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Nero & Rich Hil – Got A Plan

blame it on Shake March 6, 2011

Something new from Nero and Rich; possibly off their upcoming collab project, Howling At Hades, which they finished up last night. Shouts to illRoots.

DOWNLOAD: Nero & Rich Hil – Got A Plan (prod. Trey Michaels) | Mediafire

  • steven

    i dig these two and am stoked for their collab album, but why the fuck did nero do that to his voice in this song? that was lame man. and hes normally super dope

  • Shake have you notice how a butthurt dude had more than a 3 minute fame, & how you lames gave them more exposure with the “Sorry Kids” post, you guys are just a disgrace to music, to hip hop, to everything, can you get a live performance on jimmy fallon? can you have kanye west say you have video of the year? can you make it on MTV? you ppl at 2dopeboyz fail at life, also you guys post shitty music(dipset, wayne, birdman, gucci mane, waka flocka, Lil B, ect.), but you think you know music? gtfo! hip hop blogs bigger than you (also have better taste than you guys) post our niggas OF, shit rap radar even posts their shit & they’re rick ross fans! its easy to say that OFWGKTA/Tyler The Creator had more than a ‘3 minute’ shine of fame, & what are you doing? posting blogs -__- so yeah you got shitted on by lupe fiasco & Odd Future! also with their movement, they got ppl saying fuck 2dopeboyz, i would know, i showed ppl OFWGKTA in my city, & all they say is fuck 2dopeboyz & Steve Harvey.
    SO all i have to say is
    Fuck 2dopeboyz
    Fuck Steve Harvey
    Free Earl
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    get fucked by the tip of the mountain!

  • yaaaaaawww

    this is fucking garbage..the piano sample on the beat was off..this whole track was off.


  • Pcity

    I fuck with rich and Nero but the piano is offbeat

  • Pcity

    Oh and free Earl and kill Steve Harvey I guess

    ……everybody else was sayin it


    Lol at everyone but @steven being a complete loser. Yall OFWGKTA dudes have NO tiger blood or adonis DNA and yall aint #winning so yeah…

  • DW

    Can i like OFWGKTA & Lupe Fiasco AND 2DBZ? Or is it like a choose a side type shit? Either way i like em all.

  • Mr.Bushido

    Shit is Garbage….and i like Nero…What ere you thinking shake?

  • JamesG

    nero’s dope but i fucking hate rich hill

  • B

    Ha I completely agree @jamesG

  • honestly?

    co(fucking)sign. Nero should’ve stayed on his solo thing

  • Chris R.

    Love Rich Hill

  • Trassssh


  • NutsAreBiggerThanYours

    you guys are fucking retarded. i’m pretty sure they meant to throw the piano off beat. it’s rich hil, what do you expect? i agree that this song isn’t that great though

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  • Radio

    Just delete this post….

  • se_EPOD

    Rich Hils days are over…