• http://twitter.com/ludabam24 ludabam24

    u really forget all the songs kanye has made until u watch this..

  • $lim_H*TOWN

    Man ima be at SXSW but how the hell do u get into this event? i hope u dont need a badge or some shit

  • CQG

    you forgot to give props to SCREENWERKS on this one

  • djchay

    ill vid. sum about the old kanye material that just trumps the new.

  • sbb

    yea how da fuk do i get in??? the lupe show sold out ....give us more info bro

  • pettso

    yeah, let us know how to attend

  • jwiii

    kanye's career is masterful. definitely going to be one of those cats you appreciate more when he disappears

  • rockett

    I'd really like to hear a full Runaway/Heard 'em Say mashup that was dope !