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Marz Lovejoy – Love Bullet Gun (Video)

blame it on Meka March 4, 2011

I’m wondering if there’s every going to be a female on one of those Freshmen lists one day. Is so, I’d like to nominate Marz as one. This Little Light Of Mine is available now via FrankRadio/iHipHop Distribution.

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  • Maga D

    I’ll be honest, never heard of her before, but this joint is smooth. Definitely gonna look for her in the future. As for XXL, BAbaj turned it down this past year. I Think Nitty Scott could maybe get on the cover if she gets off her “Jay Electronica” mode. I don’t know anymore new female rappers though.

  • RSX

    I’ll be honest as well. The beat is smooth as scotch, but her voice is SO ANNOYING and DOES NOT FIT THE BEAT…imo

  • names are for people

    I don’t like this song, but the rest of her songs on her lil ep are dope. Props to her, hope she goes far.

  • FreshDough85

    Marz is dope!!! You cant be made at a female MC that doesn’t have to use sex in every line and make music about the same run the BS. She is on track to be a great MC. Her and the Poly are making great music with that cali flavor of coarse. Cant wait to she them live
    And she is fine as F*ck….

  • J_UNO!

    shes cute as hell……but the track is average at most…

    ill wait for the remix with Kendrick Lamar or some other heavy hitter to bless this track before i download.

  • Tiiz

    I only like her cause she’s hot and lesbo. I’m mad they got a dreadlocked Tracy Mcgrady as the love interest tho, lmao!

  • i support any great upcoming female artist saying something positive. Especially

  • capt’n backslap

    track is average, and she walks like a dude, but do ya thing!

  • dave

    is she a lesbo forreal?

  • Szzzii

    She’s dope! Her CD is tiiiight. And she started only a year ago. You tube her…she’s got lyrics. Plus, she fiiiine!

  • Cartoon

    She is cool reminds me of Amada Diva. I’m still bumping that Inspired by Raven Sorvino. She is winning..

  • realhonest

    First and foremost, everyone on here needs to either use spellcheck or, quite simply, learn how to spell.

    Now, I know Marz and she’s a cool girl and all but it pains me to say, NO ONE (friends and family specifically) gives he constructive criticism and she has developed this “Im an MC” and “I’m an artist” ego and its real typical amongst a LOT of the younger girls in the LA area these days.
    So heres the truth: She didn’t grow up in any hood and her mom is very well-to-do so i can’t imagine her having any real hardships growing up aside from normal high school problems like most of us. With that said, i feel like she developed this cliche love for hip-hop and aspirations to become an MC in the past year because it is a pretty cool thing to do (would you not agree?) plus, what else can a seemingly average person do who isn’t great at anything and isn’t terrible at anything do? (a:hip hop and art)
    But the thing is, you don’t just pick up hip-hop and you don’t just pick up art. I feel like her music, persona, and creativity is forced. She’s TRYING to be a creative person instead of just being one naturally and that is why this song, this video, and damn near everything she does is pretty lame if you REALLY think about it. This is also why most of her fan base consists of her friends, family and peers in the same age group who, much like her, follow that hipster, music elitist, pseudo-artist trend thats plagued that generation.

    My advice to Marz (because i know she reads these blogs) don’t take all positive comments as a good thing; consider the sources. FOR SURE don’t get hyped with your stuff making it onto blogs like twodopeboyz because lets face it, the minute they overlooked oddfuture is the minute the lost credibility.
    WORK on your rhymes because they are very basic. It’s cool that you don’t want to sell sex and you want to keep your music positive and all that but trust me, you have limited yourself with that decision so you need to up your skills to compensate for the lack of relevant content.
    Don’t ride polyesters coat tails because he isn’t too good of an artist himself.
    Stay humble because on the real, your shit isn’t big yet so there is no reason for you to act like a star when you aren’t one yet.
    Oh and stop using the word MC because if you knew what MCing was all about you would know you aren’t one.
    Don’t let the producer of this video do any more work with you because he was horrible. That isn’t your fault though…. but seriously, he’s a novice and you shouldn’t work with people who are mediocre especially when you aren’t fully up to par yet. There has to be a balance. (basic rhymes/great visuals or vice versa)
    DONT TRUST YOUR FRIENDS because they are lying to you.
    And NEVER FORGET, you are you and you don’t need to try to be someone else.

