soon…hope real Ghost finds Big Ghost and smacks fire out his fuckin azz

  • oh my god.

    i remember when i read that post. i was quoting it that whole week.

    oh my god.


  • bswitch

    Wiz should just be happy ghostdeini (both the real one and the fake one) took the time to acknowledge his whack ass. and the song was lame

  • Seif

    LMFAOOOOO this is ridiculous. Fuck Wiz though.

  • marty mcfly

    I like lyrical rap like everybody else here but what if you aint a lyrical rapper like Wiz ? Should he just stop making music cause he dont spit like Slaughterhouse ? There are hip hop classics out from rappers who aint tryin to be super lyrical. Drake , Lil Brother , Murs , Torae , M.O.P , Masta ace etc… Are not trying to be lyrical they just spit what they feel and their considered MCs and though Wiz aint at their level yet his music aint meant to be like Wu tang and Jay Electronica. If you dont like his music cool , shit I dont like alot of his music , I like about 3 of his songs but ill take his shit over lil B and Waka flocka any day. Not everybody wants to be Canibus some people want to chill like Snoop with they shit. The doggpound for example , Kurupt = Lyrical , Daz = melodic flow but they both are dope.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeBluesClues

    Star & Bucwild’s whole life is a FAIL

  • Shy

    hhhahahhaahhahahaa this shit is great.
    BIG GHOSTFACE the commenter >>>

  • facemask

    Funniest shit I’ve seen all week.

  • D. $cience

    ROFL!!!! I remember the other comments Big Ghostface made on other posts…duke was droppin’ mad jewels. Hahahaha!!!!

    What’s even funnier is that some of the commenters on this post STILL think that Big Ghostface was the real Ghostface, after it was mentioned that Big Ghostface is fake. LOL!!! So, Wiz Khalifa #FAILS and Star & Buckwild #FAILS for actually taking Big Ghostface serious. I’m sooooo weak! Hahahaha!!! Now, yall made a 2DopeBoyz commenter famous.

  • Seif

    @marty mcfly: not about lyrical all the time, but this Wiz fool is all about fucking weed. Typical mainstream rapper.

  • Star & Buc are assholes for believing Ghostface would say something like that. Ghost is a real dude, but he doesn’t talk reckless unless provoked. Wiz is even dumber for even believing Ghost would say that. There is some RETARDED BULLSH*T happening on the Internet lately.

  • I learned 3 things from this exchange:

    1. Wiz must be an AVID reader of this blog;
    2. A “$10,000/week” weed habit is showing its mental strain on Wiz for not even considering that perhaps the person behind Big Ghostface isn’t the real Tony Starks and;
    3. Wu Tang Clan ain’t nothin’ 2 F**k with.

  • I also learned another thing:

    “you can grow breasts listening to “Roll Up”.

  • Dale Says FUCK 2DOPEBOYZ


    1. Wiz must be an AVID reader of this blog;

    no dumbass wiz visits this blog like thousands of other motherfuckas he reads the comments just like u & i he follows 2dopeboyz on twitter just like alot of other celebs so whenever he see his name posted all he has to do is click the link…His mom also follows 2dope on twitter..So if wiz pulls a tyler the creator & starts saying FUCK 2DOPEBOYZ shake cant even be mad because this is a dumbass post & should have been taken down…

  • Are yall really that stupid? I heard from the grapevine that…. Wiz’s album is coming out… this month. Put 2 and 2 together, and you should obviously figure out this is all just promo for his album. Im not backing Wiz, because really he’s being just a dumbass lol. but yall should know the reasoning behind this. What Is REAL Beef? BIG & 2PAC.

  • Ryan

    Star & Buckwild have the worst ‘fact checkers’ ever, and the girl quoting it sounds like she can’t even read. How is this even a radio show still?

  • TheGreat

    Niggas STILLL actin like its the real Ghost tho.

