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Dom Kennedy – The Original Dom Kennedy (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka March 10, 2011

Wanna know how you’re a buzzing artist? When you just drop a project out of the blue without any promotion of it, and people still gobble it up. That’s what’s about to happen with Dom’s latest outing. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Dom Kennedy – The Original Dom Kennedy (Mixtape)

  • bryan


  • Illa


  • orangec+unty

    i need a new pair of shorts.

  • TC

    YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear this!

  • jdeezy

    amazing…since 1997

  • Yasser

    Dom is tight. Big ups to Maestro for introducing me to him

  • bnease

    My mom calls me Dom…..

  • bandido-09

    lets see if its better than Mania.


  • Illa

    Dame it Never mind Second

  • orangec+unty

    all the tracks have different cover art!!! how dope is thattt!?!?!?!?
    that’s love!

  • DJ

    Reupped on Mediafire, click the name

  • NoName


    and say pac div hows it lookin with the NON/NO dj version

  • DK

    Dooooooom Kennedy

  • knarf_

    how the west was won

  • BHurl

    DOM KENNEDY! Been waiting all day for this shit.

  • JaySole


  • YUP New Dom Kennedy!!! We finna eat good off this shiiiitttt!!!!

  • Dom Kennedy isn’t that good.

  • DOPE

    DOPE !!!!

  • ConNoShanto

    Half way through and kinda disappointed…Future Street/Drug Sounds is still his best work as his best track is Locals Only. Oh well…good thing I downloaded that new Phil Adé joint.


    i give this 9 bout 10.
    why a 9¿¿
    because the link isnt a ftp

  • Maga D

    He doesn’t even need a new tape, this is just to stunt & say “I run this rap shit” haha. #WEST & he IS that good.


    althoughhhhh PHIL ADE >>> DOM KENNEDY

  • BMizzle

    this is great. dom killin the blogs now.

  • Keith

    This is hella dope. A good mix of Future Street and FTWWL

  • Maga D

    His best though, From the westside, then 25th hour, then best after bobby & futurestreet are too close to call. This one I haven’t heard yet, but won’t be mad I bet. #WhoRollin WitMe

  • HermesThiefGod

    dom is dope

  • vlado


  • Liemert Park was cooooooooooool?

  • ayejay

    he shoulda dropped this two months ago, we would have seen him on an xxl cover the 25th

  • masterbake

    this shit is classic i swear i said on monday i wish dom would come out with something new so this is gonna be on repeat for awhile

  • RollOne

    This shit is wack as fuck.

  • smokerslife


  • noops

    XL fucked up on not having this guy on the cover

  • ConNoShanto

    Ok so totally through the tape…it’s not Dom’s best effort at all…extremely disappointed…the best song is Can’t Let Go…and even that is kinda stupid…oh and how is a song a BONUS? The whole freakin’ mixtape is a bonus. Come on Dom….damn it.

  • DOPE! this is how u drop

  • Jonnie

    omg Designer Sh*t is too smooth..classic Dom track right there


    this mixtape is disappointing

  • Guns N Roses

    Yo Can Someone Tell Me What Other Mixtapes He Has Thats Good, Cuz This Will Bey 1st Time Givin Him A Listen *iKno Im Late*

  • nOF

    A Big FUCK YOU to all the Dom haters, his shit is so legit.

    Regards from the other side of the globe,- Norway.

  • rampart213

    Man this project went straight to the trash bin. It seems like dudes trying hard to fit in with the rest of the industry sound

  • SmokinAces

    People should learn how to listen to a new project with fresh ears. Not expecting to hear something the artist has already done. If you’re expecting something to be like their last project, you will always be disappointed.

  • some songs I’m really diggin *Nigga 4 Life, Playas Punch, Designer Shit*. Some *particularly Can’t let go* I’m just not feelin, not at all. But its cool, any new Dom music, I’m down to listen to. I aint gonna lie, maybe with a couple of more listens thru I will like da tape more but at the moment, I’m kinda disappointed as well. Jus bein honest.

