• http://www.youtube.com/zahlberg jones

    Man this is banging. The beat is so f**** dope!

  • Vision Beats

    The Beat goes hard...thats about it

  • dirtysixchambers

    WHERE THE FUCK IS MANIA!??????????????????????????

  • me

    Hit Boy needs to find another set of artists.

  • dunk

    no thank you...

  • chuck

    this sounds like some 2007 south ish.. expected something totally different from surf club..

  • J_UNO!

    these guys need to just stick to being a production squad...as artists they are mediocre at best.

  • purp

    ^^agreeed.. stick to beats.

  • Stay Thirsty

    Hit-Boy always has the sickest drums in his productions. I gotta feeling he'll be the go to new producer as Boi-1da and Lex Lugar were in 2010. He already got a real banger in My God (Pusha T) and this is another one.

  • RecycleBinKen

    All these niggas should stick to producing. Posting "Surf Club" and not Odd Future. Thats a joke.

  • RBK

    Cam'ron and Vado would body this beat tho

  • http://asc.com why, hip hop, why?

    GET THOSE FUCKING SNARE DRUMS OUT OF HERE! what the fuck is good about 808 snares??? bass is dope but fuck those snares.

  • david

    what the fuck everyone's like 'these guys should do production, leave the spitting'...No...these guys shouldn't do either, the post bigged the song up, i pressed play and as soon as i heard the beat i found the stop button as quick as i could, saw the comments and thought 'hmm if i keep listening maybe i'll hear this beat everyones talking about' 1 minute in and still hearing the boring soulja boy style shit, anyone else hear listen to decent producers?

  • http://Elitemuzik.net Ayy-Sheets

    This is just as good as S Club 7..