OnCue - It Usually Goes

OnCue and CJ Luzi connect for a new track that will not be featured on Cuey's upcoming Can't Wait project, due out this May.

DOWNLOAD: OnCue - It Usually Goes (prod. CJ Luzi | Mediafire

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  • Funkadeli

    never heard him rap like this.

  • Lets See

    Erin from The Office! Haha never listened to OnCue before but I'll check this out

  • koniva

    Damn man...dude is spitting

  • DK

    erin is kinda cute.

  • grs

    3:26 of saying nothing

  • That Dude Devin

    copying the formula for what? being corny and average? jk jk...well maybe...maybe not

  • Tiger

    *YOU'RE. What is it with Hip Hop and spelling/grammar errors? It's 2011, step your English games up WORDsmiths!!

  • That Dude Devin

    @Tiger hahahaha

  • http://www.ismokeweedeveryday.com DevinTheDude

    @Tiger co-fucking-sign my nigga

  • thatflame

    Haters gon hate

  • Son of S.A.M.

    Having an opinion that isn't the popular one isn't hating. Anyway, the song is dope. I've never heard the dude until today but this was a great introduction.


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