  • orangec+unty

    i don’t know what you cats are listening to i’m listening to fire. N*GGA 4 LIFE & BET YOU WANT ME NOW are my favorites. least favorite is CAN”T LET GO.

  • orangec+unty

    i wish chuck inglish actually dropped bars for GOODBYE. that was a sick cut none the less

  • @Guns & Roses, please, please check out his 25th Hour mixtape. Straight Dope ass tape. & Future Street/DrugSounds and From The Westside With Love. Best After Bobby was alright, had a couple of nice joints on there. I’m still gonna cope that Westside with Love II when it drop later this yr.

  • p

    why all the dom but no tyler?

  • DP

    I’ll agree with @smokinaces even though I haven’t heard the project yet. I think people expect the same classic sound with every mixtape. take shit for what it is. now if this mixtape is SHIT like people say it is, well I guess it’s shit. But don’t compare shit to his last project…

  • Guns N Roses.

    @ Domstilldatnigga

    Thanks Yo, Cuz iHear He’s Dope Af From Sum Friends & Im Check His Body Of Art Cuz West Coast Got Alot Of Dope Artist Now.

  • Chipz

    They should change this bitch to Dom…or…lol..mos def the two most popular artist on this blog..not a diss though, I love 2dope, just pointing that out, ha….actually this is a website, not a blog.

  • Kalifornia Icon

    Finally Some Dom

  • SmokinAces

    I don’t know what people are listening to but this joint is tight to me. Real fly ass beats and some cool rhymes. Ride/chill/vibe music right here.

    And p, why do you OF heads feel the need to bring up these cats in every post. I’m pretty sure Shake and Meka made it VERY CLEAR why they are not posting anything from them. So go to one of the hundreds other blogs and see if you find them there.

  • Danny James

    Dude is legit! Everyone download this. aiiiight JETS

  • Okay, u know what, Can’t Let Go, wouldve been good if he wasn’t harmonizing n shit lol. The shit was so cringe worthy cuz I’m just not that used to it & it didnt sound good to me, so I just pressed skip. Went back to it, fast forward to halfway thru, when he was actually rapping, it was cool. Never again, Dom, never again do u harmonize!

    Best/Real Solid Songs: Nigga 4 Life, Playas Punch, Designer Shit, Bet You Want Me (Now), When You See Love, Goodbye…

    Meh songs: Homies, Turn Me Out (Although I really do digg the production for it), CDC,

    Worst song:…umm yeah Can’t Let Go & its not close, sad cuz it couldve been a really good track.

    But yeah, maybe with a few more listens, I will enjoy the project more but still, definitely not his best work but ANY new Dom music is appreciate cuz I know I will hear some dope tracks.

  • orangec+unty


  • gill

    ohh Peep the Black Moon sample on the first song! that’s what I’m talking bout, DOM KENNEDY! ANND DUCK DOWN

  • Snagz

    Would it kill this dude and Blu to actually release music in GOOD quality form? Both of them release unmastered shit all the time and if you ask me it takes away from the music. It’s like being a genius but you only get B’s, it takes away from how smart you really are.

  • Maga D

    “why all the dom but no tyler?
    p said this on March 10th, 2011 at 6:34 pm”

    Are you deaf?

  • Love the single Artwork. Great idea

  • Justice

    Dom Cant LOSE!

  • à

    Hulkshare link?

  • Cool

    Leimert Park is busy today Dom and that pretty rap chic Raven Sorvino. The west is running Hip Hop!!!

  • Dale west

    Wow iam shocked at the # of dickriders this is Not a good tape it’s really average and he should’ve kept this in the garage to say it’s a classic hahaha it went straight to the recycle bin

  • Gordon B.

    I’ve been sleeping on this dude, maybe I’ll check it out.



  • meka a faggot for sayin gobble it up. im sure thats how you kept this job and the one bloggin for xxl so long.

  • Rezo

    This is AWFUL, real AWFUL. You niggas above me need to grow the fuck up and stop saying you like shit just some of your friends do. There is NO WAY in hell you can be a REAL music fan and say anything on this wack ass tape is good, unless your just trying to follow what every other person that doesn’t understand quality music says. This shit SUCKS and there is no other way to put it! #okbye

  • orangec+unty

    yeah i think people are just trolling, because this shit burns.


