Spec Boogie (of The Lessondary) - Intercontinentalist f. Ash-Lee

It's been a while since we've heard from Spec Boogie (even though "She Can Gedditt" and "bed stuy" still get play to this day). That's because he's since moved from Brooklyn to Amsterdam (good choice) and has been working on music out there while traveling the world. WorldTourist, his upcoming project slated for release this Spring, is the final product of such travels.

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  • bushytop

    still bumping all his shit! gimme hearbeat, sb, and wings (3am-4am) all day.

    blind-sided by the sight of big serena's back side...SB!

  • That Dude Devin

    "I write raw raps on tarmacs to get fly" I thought tarmacs are where plans just stand still and runways are where they get fly. haha this is a snooozefest

  • ^ a runway is made of tarmac....


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