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Dee Goodz – Floetic Justice Volume 2: B.O.T.H. (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka March 14, 2011

After a bit of a delay, Nashville’s Dee Goodz finally drops his latest project, brought to you by the dopehouse. Tracklist and link down bottom.

01 Feature Presentation
02 You (Produced by OdizzyBeatz)
03 My Hu$$le Feat. Casey Veggies & Young Scolla (Produced by GeekSkwad)
04 Odd Future Shit (Last Laugh)
05 Lisa Lopes
06 Hittin Licks (Ice Cream Flow) Feat. OpenMic
07 Scurry Rappers
08 On The Grind (Produced by OdizzyBeatz)
09 This Year (Produced by M.T.)
10 10th Wonder of the World
11 Can I Live Feat. Naledge
12 Halftime Interlude
13 The Bridge Builder (Produced by OdizzyBeatz)
14 The Sun (Produced by BlackBerry)
15 Bananas Feat. Camrin (Produced by OdizzyBeatz)
16 The Pilot (Produced by OdizzyBeatz)
17 Hell of a Hustle
18 Gotta Have It Part 2 (Produced by M.T.)
19 God Speaks (Interlude)
20 Nobody Needs Nobody 2011 (Produced by OdizzyBeatz)
21 Pour a lil Liquor (Produced by Tecknowledgy)
22 Sleeper (Produced by M.T.)
23 Doobie Ashtray 2011 Feat. Mac Miller
24 Pimp Squad Shid Feat. DJ Crisis aka Henny Hardaway (Produced by M.T.)
25 Outro
26 *Bonus Can I Live (Remix) Featuring Naledge & Skewby
27 *Bonus The Pilot (Full Version) Feat. K.Crump

DOWNLOAD: Dee Goodz – Floetic Justice Volume 2: B.O.T.H. (Mixtape)

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  • Pap

    Wow this is actually banging from track one on down…

  • Shar

    Track one came on SLAPPIN!!!!!

  • Take Bullets

    Man dude is COOOOOLLLD! #salute

  • nicest mixtape on the streets

  • Tecknowledgy

    big shouts to Dee Goodz for allowing me to be on such a dope project.

  • Umm. . . Unknown

    NEW COLE ! Killers.

    & Dee Goodz. VERY Dope Project.

  • killin em


    @ODIZZYBEATZ might be the best beatmaker out right now!!!!!!!!

  • heir

    This goes hard…new respect for Dee

  • Who knows

    He might be better than alot of the freshmen

  • .KYLE.


  • Charles Mensa
  • Joddie

    Kid got nice flow.. he from where?

  • Twihigh

    Cant wait to see this cat at SXSW!

  • RB #45

    Best tape this month…Dee Goodz came outa nowhere

  • FLA bwoi

    Wooooooooow I only downloaded this for the artwork but i’ll be dammed if this whole thing is the shit!

  • .KYLE.


  • Hit Raw

    This dude is tight! The mix on here is dope too real hiphop

  • El Solo Dolo

    I can’t download it from Hulkshare. Can someone put up another link to the mixtape.

  • Yo gotta give it up to my nigga Dee Goodz!! You came hard as shit on this tape straight from the 1st track!! Good shit B!! and cant forget the behind the scenes niggas like drew for being a great manager (I knew you had it in you) and ODizzy Beatz (my nigga you got that fire, you’re on your way. -SPEAK TO ALL

  • getonyourshit


  • bitc

    this shit sucked

  • everybodyindismofo

    CAn wE get that neWW J. Cole ??

  • Ali

    Dam this tape is FIYAH!

  • Absolute

    This tape is waaay hotter than that J.Cole. Ive heard both

  • tmtkchris

    Finally we got somebody from Nashville besides Buck

  • Big Steve

    This is better than all the tapes that came in for the SXSW rush…hands down Dee Goodz u got a new fucking fan!

  • Bobby Watson

    Dope props on the post Meka….now where is that J.Cole?

  • Atomik

    Never heard this from “nashville” hmmmm…. *clicks link fro rest of music catalogue

  • New J. Cole here click my name

  • Capo

    Dee Goodz > J.Cole – The REAL ville…Ca$hville that is! #Salute

  • Wreck

    Dope tape

  • Cook

    This is pretty ill. #stampd

  • Kill Zone

    Dope post Meka. Never heard of dude but he’s pretty tight

  • rob


  • All Tyme

    Who the fuck is a Dee Goodz? He’s alright tho for a 1st time listen

  • Baby

    Been waitin on this! Props to Meka and the Dopehouse!

  • Tyler Guest

    This guy has a track w/ Mac Miller? MY HERO!

  • AK

    How the fcuk is Dee Goodz getting show much love?

  • Finally my niggaz tape is out, lol, gonna post to my blog as well> Hopefully I will be up here too with you god.


  • Apprentice

    This tape finally came out. All the leaks were nice…. worth the download

  • Champ


  • darkside

    Finally dammit!

  • Dice


  • Redd

    Gotta have it 2 is tight

  • Flames

    this tape needs to be reposted tommorow, its that dope! props to Mek

  • pretty sick cover


  • MakeArtNotWar

    Artwork by Banksy.
    a REAL artist.
    no props on the album, no shouts, no nothin.
    just lames rob’n other people for their art.

  • Mixtape is dope

  • Von Lotto

    man I havent heard a cat droppin lines like this since the 90’s. Very Dope

  • OG
  • Austin

    The kids got BARS

  • Smooth ass tape Props to the Dopehouse

  • @makeartnotwar How about you get off Banksy’s dick u faggot ass art lover

    Dope tape Dee. Props to the Dopehouse on a cool mixtape.

  • AMP

    ^Faggot ass art lover hahaha

    Banksy was an awesome street artist. Nothing homo about that. Those guys modeling the shirts on Young&Restless are definitely faggots though.

  • CTE

    I listened to this shit all week. BEST MIXTAPE OUT IN 2011! Hands down!