    THANK YOU Rezo this shit is just plain AWFUL. Dom Kennedy isn’t even that good to begin with I was already on the fence about him but this crap has him hanging by a thread…hopefully From Westside Part 2 is better or else he’ll lose a fan. Not like it matters anyways because for some peculiar reason everyone sucks his ****. I’m a fan but he’s no Westside legend. Kendrick Lamar >>>>>

  • Shy


  • Joe.

    Turn me out is nice.

  • Bp

    Man what the fuck is wrong with some of yall, this shit is fire! Solid piece of work right here, definitely worth the download!!!

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    Rezo, I would consider myself a real music fan and I think this far from sucks. Again, maybe you are listening or expecting something specific, but this mixtape is far from AWFUL (in all caps). No it’s not as good as From the Westside… but this has some good joints on it. If you’re not a fan, then I don’t figure you would like it. Go listen to Odd Future or whatever you listen to. But trying to belittle people because you personally don’t like the tape is a childish move.

    As for Kendrick Lamar, dude’s an incredibly talented mc, but he definitely has the Nas syndrome when it comes to picking production.

  • Colin


    nigga what? anybody who likes one song on here “doesn’t understand music”???!

    You don’t deserve music ignorant ass muh fucka

  • Colin


    nigga what? anybody who likes one song on here “doesn’t understand music”???!

    You don’t deserve music ignorant ass muh fucka

    …btw @PHONTESPHONTE I don’t think Dom’s worried about losing your support, and how the hell are you a fan but your on the fence about him? Stop hatin on the internet ur wasting your lives

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    I guess by Rezo’s estimation, there are 370 dickriders and 18 people who know what “real music” is.


    Can”t Let Go is a swag track, he doesnt have to prove to you he can sing, because he raps… new listeners dont have credible opinions

  • check this is cool but its just a warm up 2 from the westside with love 2 dropping sooner then yall think as in april/may so all the haters bout 2 b right back on the wagon….WEST LOVE OUT

  • dave

    dom kennedy for president!!!!!
    i actually liked cdc the beat is dope
    but i say goodbye is the best.
    that westcoast nigga in the song talking sound like the nigga from the h.o.p.e. video for “bliss’

  • YGCali

    This shit blows.

    Dom Kennedy = Another trash mixtape rapper who will never drop an album.


    I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hate it’s just his best songs like Locals Only and It Was Beautiful are just AMAZING…like some of my favorite joints of all time…but his overall work is just lackluster to me and I wish he would make more dope tracks like those. No hate…just disappointment.

  • Knocturnal

    Is it me or Does Dom sound a little like Tash from the Licwit crew aka The alcoholics

  • Spicoli


    Homie gets better every tape.

    This is as random as when Spitta dropped Return to the Winners Circle. Def a good surprise.

  • planemaine

    its all about growth and development in life peroid dom just dropped a classic for our generation its not to far fetched and not simplified like alot of other shit out here and to each’s own but damn if you take time to download to be negative you mufuckas need a hug or some shit in the words of tony montana”you all a bunch fucks” lol stay inspired by indivduality and positive shit cause thats what this is #OGDK

  • KoopstaMC

    Dope it’s Dom! knicca

  • Maga D (Does not check for typos)

    Finally listened to it: All the hate this tape is getting is ridiculous. Real talk, if you don’t like Dom, you bad son. Not all rap’s gotta be on some LB/Blu/Common shit. This knocks. But this is a good tape, how you gonna say it blows & is awful? This is (on one listen) a 7.5-7.7. “Can’t Let Go” isn’t even bad, Niggas expecting Alicia Keys & shit? All Dom fans need this, & if you’ve never heard of Kennedy before, check it out, but get From the Westside as the intro. I’ve been a fan of dude since the LAUSD mixtape, but I don’t think I’m biased.

  • SomeGuy817

    Dear Dom Kennedy,
    When are the hard copies gonna be available, I’ve been wanting to cop one since the beginning an the site still says coming soon?

