Rosa Acosta Stretching (Video)

blame it on JES7 March 6, 2011

Don't ask questions, just watch. Spotted at YK2.

  • CaliCole

    Let me pull up the bumper and smack that money!

  • dashboard


  • Jonnie

    Man yall don't even need to post any music for the rest of the day after this

  • I'm tired of seeing this chick stretch, we get it...She needs to get on camera and start swallowing D's.

  • Quickstrike

    All I can say is don't you wish you're girl had these talents, lol

  • Zay


  • jizzedin my pants

  • marty mcfly

    What is the point of stretching for 10 mins if you and gonna go run or play sports after ? This bitch face is ugly im sorry. Fine models , Jessica Rabbit , Lashontae Heckard , Ajia Nicole , Cassie Melinda and Sophia Marie. They all way badder then this chick.

  • Colin M.

    She can get it.

  • So fucking overrated, man i can walk down the street for like 10min before i find a girl that looks 10times better. She is not ugly but she doesn't deserve the attention she's getting, bitch

  • VL

    I could see her becoming a famous pornstar. Real Talk

  • kleenex

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  • dashboard

    jones and mcfly butt fuck each other and share the same pillow

  • Maga D

    I mean, her face is average at best, but @ jones, she gets the attention because--- how many girls you know that stretch like that? & on video? I mean fuck. But you right, I definitely can find better looking women.

  • Riley Freeman, A Real Nigga

    Yo i enjoy all of this but C'mon I'm tired of teasing ass videos. When she get's into porn or at least solo get at me. Don't even want my dick to get hard knowing she ain't going to drop them panties or bra. SMH fuuuuuuuuuck!

  • jay

    is it just me or does she light look like that porn star isis love?

  • jay

    or is it isis taylor?

  • califreshness

    yeah she should just do porn, she'd make a killing! although that pu$$y lip that kept peekin through was quite nice #winning

  • Why, do, you, keep me hanging on the for you I'll do anything

  • Smoker

    I wonder if she gets high

  • Maga D Haha. My best comment ever.

  • TheJamaica420

    At 4:33 The Cameraman Busted in his Pants.

  • who cares

    she so damn nice

  • lol

    @jay I think you mean isis taylor or it could be a mix of both Isis's

  • Rezo

    Lupe’s album SUCKS!!! Atlantic wasn’t trying to blackball him, they just didn’t want to release that wack shit..smh

  • I can't believe there's negative feedback under this video. I also can't believe i lost her number.

  • buttabreezy


    songs nice too

  • phifedog

    i just busted in my jeans

  • ChrisThaCool

    What the fuck does Lupe has to do with ROSA ACOSTA........... Rezo you ain't nothing but hater that like to dick ride what everybody else say's

    Ps. Atlantic changed lupes sound on lasers listen to the leaked tracks and you could tell that....Pussy

  • No YouTube or why wouldn't the video upload?

  • rjblaze

    3:32 is the fuckin money shot. lol.

  • 91&^UP

    is it just me or does she light look like that porn star isis love?

    or is it isis taylor


    ^^^^^^^ Mah nigga! *goes on xvideos* you right!!

  • Ka5h

    She needs to stop stretching and do a sextape or something.. Shuu

  • jfalpha

    "I’m tired of seeing this chick stretch, we get it…She needs to get on camera and start swallowing D’s." <--cosigning this