• siccdude

    better than alot of the shit you faggots listen to..rick ross?drake? hah wake up to yourselves

  • TC

    I'm not a Drake or Ross fan, but I'd much rather listen to either of them than this commercial sounding trash. Very dissapointing after his You Cant Do That on TV tape

  • siccdude

    there is nothing at all commercial about this

  • haha

    ^^^ did you even listen to it?!! The only thing it is missing is a Lady Gaga verse and a Justin Bieber hook!

  • http://www.reupspot.com vick

    Theo is dope.

  • jon tamo

    commercial? How about you step into the year 2011. Just because it's not soul samples and some dilla sounding drum beat doesn't make it commercial. Theo's last project was pretty good, and all that boom bap revivalist shit is cool, but it's just as boring as anything else at this point. I'd rather see artists taking their chances on new sounds and than doing things that have been done to death before. just me though

  • ayyo

    last joints kinda dope

  • bigswoosh

    Shout out to @DOPE for posting FREE music for us to bitch about...Thanks Meka and Shake.

  • Onederin

    I agree with Jon Tamo as far as artists trying new sounds. After listening to this though, I don't think this is Theo Martins lane. None of it really worked for me. Singing was bad, sounded uncomfortable...maybe "forced" is a better word...with the rhymes. Unfortunately, I thought it showed how limited he probably is instead of how versatile he can be.

  • hardy

    Some of that could be No.1 hits here in Europe.