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Donald Glover as Childish Gambino – EP (FreEP)

blame it on Shake March 8, 2011

Say word, dude from Community raps as well? I had absolutely no clue! A serious late pass is needed, and I have no problem admitting that. Big shouts to Gomez for putting me on. This is fresh! I’m definitely gonna have to go back and grab the rest of his catalog.

Freaks & Geeks

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Donald Glover as Childish Gambino – EP (FreEP)

  • $lim_H*TOWN

    WORD, his Culdesac mixtape is dope as hell too, dude can sing, rap, and he makes some of his own beats crazy talent yo

  • dopeness

  • Antone

    just downloaded this this morning… good looks on spreading the word. dude is about to be huge. on TV, movies, AND in music…

    if you really are gonna check the rest of his catalog tho, def get CULDESAC… that shit is FIRE!

  • DJ

    Dopeboyz wondering why they’re waking up in pain. Maybe cause they’ve been sleeping on the hardest muthafucka in the game. Childish Gambino FTW.

  • kanne

    glad dudes finally gettin some shine

  • Meh

    Donald Glover’s ‘EP’: Part funny, part sad, all meh

  • Jimmy

    Childish Gambino made the “Look Out For Detox” beat that Kendrick destroyed.


  • GAs_Finest

    i was about to leave a nasty ass comment on some random post if yall didnt post on this. Culdesac is another mixtape/album/whatever folks call em that would make for a nice post. This kid is producing and spitting over his own shit…plus Kendrick Lamar hopped on one of his beats on that “Look out for Detox.”

  • Rio$

    i think donald glover’s pretty funny (cept his comedy central stand up) on community, but doesn’t everyone ine america think they can “rap” these days remember when only the realest niggas rapped because they were actually good at it rather than just be like everyone else

  • QZA

    HELL YEAH SHAKE.. late pass accepted.. gambino deserves the damn shine.. check out his early shit like “sick boi” “poindexter” and his ‘I AM NOT A RAPPER” series.. gems hidden within

  • a

    whoaaa did not expect him to b spittin like this AT ALL… dont really like community that much, but i’ve seen in some funny skits. also suprise to find out he made that monster of a beat that kendrick spit on lookout for detox. will check for this when i get home

  • an elephant never forgets so my dick remembers everything..#winning

  • QZA

    “I AM JUST A RAPPER” *** whoops

  • finally

  • Skip

    I’m constantly bumpin “I Can Hear Your Feet (Sunrise)” from the I AM JUST A RAPPER mixtape

  • sbeezy
  • And Won

    Childish Gambino is the best, I’m glad ya’ll finally got hip to him. This guy is a talented writer.

  • rockett

    Shake, man. The C-Section has been trying to put you on for a while now. The Culdesac was probably the best FreEP of 2010, I wore it out ! But, as a warning Childish does get a lil played with his self loathing, and love for the use of “penis” in everything. but overall, he’s dope.

  • tk

    I thought you guys were just ignoring him like lupe & ofwgkta.
    He’s sick, im glad he is going to be on here now!
    keep it up s&m



  • Shit is very dope.

  • diallo518

    I definitely slept on this dude. His tour is stopping in DC but it sold out and the concert isn’t until May! Dah well, I’ll have to content myself with his mixtape.

  • espoir

    omfg finally!!!! this guy is like one of my favorites and no ones known anything about him!! thank u!!

  • Tom


  • Tom

    @James *ears

  • airbourneaquarium

    “im runnin this bitch, you just a dog walker”


    “baby im drinkin whiskey girl i am gone tonight, NBC is not the only thing im coming on tonight”

    are the quotes that made me an official fan. dude killt it! i watch community too, donald is DOPE

  • FreshSup702

    Community is hilarious too, this tape rides, i’m downloading that Culdesac tape now

  • a

    community sucks almost as bad as 2dopeboyz

  • rockett

    @Tom Culdesac is the mecca of Childish Gambino’s work.. everybody I put on last summer loved it !

  • Sylver21

    @ shake Same reaction i had wen I found out.
    Dude has bars, but that’s about it to me. I say he’s a sober Lil Wayne. He has talent to grow with, we’ll see where it goes. But that’s based on Culdesac, ima spin this joint and see what’s up.

  • A

    first lil twist now this? can we please have some small degree of integrity in hip hop?

  • GR

    It was actually painful to watch Childish Gambino go unnoticed on 2dopeboyz for this long.

