• Rezo

    First of all Shake stop posting this wack Vegas shit only cause you live close to Vegas (you don't even live in Vegas so stop repping it). Everyday dude you post from Vegas is hardly a step above Shyne on the wack scale. Another thing was this dude really too lazy to Google search the official instrumental for 6'7"? It sounds like the instrumental was recorded on an old tape deck...smh

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "you don’t even live in Vegas so stop repping it"

    umm... i don't? that's news to me.

  • Rezo

    You live in a SUBURB of Vegas Shake, not Vegas. That's like me saying I live in Detroit when my contact says Auburn Hills..smh

  • mooniemacc702

    Comparin sedrew, sean rose, reallionaire jream even kev to shyne? Dead that

  • http://www.internationaloutfit.com bk2lV

    shake these nigga NEVER been to vegas no need to even respond to Auburn Hills.... good look on the post...


  • j

    I only know one 5'9"

  • JaS

    nigga jackin big sean flow..stop

  • Onederin

    I like SeDrew, but I don't want to hear that beat anymore.

  • http://Www.internationaloutfit.com Bk2lv

    Haaaa @ jas... Check the stats drew had this flow since 08-09.... http://www.SeDrewPrice.com ...

  • Tyler the Creator

    this sucks.

  • http://www.AssociatedPhresh.com Neeko

    trill shit. this dude is going to kill the industry. it's almost his time