Swollen Members - Bring Me Down f. Saigon

A reworked version of Saigon's original; that will now be featured on the Swollen Members' upcoming album, Dagger Mouth, dropping April 12th.

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  • Gordon B.

    Dope, I like the slowed down version, works well.

  • Steve


    Sorry, I just read that the wrong way.

  • mmig

    shit is weak. Sagion kills it but it sounds like shit slowed down

  • sido

    this version was way better than the one that ended up on the album, imo. I was disapointed when i heard the version on Greatest Story Never Told. Plus now this got Swollen on it...ill. Sober Madchild is killing it. and America needs to let him back into the US. cuz they were gunna do a tour wit Saigiddy and that would have been sick.

  • Puddles

    "Compulsive-obsessive/I'm oh so aggressive/My mouth is the message/My life is the lesson/My pulse is a blessing..."

    Battleaxe. Represent.

  • this is definitely 2dope

  • hip hop

    the madchild dude sound like a bitch


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