  • UNCtimus Prime

    This aint nothin but another example of how flaw ass niggas can get on the internet and start fuckin shit up for real niggas. If that clown really felt that way about Wiz’s cd, he shoulda been man enough to use his own name instead of impersonatin the god. On top of that shit, you got Star & Buck (who aint nothin but a couple of dickriders) runnin and tellin Wiz some shit they can’t even prove, tryin to boost their ratings. Fake niggas shouldn’t have a voice in the game. Anybody can get on the internet and play tough, but niggas take shit way too far when they use somebody elses name. That so called “Big Ghostface” aint nothin but a big bitch for that.

  • InsertNameHere

    LMFAO THIS WENT SOOO FAR.. I remember his first comment

  • InsertNameHere

    Wait.. They thought that was actually GFK.. Wow wtf fucking dumbass faggots

  • stompintomgrosvenor

    big ghostface is wicked hahaha

  • red

    I like how some of you say that Wiz is a dumbass for not stopping to think that it wasn’t the real GFK.
    Why would they lie about that?
    They were misinformed, its not his fault.

    This shit is…fuckin ridiculous

  • ter

    What we should all learn from this is that it is now proven that you can become famous from commenting on 2dopeboyz.

  • Some rap fan from da 831

    Haha that BIG GHOSTACE fool is too scared to defend himself on here… that’s right I’m calling that nigga out.

  • LMAO @ Wiz’s little cheerleaders getting tight like a baby fist. Even funnier is that nigga even responding to a fake blog persona. That nigga caught feelings, yo, just like his fans now. Go take a Midol, and simmer your asses down.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Haahahahahahaaaa The Wally Champ is officially a 2Dopeboyz legend! The people talkin’ down on the god’s name must not realize BIG GHOSTFACE’s comments are satirical and are meant to be funny. Nobody here actually believed that it was the real Iron Man. Star & Buckwild are just dumb as shit. We punch horses nigga!

  • blizak

    Anyone with common sense could tell that website wasnt really Ghost. Star & Buckwild are lames now just trying to cause drama & hiphop. Ghost doesnt even get at rapper like that. SMH.

  • FTR, I post a mixshow called “Roll Up Radio” and I have not and will not play that song. Not cuz I dont like it, cuz I do. But that shit is more estrogen rap that you would hear on regular radio. IMO.
    Not hating on anything, Ghost is my nigga, and Wiz is aight.

  • Maga D

    lmfao, Big Ghostface got some of yall mad. lmao. Wiz been corny.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Oh and I wish Ne-yo, Drake, and Kanye would’ve caught wind of the stories the god told about those cats. Them shits had me weak for days! Whole trees nigga.


    what assholes!!! who does that? Fuck star and buc for even getting that shit started

  • sensistar

    The king of lames calling Ghost corny. I done heard it all.

  • sensistar

    Are yall really that stupid? I heard from the grapevine that…. Wiz’s album is coming out… this month. Put 2 and 2 together, and you should obviously figure out this is all just promo for his album.

    –If that’s a publicity stunt he just killed his career.

  • fsdfsd

    Who would love to see Wiz Khalifa vs Ghostface Killah? we all know what wiz would say in his song! ghostface will run laps over wiz and taylor gang!

    Wu-Tang Clan>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Taylor Gang

  • People actually read the fag comments on 2dbyz and why would a gay radio station take a comment off the net when it could be anyone.

  • solger


  • dontfuckwitface

    who the fuck does wiz think he is.

  • BigGhostfaceParadeOrganizer

    Big Ghostface deserves a trophy or some shit. Dude will go down in history. Imma organize a gala in honor of that nigga.

  • CallMeUnknown

    I love how top to bottom of this C-section very few people even bothered to read past the headline of the fucking post. I mean thats some real ignorant shit. I have read way to many comments from people who still think the real ghostface said those things. Whats worse though is people saying 2dopeboyz trying to perpetuate false beef??!!!! BITCH THEY SAID THIS SHIT WAS FALSE RIGHT UNDER THE FUKING POST. COMMENT WAS ORIGNALLY SAID ON THE ROLL UP POST THEY MADE, BY A NO NAME LOSER WITH THE SCREEN NAME BIGGHOSTFACE. Thats double the ignorance on some of you uneducated illiterate fucks. Not that anyone will read this anyway. *Dead* at these ignorant fools.

