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DJ Premier vs. Pete Rock – Round 1 (Full Video)

blame it on JES7 March 7, 2011

If you have 2 hours and a quarter of time to spare today, do make sure to check this out. This is the entire video for the Pete Rock vs. DJ Premier set in Japan where these clips originated from. This clip is also a bonus from the DVD this was ripped from. Took awhile to upload, so please enjoy!

  • gymkrow

    all the way live like lakeside…nice!

  • j cole is a great rapper

    j cole, drake, mac miller, wale

  • Gordon B.

    Well dang, will have to check it out.


    what are you talking about young simba?

    Perfect Post KxONE!!!!!!!

  • Ghost Of Chappelle

    50 minutes in and EVERY song is a banger. Crazy tech tricks on both sides.

  • braniak

    lame ass crowd

  • challengeaccepted

    @young simba that’s your top 5…you’re serious?

  • LordMort

    I havent watched this yet but I feel invigorated just by the title

  • *bookmarks

    oh and young simba obviously jokin lol.

  • InsertNameHere

    omfg I’d pay so much to see this live… Albums gunna be classic just like this performance.. But damn this fuckin crowd sucks

  • Daz-One

    Is there a youtube link for this….

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  • marty mcfly

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  • JX4


  • ssss

    best shit ever wish i could be there.

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  • @challenegeaccepted Learn how to count nigga! He listed four people not five!

  • TC


  • CarlAir

    This shit is AMAZING!!!

  • DerrtyD

    I know it was all in the name of hip hop but im gon have to give to Pete Rock!!

  • Tugaloo

    I’d like to see the whole list of the music both pete rock and premo picked out for the show. I’d download 100% of all the music pieces individually, one by one

  • ATL

    @Tugaloo for reals dude, someone needs to get on that

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