    Keep being dope man

  • Maga D

    @planemaine: Yuh, Preach that real talk. “if you take time to download to be negative you mufuckas need a hug or some shit” Wise words of the day.

  • bucknasty

    people just like to hate people when they get popular, smh. dom’s one of the smoothest MCs out there (read: smooth). he’s no Jay Elect/Blu/Lupe etc, but he releases great music. definitely looking forward to listening to this tonight.

  • marty mcfly

    Im not a big Dom fan but this shit is cool , some of the Beats are dope.

  • A Booger Named Bang

    ….. this shit is hard….. ya’ll are playing… for the win…

  • nickd

    i kept 7 songs from this mixtape and I was being generous. If his name wasnt dom kennedy and he was a random then people would be hating. face it, this mixtape is trash, period. stop dickriding

  • marty mcfly

    and it looks like Atlantic was on point as far as appeal goes cause LASERS looks like its gonna do some good numbers. Just sayin , it sucks he gotta dumb it down but he still winning.

  • marty mcfly

    as far as MASS appeal goes…

  • bcvn

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  • matt

    is it taking a really long time to download for anyone else? is there an alt link that is quicker? thanks

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    nickd, yea all 507 people who liked this joint need to stop dickriding. Dude if you don’t like it, then YOU don’t like it. You don’t speak for the obvious majority who think this joint is tight.

  • “Guess i gotta do a fuckin song with Dom Kennedy,
    to get these fuckin hip-hop bloggers to start feelin me”

    i kinda see what Tyler the Creator means by that now.. just look at all the comments and thumbs haha.

  • chef swag

    i hate blogging faggots, i wish there were no fucking comment boxes so that fags cant post opinions that nobody cares about. if you like the music, great, if you dont like it, great

  • the song with Casey Veggies is HOT FIRE. other than that it’s a pretty average tape in my opinion…Dom’s talented but he can put me to sleep with his flow, in a bad way.

  • iLLie

    @Knocturnal, yeah he sounds a lot like tash, if this was like 13 or so years ago i could see him running with the likwit crew, i like the production on this more than his other tapes

  • DP

    okay I am four tracks in and I swear to God everyone that said this shit was wack is not listening to this shit. This is some playa ass shit. I guess yall looking looking for the greatest lyrical display or something but yall are not listening and taking this shit as it is. this is dope as fuck. fuck those who disagree.

  • celo

    I’m about to spin this up for a cool minute

  • sammy swords

    Its cool but I was feeling Future Street and Westside with Love more than this one. That don’t mean this one is wack, it’s just not as dope. I don’t know who did the beats on this one but I think the production was better on his other efforts.

  • Who the fuck do yall think yall are? Seriously, for the people that are down grading Dom on this little post swear like yall are in any position to belittle someones creativity, time, and dedication to hip hop music..Just shut up if you dont like it. Easy as that. Why waste your time and energy downing someones shit if you dont like it?

  • fa

    this was wack..deleted it instantly

  • FreshSup702

    Definitely not his best stuff but all but 2 tracks ride pretty smooth IMO

  • syles d
  • nito

    i hate that turn me out single album art i took my ipod touch of lock and that shit was the first thing that popped up cuz it was what i was listening to and people thought i was looking at porn :\

  • rjblaze

    ehh. not what i expected. but that bonus track (when you see love) went great with a two bong loads. a few dope and a few nopes. lol.

  • Toby


  • LupeFaco

    Game ft Lil Wayne – Red Nation

    Game ft Lil Wayne – Red Nation

    Game ft Lil Wayne – Red Nation

  • Derrt

    Glad he threw a shot at funk flex for that tupac comment

  • markaveli


  • dom kennedy

    cop a million copies folks.leimart park all day!
    swaggg whoooop

  • Teddy

    For people who are new on Dom Kennedy and want to know what all the buzz is about. I’ll tell you. No one listens to Dom Kennedy for super complexed lyrics and concepts. People listen to Dom Kennedy because of his message. People listen to Dom Kennedy because he is one the few rappers now a days that focus more the entire song and not just the lyrics. He tells stories, he talks about life in general. In other words he’s an artist, not a lyricist. Lyricists focus on complexed rhymes, artists focus on songs. If all you do is focus on the lyrics but your songs are trash, theres a reason why your not successful.