  • CallMeUnknown

    How can someone really be on the radio and take a comment made on blog, by an unverified account. Then go and ask the artist about some dumb shit live on air. Someone’s getting fired.

  • The Kameleon

    Wiz Khalifa SUCKS MAJOR ANUS
    Wiz Khalifa SUCKS MAJOR ANUS
    Wiz Khalifa SUCKS MAJOR ANUS
    Wiz Khalifa SUCKS MAJOR ANUS
    Wiz Khalifa SUCKS MAJOR ANUS
    Wiz Khalifa SUCKS MAJOR ANUS
    Wiz Khalifa SUCKS MAJOR ANUS

  • The Kameleon

    Wiz Khalifa SUCKS MAJOR ANUS
    Wiz Khalifa SUCKS MAJOR ANUS
    Wiz Khalifa SUCKS MAJOR ANUS
    Wiz Khalifa SUCKS MAJOR ANUS
    Wiz Khalifa SUCKS MAJOR ANUS
    Wiz Khalifa SUCKS MAJOR ANUS!!
    Wiz Khalifa SUCKS MAJOR ANUS

  • The Kameleon

    Oh yeah, by the way.


    Someone post some Elzhi or something that’s worth listening to, like the real Ghostface.

  • JAG

    Ghostface Killah’s twitter: “Ayo i wanna address this bullshit going on, this website called bigghostnahmean is a fake website which i have no affiliation”

    “with or did i say anthing negative about any of them artists up on that page, got respect for all the young cats coming up doin they thing”

    “tell the kid Wiz, its all love i respect him as a artist and got no issues wit him at all, Once again the website is fake, its not ya boy!”

    hahahahaha BIG GHOSTFACE is getting so much promo.

  • JAG

    Damn Shake stole my post

  • asdfa

    i don’t think they got the quote from 2dopeboyz… it was probably on the blog with all of the big ghostface posts. And since people on the radio are just that retarded, they didn’t wonder for a second if it was the real ghostface

  • DrewDogg

    Regardless, that post Big Ghostface did on Roll Up was hilarious as fuck.


    WOW, good stuff ferreal

  • PS… what BIG GHOSTFACE said was funny as fuck tho… def one of his better posts… no wonder it got attention… fuckin stupid radio people… even some people on this site arent gettin it, LOL

  • Hahaha, Big Ghostface scared they’re gonna CSI his ass and link the IP address. He should be given a hero’s welcome when he emerges from his cave.

  • Ghostdeiniallmuhfugginday

    Yo i aint gon front. the nigga wiz khalifa got some aight shit but he should never ever come at the veteran Ghost. Whether that post was real or not, wiz aint got room to talk shit to a legend who been in the game for over a decade. shit wiz aight, but the nigga peaked before his first debut album. he gettin too comfortable puttin out abc 123 rhymes already. dont ever let fame get to ur head wiz, always keep it 100. if anythng, even if the post was real, you should feel honored that ghostface takin the time to talk about you and consider it a lesson on how to better ur music career. word bond

  • Dante

    shit is too funny. Big Ghostface’s comment was straight out of trailer park boys namsaying. If you dont namsaying google j roc trailer park boys haha

  • Hustle101

    Wiz Khalifa is a fucking retard

  • BillyClint


  • lol typical 2dope..no research done. It wasn’t even the real ghostface who said this..DO RESEARCH before promoting beef.
    EC said this on March 3rd, 2011 at 1:52 pm
    Jonnie said this on March 3rd, 2011 at 1:50 pm


  • freeze

    still waitin for big ghostface’s comment

  • Troll

    Epic fail on Star & Buc’s behalf. Y’all really just quoted a comment made on a website? Lame

    Exactly. But it was cool of Ghostface to not even trip on it and address like like an adult.



  • fatsaxx

    WOW…reading is FUNDAMENTAL….but whats more important is comprehension…..a lot of yall need to think about that before commenting…..lol.

  • ja

    Damn where’s Big Ghosface namsayin’!

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