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B.o.B – Dr. Aden (Video)

blame it on Meka March 14, 2011

A bit of story-telling from Bobby Ray, from his No Genre days. For those that missed out on the chance to listen to that project, feel free to catch up below.

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  • woah..b.o.b sayin aids was manmade???

    props 4 puttin this video up dude just had a hit out n is getting loads of coverage n he puts this out????? PROPS
    meka u need to highlight how important this vid is or ppl just gonna skip it

  • red

    Sick! I’m not one for conspiracies but I think it’s awesome that he put a video out for this.

  • 9thWonderbread

    This right here is an example of why B.o.B is not a “sell-out” rapper that many hip-hop fans would call him. He’s got the fame but he’s still keepin’ it real with music. props to B.o.B

  • Really ill track & video from B.o.B.

  • danny

    This is seriously my favorite track from No Genre. Probably one of the like three that I enjoyed.

  • based landlord

    hell yeah…bobby could be spending his time shooting another video with the guy from Weezer or something but he chose to make a vid for this

    many people think BoB sold out with his album, but any poppyness that you hear on there is because of Atlantic records. the same Atlantic records that destroyed Lasers and Lupe’s career

  • That Dude Devin

    It took him rappin that slow and that long to tell me AIDS is man made? wow thanks for wasting 4 minutes of my life BoB lol. Without Bruno Mars or Hailey Williams, this dude doesn’t stand a chance.

    Make another “Haters Everywhere I Go” BoB, that was your best song.

  • kill yoself bitch

    @That Dude Devin
    your such a faggot #jussayin

  • ATL

    @ that dude devin

    youre trippin fool, everything he did with those bitches was lame as shit, on the other hand, no genre was prob a top 10 mixtape of the year (2010?)