    Most people want to here songs, not freestyles, not complexed lyrics, people want to relate to the artist. And thats why Dom Kennedy is successful. Because he can do what most lyrical cats today can’t do. And thats to simply… make a song that resonates with people. Not just show people that you can rap good.

  • marty mcfly

    I think Dom is Ok , I dont think hes wack but if you aint feelin Dom its prolly cause you just not into westcoast music. Dom is influenced by Murs and Mac Dre and if you werent a fan of that sound then you not gonna be into his sound. His beats are influenced by Daz and DJ Quick , so for me I like a artist that knows how to put his own twist on a oldschool sound but if you not wit the westcoast sound and lifestyle of kickin it and feel good music you aint gon like it. It aint about lyrical or not cause dude can spit.

  • cool start brew go good with a taco!

  • NR30k

    This isn’t as good as his usual work. maybe its old shit since its called OG Dom? I dont know but he should credit the producers on the tape… let em shine too dom

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    If this was 92 they woulda beat yo ass.


    this wanna-be ice cube nigga is wack. every single Dom Kennedy project is horrible. don’t even know why I wasted my bandwidth on this garbage.

  • Bentley510

    Man when you hear Dom you hear life he’s making our child hood relevant again as well as being you, he’s bringing back music with out having to be something he’s not. The problem with the people who listen to his music and hate so quickly is that they are looking for beats that everyone’s been on and for him to have punch lines and everything to rhyme and they wonder why music dies out or they are looking for the next newest artist. With Dom even if you’ve never met him you feel like your hanging with your homie that you’ve been knowing since the first grade and is giving you game and meaning through your speakers and your guaranteed to learn from him.
    So go back and listen to it over and over and become a fan later for you slow people. Dom is that parent that was telling you your whole what you doing is wrong until you grow up and finally realize what he’s been saying aka raping makes sense.

  • @ the last guy…I don’t know about ALL that but this ALBUM(yeah it’s an album) is pretty fuckin’ tight.

  • airbourneaquarium

    ay yal pray for those in japan..

  • bnoat

    does anyone have the production credits for this?

  • jj

    cdc is the dopest track ive herd in a minute idk what people r talking about man this aint doms best work but its cool and all the tracks r better than what most rappers put out #imjustsaying


    best work ive heard from anyone in awhile

  • jesus piece

    seems like the real dom recorded the first 4 songs and a watered down dom recorded the remaining…recommendation:download for the first 4 tracks (cali goodness)

  • deeeznuuuutz

    I don’t know what people are listening to but this joint is tight to me. Real fly ass beats and some cool rhymes. Ride/chill/vibe music right here.
    SmokinAces said this on March 10th, 2011 at 6:40 pm
    homeboy summed up my thoughts. what are people hating for? i came here to read all the comments to get an impression before i hear it, but the shit is totally different than what alot of people are saying. dom is dom and spits some cool rhymes. the production is on a whole new vibe tho, it has a little touch of the west coasts golden year in the 90s. i definitely fuck with it. sounds like something i’m gonna bang in the ride during the summer.

  • mrcleankicks

    Man this nigga Dom is my new favorite rapper he’s gotten better each project and it doesn’t stop here, his flow has improved again, by the time westside II drops he’ll get that Wiz love (maybe not) but he up next though. and if you think this shit wack “its prolly because you broke or you ugly as fuck”

  • masterbake

    If you deleted this instantly then you obviously didn’t listen past the intro. this>Lasers

  • wakenbake

    here the production credits, courtesy of

    01. –
    02. HellagooD [Polyester & Fresh Chuck]
    03. Chuck Inglish
    04. Swiff D
    05. Swiff D
    06. THC
    07. The Futuristiks
    08. Hit-Boy
    09. Hit-Boy
    10. Swiff D
    11. DrewByrd
    12. HellagooD [Polyester & Fresh Chuck]

  • Shy

    Teddy & Bentley510 could NOT have said it any better. buncha trolls in here smh.
    Dom Kennedy >>>

  • E-Fresh

    I don’t know why people keep making a big deal about Don Cannon on Pac Div’s Mania…its not bad at all! No worse than Drama or Kay Slay

  • @E-Fresh,

    Drama, Kay Slay, DJ Clue, etc… all those “DJ’s” are annoying on the songs and takes away from the artist’s work. You can host a mixtape without dropping your name all over every song at 30 or 45 second intervals.

