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Bambu – Something

blame it on Miss_Peas March 8, 2011

A must-listen.

March, in case you were unaware, is Women’s History Month. Los Angeles’ own, Bambu, leaks a song that takes a look at domestic violence from a personal perspective. The song speaks on his family history with violence in the home, as well as his own struggles with it, even touching on the normalcy of such violence against women in our own Hip Hop culture. For this one, DJ Phatrick stepped out from behind the turntables to produce, sampling Adele’s “Someone Like You.” A video is set to drop at the end of the month and the song will also be included on Bambu’s …Exact Change… re-release bonus EP, Short Changed, dropping on April 29, 2011 through Beatrock Music Label.

DOWNLOAD: Bambu – Something | Mediafire
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  • Cathy

    Hits the heart.
    Thank you, 1love

  • RA

    real lyrics.

  • Tuatha

    Amazing Bam, nice work as usual.

  • Ill Shit!!! The Manny Pacman of HIPHOP!!! Pinoy Stand Up!!!

  • amazing.

  • danny_

    This is a fucking hit!

  • Druggid

    The “must-listen” got my attention and i’m glad it did, this is a nice track.

  • This track is breathtaking! I call this soul music strong delivery and organic lyrics definitey vibing this to the tenth power!

  • Christina

    Bam, thank you for confronting gender violence in your art. This song speaks volumes. It is beautiful and could not be more relevant.

  • DetoxDoesntExist


  • arielle

    something everyone can related to in some form or other… makes me think of my parents… tear jerker… realness… im always amazed at the level of creativity with bambu as always. and the sample is my fav track from adele’s 21 album.

  • Greetings from Bacolod City, Philippines!!! @.

  • Thank you for presenting this song to the masses…true song writing ability…

  • Super dope. Salute!

  • One-Love

    Even Mindness through success and failure.
    bambu de pistola you are one of the greats in this game we call hip-hop.

    Your music is the foundation for Change, Which is what this world revolves around.

    The more positive change we create the more the world is changed for the ultimate good.

    I hope Bambu can do something more than music when it comes to relaying his truths to this world especially here in America. He has evolved so much i hope he attains peace even though we as minorities have been oppressed.

    At the end of the day we are all the same in and out. Our eyes lie to us…… and bambu is bringing the Unseen to the Seen. Stay Blessed Big Homie. Support Good-Beautiful-Just Music and you will come closer to knowing happiness… which is what we all strive to grasp on to.

    Isang Mahal- One love to All.

  • Whitney

    I love and respect your honesty in all your music….but this is most certainly a topic that people are definately scared to touch on and I think it’s dope that you did! Great song as usual keep on making great music b/c it’s greatly appreciated!!

  • neato

    Shit Bam, honestly. You spit some of the deepest rhymes, and you’re consistent with it too. And peace to One-Love up there^. I very much agree. Bam, I know that your music speaks out against the church. I grew up in the church and I can say that I’ve heard more love and truth in your music than a lot of the pastors I’ve heard speak.

    Also, Phatrick, this beat is amazing.

  • AlishaUntalan

    “As sick as it sounds, sometimes it’s just ‘easier’ to stay and get beat than it is to walk out”. We can’t live like that ladies, break the cycle, love yourself more, leave. I am living proof that you are worth more. xoxo THANK YOU BAMBU FOR NOT GLORIFYING ABUSE LIKE EMINEM AND RIHANNA. This topic is no joke, thanks for the honesty.

  • rocket

    beautiful as always…. thank you for your words. there is so much power there and i appreciate it.

  • 808

    bambu going hard on the adele sample. dope.

  • C-Knowledge


  • Ricki Lutes

    hardcore! and great!

  • Audrey

    GENIUS!!! Phatty need to produce more!!! Im a BIG Adele fan already and a BIG BAM fan! The two together? OMG! CAN’T WAIT FOR THE VIDEO!