    This was just an honest post, from an honest person. No HATE intended… just LOVE… real love. The kind that doesn’t bullshit you like the love you have grown accustomed to. keep working on it.

  • lo lex

    this song is WACCCCCCCCCCKKKK! and her body looks like a 12 yr old boy. her flow is Horrible!!… Shes excatly what u call an ABC RAPPER.

    i.e EVE , Ms. Hill , Remy , Kim , Nikki , all had great lyrical content , delivery, and flows were Great!.. She gonna have to step it up Forreal. and do some vocal lessons if she wanna sing on a track.

    sorry But FRIEND FANS DONT COUNT!!!!

  • lo lex

    @Realhonest < THANK U !!!! i agree with ur post and that goes for most of these upcoming artist in L.A and I said *UPCOMING* yall NO ON YET!!!!!, and lmao at Meka saying she needs to be on a Freshman list … BROTHA are u serious !!!! u must be a friend fan ..lol #CLOCKOUT !!!

  • @realhonest Coudnt agree with your post more everything you said is real shit and she needs to take it into serious consdierstion. She surrouned by far too many “yes” men gassing her head up about her music all the time honestly its really not shit. I respect her for putting her self out there like that though but I too have noticed shes developed an “im an artist” personality I believe it’s at least parky because she got her little record deal without really putting in any work. She has a lot of growing as a person and as an artist before she has earned the right to act like that.

  • JesusShuttlesworth

    you grew up with Marz and typed that long response btu didnt even answer the question we all asked.. IS SHE A FUCCKING LESBIAN OR NOT!!

  • realhonest

    No, she is not lesbian. She is straight to the best of my knowledge. And honestly, if she was lesbian, don’t you think her love interest in the video would’ve been a girl? You can squash that rumor right now. focus on her music.

  • my opinion

    realhonest- i think you have some good points, but they are muddled in a lot of negativity. first off, let’s not forget that “artistry” is dependent upon the opinion of the collective, not the individual. your opinion is your opinion.

    i think marz often falls victim to hypocracy. (ex: she tweets that she’s “humble” = a contradiction).
    i think she falls victim to society in many ways. (no need to ellaborate – anyone with the internet can google and read her self-infatuated tweets or watch her youtube videos, many which scream identity crisis at the worst; young girl trying to find herself, at the best).

    my point is that she is a product of the society that we all live in.
    you can knock her for it.
    you can jock her for it.
    but if you’re going to give “constructive” criticism and give “real” advice, then give her that. don’t try to be constructive toward her and then knock her while you’re putting her down.

  • HAAHA!


  • wow

    If anyone wants to give constructive criticism, they shouldn’t start off with, “First and foremost, everyone on here needs to either use spellcheck or, quite simply, learn how to spell,” when they are clearly grammatically challenged! My advice to you “realhonest” is learn to use commas, caps when applicable and apostrophes (a semi-colon here and there would serve you well, too).

    Honestly, haters should not vent on public sites. If “realhonest” had “real love” for Marz perhaps, sending her a private email would have shown that a bit clearer; her address is plastered on everything.

    How can anyone this day in age, knock anyone who’s on their grind? It seems so futile and unproductive. I hope that if ever you get on yours (grind), you’ll remember that.

    Hypocrisy at its finest! What a society…

  • ustupid

    realhonest is full of shi%…he or she cant know Marz. If they did they would know how dope of a person she is. How you gonna tell her not to trust her friends, just because they support her? Your stupid for the whole lame, hatin’ letter.

  • deeeeee

    lol @realhonest errrr… yea so i didnt think it was hatred that exuded through her comment i think it was an opinion… the visuals were ok for this song.. and the single is mediocre at best compared to the mixtape as a whole.. but yall judging her first single and video like she has been doing this for years… we all know artists get better with time.. and the video wasnt that bad i think at worst it was just the opening walk.. if constructive criticism is what she so call needs though you were not the one to give it lol your message just seemed to have animosity behind it… not hate but def animosity anyway i think this was the official first step that we all well anyone trying to move forward will have to take to get anywhere… marz girl keep taking them steps forward.. :-)