  • Wow! @ the download number of this project.

    It now stands at 55,600 downloads so far. Yo, Dom, Leimert Park, View Park, Windsor Hills, the J’s and the whole damn Westside is proud of you my G.

  • D. $cience

    Most people want to here songs, not freestyles, not complexed lyrics, people want to relate to the artist. And thats why Dom Kennedy is successful. Because he can do what most lyrical cats today can’t do. And thats to simply… make a song that resonates with people. Not just show people that you can rap good.
    Teddy said this on March 10th, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    Eminem makes “songs” with complex lyrics and he’s way more successful than Dom Kennedy. Lupe Fiasco makes “songs” with complex lyrics and he’s way more successful than Dom Kennedy. I’m not hating, but I’m tired of that argument of people wanting “songs” without complex lyricism and rhymes not related to them. Dope artists can be a lyrical monster and still make a good, appealing song.

    Anyways, I like Dom, dude is straight West Coast. I’m definitely digging the tape music-wise. It’s also cool how each song got different cover art. It’s dope.

  • Maga D

    Maybe he’s not a “complex” lyrical beast, But you can’t tell me Dom isn’t lyrical. Very lyrical playa/cruisin/real life rap. & that’s what it is.

  • Rebellious

    dope project…nuff said

  • Maga D

    & By “complex” I mean on some Canibus, Lupe shit, Em shit. I’d rather listen to Dom anyday over any of those anyway. “On the beat I rock lyrical.”

  • Teddy

    @ D. Science

    I hear you, but Im not talking about them. Im talkin more Cassidy, Cory Gunz, Papoose; younger rapper who dont know how to make songs. Back in the day some of the most lyrical dudes could also make awesome relateable songs. But now adays cats who grew up around the Smack DVD days focused so much on skill their songs are trash but their lyrics is nice. Most cats who hate on Dom are looking for that.

    Now dont get me wrong. Im not saying its ok to be lyrically garbage. But Dom is a good rapper. He can make complexed lyrics just not as complexed as the rappers most are looking for. He is a decent rapper. But dudes are looking for lyrical monstrosities and the truth is not every rapper can be that. Even then so what if you can rap well the mainstream dont care. Lyrics are still very important but its how the people relate to your music that makes artists like Dom Kennedy.

    Once again. Lyrics are still important. But Dom can really spit though.

  • Maga D

    So on re-listening: This is on par with his other ones. 4/5 #West

  • CAKE

    I laid down listening to this tape and I fell asleep..I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I am a fan of Dom (1997 >>>>>>>) but this tape is just smooth, not amazing. Still a really good tape, but I was expecting too much I guess.

  • JD

    man this shit is hard the people thats up on dom kennedy already know what time it is ….if you aint on it yet and you cant get with a track like designer shit? … you really shouldnt be listin to dom anyways…

  • totally random but highly appreciated

  • D. $cience

    @Teddy: Yeah I feel you. Being lyrical does not mean rhyming like Canibus. Pac was lyrical, not Nas or Eminem lyrical, but he was lyrical. You have a valid point.

    And once again, this is a nice tape to rock with. Not classic, but it’s nice. West Coast (Best Coast) got a lot of talent.

  • A “George Clooney/Rezo/fulltimeboss/Teddy/D. $cience” Stan fka Answer Me!


  • killakane

    Good tape!

  • Download total is 77585.

    Overall, it’s a pretty good tape. I think he should have left off Can’t let go and On my way home and CDC is just okay. It sounds unpolished.

    Either way, I would give this somewhere between a 3.5/5 & 4/5