  • Shawn

    @ a
    “first lil twist now this? can we please have some small degree of integrity in hip hop?”
    what do you mean by that?? are we suppose to judge every rapper before they rap? just b/c hes a write automatically eliminates him from being a rapper? thats a pretty lame dude, open your ears and trying giving new shit a try…

    with that beings said, Childish Gambino is pretty dope, i first heard of him like three months ago and i’ve been a huge fan of community since episode 1…
    They said me rapping was like MJ in baseball, but that would make me MJ so mother fuck all ya!” FTW

  • bucknasty

    the scariest part about Donald Glover, is may be the most talented at writing comedy. wrote for 30 Rock, most notably season 3. now that’s some shit.

  • Vash The Stampede

    Damn did not realize more people knew about him. his older work is really great. good looks for 2 dopeboyz to get him more exposure.

  • DK

    Funny my friend put me on to his stuff last week. should be dope

  • Steadysoul

    Well it is about damn time!
    and with that said….
    Culdesac is the worst he has to offer overall….
    I am Just a rapper 1 & 2 are much better.
    Culdesac is just too scatter brained for me
    also put up his Remix of Rolling In The Deep!!!

  • That Dude Devin

    Damn 2DopeBoyz, pass given but yall up here pushin some of the worst rap music I’ve ever heard and yall didnt know about Glover? But hey if yall gettin paid for these posts by these wack rappers then do ur hustle, cant hate on that.

    Check for Glover’s Sick Boi, and I Am Just a Rapper mixtape.

  • GR

    Not Going Back is like one of the fucking greatest songs of the year….his personal best imo

  • bob

    he’s a standup comedian and an actor, in addition to singing, rapping and making his own beats, this dude is awesome

  • BenoitFlow

    I was hoping this was going to get posted on here. Fuck yes! That video clip for “Freaks & Geeks” is one of the better videos I’ve seen this year. I’m looking forward to more Childish Gambino posts on here in the future.

  • click the name for the freaks and geeks video

  • Tom

    @rockett thanks bro

  • And Won

    Damn this EP is a step backwards for CG. Culdesac is dope.

  • GAs_Finest

    Freaks and Geeks was a hard ass track… but that video was straight booty. He skipped around in a hanger bay lol. Mec/shake dont forget about his other alais MC DJ, which he has done some sick production under.

  • mr.2dope

    Dude Ive been down with CG for a while now but this EP is straight bananas! Plus Donald Glover is hilarious

  • CK

    Wow, 2DB hopping on the CG train, I can respect it cause CG is what your favorite rapper listens to. The commenter up there who compared CG to Lil Twist can go eat a dick, that’s the worst comparison I’ve ever heard. Childish Gambino is the motherfuckin truth. Who gives a fuck what else he does, the dude straight rapes at rapping. I don’t care if he does gay porn on the side, if a guy can rap, then you gotta give him props. And CG can rap.

  • Huh?

    @CK he does gay porn on the side? Wait What?! Haha or were you just saying if there was guy who did gay porn on the side and could rap than you would still listen to him?

  • Slimbega

    This dude is fucking killin it.

  • Izz

    It’s about fucking time.

  • Jest

    Some of his hardest joints aren’t even on albums. Rollin in the Deep Remix, Untouchable, and It’s On are all bangers.

  • I became a fan after I first heard “Do Ya Like” which has been my favorite song for 8 months. I aint kept a song in rotation this long since DMX Flesh of my Flesh Blood of my Blood. Culdesac is truly Nice. Honest and Enjoyable. Start there (I couldn’t stand how high he made his voice on Just a Rapper 1 and 2 which is why I dismissed him at first)

  • DoUReallyGivesAShitAboutMyName?

    Freaks & Geeks is the title, I’ve heard not EP. Makes sense b/c that track it crack.

  • Dude’s actually kinda nice!

  • DK

    @DoUReally no their right it’s EP that’s but he released it on FB as

  • April 30th will be a good night.

  • YaBoy

    @a.d. whats going on April 30th??

  • kb

    Damn this EP is a step backwards for CG. Culdesac is dope.

    And Won said this on March 9th, 2011 at 12:25 am
    Actually, when he’s serious he’s better. This EP is dope.

  • TheFalconCity


  • James Blacksmith

    What! It’s about TIME Childish Gambino got a post on 2dbz. I’ve been waiting on the day, lol.

  • solger

    This EP is the best thing he has made so far. Culdesac had songs that were just plain trash


    the dopeboyz caught sleepin’ yet again…smh…lock it the fuck up fellas. This is by far the best thing he’s put out though, I’ll give you that

  • I don’t like him rapping, honestly…

  • malcy malc

    this was straight,ive heard a few other songs and they were kinda eh,hope hes got more fire