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Curren$y & Da$h – Muscle Car Chronicles x Caveman Files (Video)

blame it on Meka March 8, 2011

“Two murders in the hood; we call ’em double features.” I don’t know why I thought of that Ghostface line just now, but *shrugs*. Anyways, here are a few sneak listens for the Bluroc-affiliated artists’ respective albums. Curren$y’s Muscle Car Chronicles and Da$h’s Caveman FIles both drop March 15th.

  • SwishasNKush

    I liked Dash’s last album so this should be good. As for Spitta…you already know it’s good so no need to even talk about it! JET SET.

  • Does this mean the fuckin album is pushed back?

  • sg

    wait so is the muscle car chronicles pushed back? and if so when will it release? fugg it either way #JetsDoIt

  • KB

    What’s the name of the song at the very beginning of the vid. when they’re in the studio??

  • h

    You guys are both morons, cant you read? the date is in the description

  • ohh shitttt lmao, i’m high bro, i get a pass

  • rell

    Man I need that Curren$y album now! fuck it, I’ve already pre-ordered, I’ma see if it leaked yet

  • marty mcfly

    I hope people dont start biting Currensy style of beats and rhymes now. Just because something is poppin right now doesnt always mean that formula will work for everybody. Im startin to hear alot of sounds like somethin Currensy would do going on but people fuckin the shit up. Just do you

  • sg

    yea i understand its in the description but in the video it says its been pushed…usually meaning pushed back…march 15 has been the date for a couple months now…just askin

  • LOL Some of you guys need to fuckin learn how to read. March 15th is the date it’s on Amazon right now for PreOrder.

  • Pops

    2dbz needs to post some of Da$h’s music. His “Living What I’m Throwing Up” mixtape is serious.

  • @Juice ok you get a pass

  • JH

    What’s the name of Da$h’s first album yo?

  • Pops

    Da$h has 3 mixtapes out

    Script To My Instrumental
    Living What I’m Throwin’ Up

  • Peaceman


  • flysince93

    where can i get those 3 Da$h tapes?

  • rjblaze

    @flysince93 datpiff has em. i know, horrible site but still

  • @flysince93 Google is your friend.


  • JetLife16

    does da$h hav a twitter account?

  • @XB you talking about Da$h? Dame Dash’s nephew

  • leprechaunmafia3

    What was the name of the song Da$h was spitting does anyone know

  • Twi
  • T$

    not really feeling That spitta song..but w/e ill still cop n support,

    Da$h has potential i might have to do some research on em’

  • I fuks wit it…fool

  • sabo

    what type of sweatshirt is dash rockin?

  • gramz

    @sabo the sweatshirt he is wearing was made by wasted talent hit @wstdtnlt on twitter for more info

  • sabo

    @gramz thanks bruh

  • sg530

    ahhh so after you ididots made fun of me for asking if this project was delayed and indicated that i cannot read because i ddint see the date in the description…i say f*** you because the project has been delayed…gocheckitout said its on amazon for preorder…lmao how many times has something had a preorder and got delayed anyway…me 1 gocheckitout 0