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Shad – Time f. Promise (prod. Rich Kidd)

blame it on Shake March 6, 2011

Two of Canada’s most talented link up for a bonus track off Shad’s incredible dope TSOL album.

Stream only. If you’d like an .mp3, hit iTunes. The two also have another good 7-8 songs together, so hopefully we’ll hear those soon.

  • i seen shad name on tour with astronautilus and macklemore..so def intereste din checking him out…thanks for this!

  • this song is just alright to me
    I fee llike they needa re-d the chorus and the 1st verse

    – Johnny Ciphe


  • lantic

    this shit is beyond dope

  • keese

    Shad is too Dope..

  • Shake have you notice how a butthurt dude had more than a 3 minute fame, & how you lames gave them more exposure with the “Sorry Kids” post, you guys are just a disgrace to music, to hip hop, to everything, can you get a live performance on jimmy fallon? can you have kanye west say you have video of the year? can you make it on MTV? you ppl at 2dopeboyz fail at life, also you guys post shitty music(dipset, wayne, birdman, gucci mane, waka flocka, Lil B, ect.), but you think you know music? gtfo! hip hop blogs bigger than you (also have better taste than you guys) post our niggas OF, shit rap radar even posts their shit & they’re rick ross fans! its easy to say that OFWGKTA/Tyler The Creator had more than a ‘3 minute’ shine of fame, & what are you doing? posting blogs -__- so yeah you got shitted on by lupe fiasco & Odd Future! also with their movement, they got ppl saying fuck 2dopeboyz, i would know, i showed ppl OFWGKTA in my city, & all they say is fuck 2dopeboyz & Steve Harvey.
    SO all i have to say is
    Fuck 2dopeboyz
    Fuck Steve Harvey
    Free Earl
    ODDFUTUREWOLFGANGKILLTHEMALL! & if don’t you roll with us
    get fucked by the tip of the mountain!

  • yaaaaaawww

    i fucks with this dude Shad..no homo.

  • Uncle Ruckus’ Nephew

    Shad is the best rapper out right now

  • chique

    odd future stans be riding that nuttsack soo hard. SHAD> OF.. dope song.

  • GR

    @Gun Sounds…Do you really think 2dopeboyz have any intention of posting OF? If they don’t, OF and their fans will still hate. If they do, they’ll still get called out by them; it’s their motto for fucks sake. And it’s not as if there are any orderly ways to deal with it. OFWGKTA are a bunch of immature goons that won’t bother to settle it. Even with all of this in mind, this is coming from a big fan of their music.

    Fans, or whatever the hell you like to call yourselves, are only igniting the flames. You may like calling it “not giving a fuck”, but I’m partly pissed that it’s taking the attention away from a lot of the posts on this blog.

  • get real

    hey im an OF fan and i have no individuality whatever tyler the creator says is true if he says biebers cool hes cool no matter how gay i thought he was fuck steve harvey even though i dont know who he is and most of all fuck 2dopeboyz i like to go on 2dopeboyz and tell them to go fuck themselves because im so cool and have nothing better to do OFGKTWANZA;STICHZKASDFN

  • AnonyMouse

    To be fair… Lupe made a wack album, so I bet Shake’s having a little giggle at that.

  • JH

    Shad is nice. Seent him opening for Gibbs…

  • CAKE

    Shad’s a fuckin BEAST..so underrated

    this made me a fan of Promise, hope I can find some of his ish

  • Ryuk

    Shad. is. the fucking. man!

  • I can’t find this song on iTunes!?!?!

  • tyrone

    DOpe Dope track, Shad & Promise is a dope combo!!!

  • InsertNameHere

    Love OFWGKTA but I gotta admit their stans are right up there with Lil Wayne, Eminem and Lupe in terms of annoyance. Oh well fuck all these dickriders. But I gotta say, the people here at 2DopeBoyz need to man up and not get butt hurt. Tylers said Fuck Rapradar and they still post his shit. Oh well all these faggots, can’t control them all.

    Nice song though

  • My dudes! Noice.

  • d easy

    lol at this kid with nothing better to do than type up a huge response about how 2dopeboyz doesn’t post his boyfriends music lol get off Tylers nutsack

  • jp

    D-Sisive >>>> Shad >>> Promise
    D new album is one of the best album out this year, so fare
    and his free

  • D

    @jp: Fuck outta here b. Shad eats every canadian mc alive.

    TSOL was top 3 album last year.