1 Hit Wonders.....They made Weirdo........It was a 10/10 banger...... It only got worse from there.

  • Valence

    ^^ nah, this is dope. I agree that they have trouble putting together a solid project, but they have lots of good tracks out there. I'm looking forward to this next one... see if it can break their habit of semi-weak projects

  • AKBR
  • http://lmarsl.bandcamp.com MARS

    Where to cop a beat like this?

  • C

    This sounds a lot like The Pharcyde with this beat. Specially "Something That Means Something" Dope none the less.

  • That Dude Devin

    Im ashamed to say these guys are from Atlanta :(

  • yo mama

    ^^ why cause thay aint makin trap music.... dude devin lol what you do