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AEON (of The Lessondary) – BETA MAX (Instrumental Tape)

blame it on Meka March 6, 2011

The Lessondary producer dropped his latest offering yesterday, but I’ve been too busy taking care of my newborn niece and didn’t see it until a few minutes ago. Children > music, all day, eh day. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. In The Beginning
2. Baby
3. Body Snatchers
4. U&I
5. Heavyweights
6. Hilltop
7. Da’ Waylay
8. Cirrocumulus
9. Nothin’
10. Ruby Red
11. Skyscrapers/Flippin’
12. One For Rob
13. Begin Again

DOWNLOAD: AEON (of The Lessondary) – BETA MAX (Instrumental Tape) [via BandCamp]


    Congrats on the new addition to the family Meka

  • Gordon B.

    Pretty smooth.

  • J Dila

    wow this is awsome,
    good shit

  • there is no way im paying three dollars for a beat tape GTFO

  • hardy

    idk if three dollars for a hoe are an smarter investment dude

  • rt101

    cover art is supra fresh. hah no way im spending 3$ on a beat tape tho smh.

  • rt101

    cover art is supra fresh. beats r chill. hah no way im spending 3$ on a beat tape tho smh.

  • Gordon B.

    These people acting like $3 is a lot of money. You can barely get a fucking burger for that.

  • hey guys, even if 3 bucks is too much, thanks for listening. im worked hard on this project, and its a bit more than just some beats!


  • 3 Dollars is too much for an instrumental tape? Log off your parents computer and stick your nose in your school books you children.

  • Congrats on your niece, dude.

  • Oh, and I’m gonna buy this. Aeon is dope.

  • BACKPACKwrappers

    3$ is an awesome value for some good music. Cheap bastards. Support independent artists! Keep up the great work Aeon!

  • Nana


  • A “George Clooney/Rezo/fulltimeboss” Stan fka Answer Me!

    This project is good. Coming clean, most electronic-based music gets monotonous very quickly. This doesn’t !!

    Absolutely jam-packed with good vibes, its an essential for laid-back chillaxing times. To point some things I dont like or actually missed are combination of laid back mood with really head nodding drum arrangements. A few more tracks such as “Heavyweights” would’ve really upped the value for me. Still, pretty good and unlike previous hip-hop instrumentals projects posted on 2DBZ it never goes overboard with looped soul-vocals.

    Must-listen: Da’Waylay & Heavyweights

  • A “George Clooney/Rezo/fulltimeboss” Stan fka Answer Me!

    Rating: 3.25/5

    Suggestions: He should definitely send “One For Rob” to The ILLZ. And “Heavyweights” to Freddie Gibbs !!!

  • Tecboy

    Very good! Worth listening to. Worth $3.