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Curren$y – Soundbombin’

blame it on Miss_Peas March 9, 2011

The intro track off Curren$y’s latest project, Muscle Car Chronicles, which drops March 15th.

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y – Soundbombin’ | Mediafire
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  • D.


  • knarf_


  • joooooooo

    Not feeling it tbh… All I got is some shitty speakers atm so maybe my opinion will change later but I feel like Spitta is getting overshadowed by the production. I like that he ain’t afraid to switch it up musically if not lyrically but this doesn’t work4me

  • yeaaaaaaaaaah so dope..

  • Stylegunner

    Sound Biteing!! That’s Co- flow steeze!!

  • FIYA!

  • his vocals are too low. Productions sounds nice, if they turn him up a bit it’ll be nice.

  • Devon

    Too much goin on in the beat…its not fitting Spitta’s style at all

  • bucknasty

    not the biggest fan of Curren$y as much as other people (although i do like a handful of songs) but you gotta respect the man’s grind. releases material all the fucking time. although… quality > quantity

  • spitfire1051
  • h

    man, Curren$y be dropping quantity AND quality. Its just ridiculous.

  • SkumBuket

    Full Sound. I think he bodies that hard rock organ well. Dope. Can’t wait for this, but most importantly, Covert Coup with Alchemist.

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  • viewtiful_alan

    What the hell is with the mixing on this?

  • true_saril

    The spitta is dope @HE23 krit is dope but not better than this. this like trippy shit to roll up to. like its groovy type sht

  • Rozko

    Last beat Id expect to hear spitta on but dope nonetheless..


  • Jayman

    Classic as soon as i hit play.jets…fool

  • Dynoman

    @true_saril hit that shit on the head, str8 groovy 60’s london joint

  • urr

    spitta kills as always, production not workin for me


    ew dude this is awful. i love curren$y but i fucking hope all of muscle car chronicles doesnt sound like this……

  • marty mcfly


  • yuk. not good. cant take the not stop repetitive raps literally about nothing.

  • JAyP

    “Snap outta it/ coach ya on how to ball/ $pitta Tomjanovich, Where The Wild Things Are”


  • marty mcfly

    I dont know Bill cause even though he got that lil wayne all over the place flow , his is upgraded. 1st off I know most of his fans dont catch alot of O.G slang he be puttin in his shit and Currensy got that voice man its like his signature on the beat. Plus he the only rapper I know who can rap fast and slow at the same time. Like dude sound like he rappin slow but hes damn near always in front of the beat. Thats crazy

  • raul sanchez

    if you in need of some sick chopped up sample beats…check me out!


  • Real nigguh

    Fuck PAC and biggie. Curren$y shits on both dem dumb dead niggers. Disagree and u suck cock

  • HermesArtificerGod

    Spitta’s flow is fuckin immaculate… Jets

  • JordansOrgans

    Awesome way to start my day. Spitta that nigga.

  • Terry

    Just picture this live, with a real band… you know that be amazing

  • PRalines

    Vocals are too low, but i guess its decent. I expect MCC to be much better than this though or its just gonna end up in the Trash

  • T$

    Not really feeling this..sounds like it was patchworked & i noticed how they havent really been pushing this album hard… prolly b/c of his move to Warner.

  • Another nice joint from Spitta & I like the drums in it!

  • Orakel

    I really hope this isn’t the final mix. The song sounds dope, but the mix sounds horrible!! If this shit gets mixed better, I’m stoked for this album. JETS FOOL

  • AGoNY

    Spittas voice is WAY too low… everything is louder than his voice

  • i think they stole the vocals from the trailer and tried to upload it… that might be the song but its not mastered for CD quality

  • Bob Costas

    pump those vocals up spitta

  • Dorian

    Not coming out on the 15th anymore

  • Dough Boy

    @Dorian whens it coming out?

  • where is this damn album ?

  • Ace Julio

    Pushed out sheeeeeeeit.