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Ab-Soul – Picture That f. Javonte (Video)

blame it on Meka March 14, 2011

Some more TDE music? Why not. Ab-Soul’s LongTerm Mentality drops April 5.

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  • tyer

    this song is really dope. the video is dope too, not really sure why though. i see a bright future for ab-soul

  • Jonnie

    what a dope ass video, video of 2011


    wtf’s that? strange ass video *lol* what kinda festival is that? i c white ppl only..

    ab-soul’s tha shit tho, it’s all good

  • Jonnie

    Coachella 2010

  • TDE Killin’ It

    @BLKHPY smfh

  • Steph

    This is fucking great


    @TDE Killin’ It
    u mad? *lol* i wasn’t tryin to diss white ppl, just pointin out tha fact that it’s only white ppl in tha video which is not really usual for a BLACK HIPPY… + it’s still a strange ass video *lol*

  • yayayay

    ^Its one of top festivals in the country that ranges from Cee Lo Green, Kings of Leon to Lauryn Hill and OFKGKTA and thats just 1 of 3 days…over 100 artists play. Dope Dope Music festival

  • stoopid

    yall are missing blkhpy’s point…if your gunna make an animation video…why is everyone the same color? i thought that was strange as well.

    this vid must have taken forever!

  • orbit

    i dont think blk hippy has anything to do with race

  • EC

    shouts out to Ab for rapping over this coachella video from youtube lol. But much love he’s still one of my top 3 out right now

  • Marcus Garvey

    White people fork out the money to support artists by buying the music & going to shows. Just an observation…

  • blkstarline

    ^^^^ I AGREEE!!

  • obviouslygood

    I love u ab soul. (Pause, no homo…..for the (un)dope kids of the world)

  • TDE Killin’ It

    @BLKHPY Naw nigga i’m not mad. I’m not white i could care less. I understand your point though

  • TDE Killin’ It

    @stoopid Yeah I guess so but Ab-Soul didn’t have any input on this video it was already made he just rapped over it. Video was still tight regardless of who was in it.

  • JordansOrgans

    My nigga ab-soul

  • yugang

    black hippy!

  • dro’

    cosign @Jonnie

    the dopest video of 2011 hands down..

  • daTROOTH.

    absoul top 5 alive